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  1. fuser

    new cards from yesterdays card show 2/17/2020

    here is the haul i had from yesterdays fun trading and a few from the last show. baseball- Vladimir guerrero jr 19 leather & lumber auto /149 mike trout 19 topps fire jersey card aaron judge 18 donruss 84 blue auto /99 don Sutton 18 immaculate auto jersey /7 phil Rizzuto 19 the bar cut auto...
  2. fuser

    new cards from yesterdays card show

    here is a list of the new stuff i picked u yesterday. i do not have pics up yet, will be working on that later today. baseball- shaun Anderson 2019 obsidian auto /50 trea turner 2019 optic auto /15 willie mays 1983 asa auto pc not for trade joe DiMaggio 1995 signature rookies auto pc not for...
  3. fuser

    updated flicr 12-28-2019

    I just updated my flicr so give it a look and lets see if we can make a couple of trades. thanks
  4. fuser

    spoils from sunday's card show

    i did alot of trading sunday so my flicr isnt up todate at the moment. here is the short list of new stuff i was able to get. football- ezekiel elliott 2016 national treasures jumbo patch /99 3 color emmitt smith 2015 upper deck master collection auto /20 jerome bettis 2019 nationals vip gold...
  5. fuser

    new cards from the last couple of weeks of shows/trades/pulls

    i dont have any of these posted in my flicr yet but working on it. if anything catches your eye just lmk baseball- ichiro 2019 diamond kings recollection collection auto /7 gary carter 2002 diamond kings auto /300 edgar Martinez 2014 classics auto /99 duke snider 1994 Nabisco auto bob feller...
  6. fuser

    a few new cards today

    opened a few things today and here are the goodies. no pictures yet football- 2019 illusions mark ingram superlatives encased auto 1/1 Dwayne haskins instant impact jumbo jersey t j hockenson/ noah fant dual auto patch 01/30 2019 absolute Daniel jones rookie force jersey baseball- 2019 topps...
  7. fuser

    bucket updated 10-20-2019

    I just finished another update to my flicr. check it out and lets get a few trades going. in trade I am looking for the following stuff baseball- unique patch cards, low numbered cards and refractors, vintage(pre 1970), bulk junk auto's and relics, along with hof'rs, trout, acuna, Griffey...
  8. fuser

    2019 illusions

    tried a box today and here are the hits t.j. hockenson jersey dk metcalf/ tyler lockett/ steve largent triple jersey julian love auto 021/199 noah fant auto patch 59/99 and...….. josh jacobs auto 1/1
  9. fuser

    2019 topps chrome fernando tatis jr auto

    bought 2 jumbo packs from a box at the lcs yesterday and pulled this. fernando tatis jr auto 63/99
  10. fuser

    bucket updated 9/12/2019

    i just updated my flicr today, please check it out and lets see if we can make a trade or 2. thanks
  11. fuser

    highend ft mahomes, jeter trout

    I have the following cards available ft. in trade in am looking for cards with sell values in the $20-100 range. all sports auto's, patches, rare cards. may also consider bulk lowend auto's and relics depending on what they are. the quality of the cards offered will depend of what I accept for...
  12. fuser

    spoils from todays card show

    had a great day at the show, sold a lot of stuff. had a huge pull(luka doncic optic blue auto /49) and traded/sold it right away. anyways here are the newest cards I have. baseball- 2018 HA art of baseball hank aaron auto /26 2001 fleer legacy derek jeter 93 fleer auto 1982 topps kmart willie...
  13. fuser

    a few new cards available ft

    here is a list of the new stuff I have available ft. lmk if anyone is interested in any of it. working on getting pics loaded to flicr asap. thanks football- carson wentz 2017 select auto jersey /5 saquon barkley 2018 donruss rookie threads jersey saquon barkley 2018 donruss rookie phenom...
  14. fuser

    a few new cards

    here is a list of my pulls/trades recently baseball- jeremy martinez 13 certified emerald auto 2/2 vinny tosti 17 leaf auto logo patch 1/9 jeremiah jackson 17 leaf auto /5 bryce bush 17 leaf auto /10 Elijah cabell 17 leaf auto /10 nander de sedas 17 leaf auto /15 luke bartnicki 17 leaf auto /30...
  15. fuser

    ronald acuna jr available ft

    i have the following acuna cards available ft/fs. lmk if interetsed in any of them 2018 topps chrome rookie autograph green refractor redemption 2018 bowman chrome talent pipeline acuna/soroka/wright 2018 bowman chrome trending 2018 bowman chrome scouts top 100 2018 bowman x4 2018 bowman...
  16. fuser

    new tradelist 8/19/18

    hi everyone, I haven't done alotover the last few months so I am posting up a tradelist of some of the new stuff I have available. as always lmk if interested in anything and what you have available. I ont have pics up yet of these. will work on that as time allows. looking for anything that...
  17. fuser

    tom brady 2000 bowman chrome rookie psa 9

    SOLD tom brady rookie by fuser1966, on Flickr
  18. fuser

    tom brady full size helmet auto fs/ft tristar coa

    I have this available if anybody is interested. looking for $500 sv on it. looking for mike trout, Bryce harper, Michael Jordan and hof auto's and unique stuff in baseball and football that catch my eye, tom brady auto full size helmet tristar coa by fuser1966, on Flickr
  19. fuser

    tom brady bowman chrome rookie psa 9 fs/ft

    have this available if aanybody is interested. looking for $625-650 sv on it tom brady rookie by fuser1966, on Flickr
  20. fuser

    any bucs fans out there?

    pulled this yesterday at the lcs. 20180317_162952 by fuser1966, on Flickr 20180317_162933 by fuser1966, on Flickr