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  1. robert326

    Ike Davis Triple Threads Rainbow with Sick Patches

    Those are just sensational. I really hope Ike comes back to play in 2012.
  2. robert326

    To sign or not to sign...

    Looks like there's a nice space right along the bottom for it. :) I'm happy that you enjoy having it in the PC. Best of luck and please keep us posted.
  3. robert326


    Hi Mike, PLMK what's left of these... 2005 Prime Patches: Shawn Green Materials Bat #5 (s/n 82/150) 2003 Fleer Authentix: Shawn Green Hometown Heroes Memorabilia Jsy #HH-SG 2003 SP Legendary Cuts: Mel Allen Etched in Time #ET-ME (s/n 146/300)
  4. robert326

    Thanksgiving Special Contest 4 Tim Lincecum auto Winner is dred0gg024! Close contest!

    96 please...thanks for all the contests!
  5. robert326

    Got a few in recently....lots of pics...

    Those are some very nice returns. Congrats!
  6. robert326

    Taking nominations for the 7th Annual Bench Buddy of the Year Award!

    Very classy. Thanks to the mod team for making that decision, it is most appropriate.
  7. robert326

    New member from Kansas checking in!

    Welcome and happy trading!
  8. robert326

    So Your Beckett Says Your Card Is Worth How Much??

    Ha! You'd think there'd be some sort of "conflict of interest" clause there.
  9. robert326

    Lou Brock Signed NL baseball FOUND at Thrift Store for $4 !!!!

    That's the truth! Love how it says "stolen base king" - the plaque on the stand must have been made before Henderson broke the record in 1991.
  10. robert326

    So Your Beckett Says Your Card Is Worth How Much??

    Or this hot little number from the same seller...
  11. robert326


    Need paypal address please...thanks, Rob.
  12. robert326

    Need help identifying this signed Mets logo ball (1988)

    Definitely. Looks very similar to the 1999 SI GOTG auto that I have.
  13. robert326

    New Forum for LCS

    A neat feature and sounds like a great idea. Thanks for all your innovations that keep the site running, and getting even better!
  14. robert326

    Mid-Week pull! 1/1!

    Sure is nice to pull a 1/1 any day of the week!
  15. robert326

    Just getting used to the site. Im Slavites (Nick) cousin

    Welcome Nick! Hope you enjoy the Bench. Your cousin is simply the best. :D
  16. robert326

    Dream Deals ! Lol !

    I knew it looked familiar!
  17. robert326

    Dream Deals ! Lol !

    Here's another:
  18. robert326


    PLMK a price for these please: 2009 Sweet Spot: Jordan Schafer Sweet Beginnings Rookie Autograph #115 (s/n 161/350) 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History: Jonathan Albaladejo Rookie Autographs Red #132 (s/n 43/99) 2008 Topps Co-Signers: Sam Fuld RC Silver Blue Auto #104 (s/n 295/300) 2008...