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  1. katester44

    WTTF 2020 Topps Series II - #591

    Got my two sets off of ebay - went through them and one of the cards was incorrect. Need to find #591 (NY State of Mind) to finish off my 2nd set. Don't have any series II to trade, but let me know what you need and we can work out a deal. Thanks.
  2. katester44

    September 2020 - Show Off Thread

    New thread. Wish I was breaking wax right now - just can't find any retail...and still not willing to pay the re-seller pricing.
  3. katester44

    WTTF 2020 Topps Utz #99 Bryce Harper

    Title says it all -- looking for one card from the 2020 Topps Utz set -- #99 Bryce Harper. Let me know what I can get you for it. Thanks - and going to be making a conscious effort to stay more on top of trading,something I haven't been able to do the last 3 or 4 months.
  4. katester44

    August Show Off Thread

    A little late, but not too bad -- time for everyone to show off their August pickups and/or great pulls!
  5. katester44

    The Best Movie Franchise of All Time?

    Not going to make a poll for this one, just throwing it out for discussion - what are your top 5 or top 10 movie franchises of all time? Tons to choose from, so narrow it down - I deem a franchise to be at minimum 3 movies. Indiana Jones (except for Crystal Skull, that was god-awful) Star Wars...
  6. katester44

    Which sport will be the first to come back.....

    Pretty simple one...which sport comes back first. I am a little bit surprised by how little I am missing seeing sports - as the days turn to weeks, I am able to get through the day without them a bit easier. But I am sure that whichever one comes back first, I will be watching it.
  7. katester44

    WTTF 2020 Topps Series I - base

    Finally got around to sorting the base for my two sets of Topps 2020 Series I. Still need the following: 2 16 22 40 48 49 66 79 90 94 96 110 111 116 118 122 125 140 148 154 155 171 179 190 193 232 251 253 258 269 273 275 276 285 313 336 349 Thanks.
  8. katester44

    Biggest Sports Goofs.....

    Since it was supposed to be the start of The Masters tomorrow, have been watching Golf Channel a little more than normal. Last night caught a couple minutes on the Robert DiVencenzo debacle where he signed an incorrect scorecard and missed out on a playoff for a shot at winning The Masters. I...
  9. katester44

    April 2020 Show Off Thread

    Let's see what you have picked up, traded for or busted lately. Everyone could use a little good news and a pick me up lately!
  10. katester44

    TTM right now?

    Is anyone still sending out during the current craziness? I am assuming that the recipients are sitting around doing nothing, just like the rest of us. But wonder if they would have reservations about receiving/opening mail right now (although they shouldn't).
  11. katester44


    To all the members here on The Bench that reached out to check and see if I was alright during my extended absence. All good, just had some frazzled nerves from trying to juggle to many things at once - took a vacation and decided I needed to focus on something other than my collection for a...
  12. katester44

    Survivor 40 - Winners At War

    40th season. 20 champions. It deserves its own thread! Two hour premier to kick it off - they added fire tokens to use as sort of a commissary. they brought back edge of extinction. Was hoping since it was all champions, that they wouldn't get to gimicky, but that went out the window after...
  13. katester44

    WTT/WTS - 2020 Topps Series 1 - 1 Hobby box/1 Jumbo box

    Busted a couple boxes of 2020 Series I - will be working on putting 2 sets together. Not the greatest break ever, but not the worst ever either. Looking for Lindor/Judge/Kershaw/Harper/Kluber/Ichiro/Jeter/Trout 2020 Topps Series I: Silver Pack Cards (85C-xx): 5 devers 10 cease 14 altuve 24...
  14. katester44

    Post #11,554

    While it will quickly become post #11,555, thought I would take a second and mention why I thought it noteworthy enough to publicize hitting this particular post count. From the day I joined The Bench, I have been fascinated by and kept track of number of posts, number of trades, etc. When I...
  15. katester44

    WTTF 2019-20 Donruss Basketball

    As if I don't have enough partially completed sets laying around..let's do one more... Need the following for 2019-20 Donruss Basketball. 5 18 22 32 35 36 47 63 64 75 78 79 89 93 107 111 124 134 138 144 149 153 181 191 Any help knocking this one out is appreciated. Here is what I have...
  16. katester44

    Super Bowl commercials - 2020 edition

    Which ones did you like, which ones didn't quite hit the mark. I really only liked three this year: 1 - Planters/Mr. Peanut coming back to life 2 - Jeep/Bill Murray Groundhog Day 3 - Doritos/Lil Nas X & Sam Elliott - may have been my favorite, from the dancing mustache to the dancing horse...
  17. katester44

    2020 katester44 TTM return thread

    New year, new thread. Keeping track of what comes back in the mail this year. Hoping it will be more successful than last year. First return of the year - from 2019 A/G - Sister Mary Jo Sobieck. She rocked one of the best first pitches at a major league park, if you aren't familiar, check...
  18. katester44

    2020 RIP Thread

    A new thread for the new year - was hoping to not have to start this one for quite some time, unfortunately things don't always work out. RIP David Stern - former NBA Commissioner passed away today at age 77. Brought the NBA back into the limelight after some issues in the 70's. Didn't hurt...
  19. katester44

    Happy New Year - 2020

    Happy New Year to all of The Bench members. Seems like a perfect time and place to talk about your collecting goals for the year.... If I am able to knock out two more vintage sets (entirely plausible) that would make me very happy. The four that I am closest to wrapping up are...
  20. katester44

    January 2020 Show Off Thread

    New month...New year...New decade... Time to show off those amazing pulls and pickups!!!