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  1. cadets68

    2016 Topps Chrome Wantlist

    I only need a few to finish my set. Base 52 150 x2 First Pitch 5 13 I have tons of extras including all types of refractors. Shawn
  2. cadets68

    Auto and Game Used for Trade

    I am looking for Brewers Packers or Bucks GU and Autos The dust is on the scanner and really shows up on the chrome cards. Shawn
  3. cadets68

    2014 Bowman Game Used Eric Decker and Jordan Reed cards for trade

    I am interested in Packers or Brewers game used or cards from my wantlist in my sig. Here is what I have for trade: Shawn
  4. cadets68

    1991 & 1992 Wild Card Stripe Cards for sale

    I recently picked up a group of 5, 10 and 20 stripe cards. Both NFL and draft picks sets. Let me know what you need. I have nearly a complete set of each. Thanks Shawn
  5. cadets68

    Wanted: 2000 Bowman Chrome Bubba Franks

    I need this card: 2000 Bowman Chrome Bubba Franks 187 LMK what you want. Thanks Shawn
  6. cadets68

    2000 Topps Chrome Series 2 Want List (and a few series 1)

    Here is my want list: Pedro Martinez 60 Barry Larkin 85 Brook Fordyce 139 Eddie Taubensee 168 Deivi Cruz 179 Randy Winn 247 Miguel Batista 248 Kenny Rogers 254 Charles Johnson 256 Bubba Trammell 257 Desi Relaford 258 Al Martin 259 Matt Lawton 262 Billy Koch 265 Dave Roberts 266 Carl Everett 267...
  7. cadets68

    My 2000 Bowman Chrome Football Set Want List

    I need these 3 cards to finish my set: Chad Pennington SP 173 Travis Taylor SP 176 Bubba Franks SP 187 Thanks Shawn
  8. cadets68

    My 2013 Topps Baseball Want and Trade list

    Here are my needs: 4 Yadier Molina 4 5 Carlos Gonzalez 5 **Incoming** 6 Ryan Howard 6 **Incoming** 10 Adam Jones 10 **Incoming** 12 A.J. Pierzynski 12 **Incoming** 17 Shin-Soo Choo 17 **Incoming** 18 Mitch Moreland 18 **Incoming** 22 Clayton Kershaw 22 **Incoming** 23 Jemile Weeks 23...
  9. cadets68

    2001 Topps Chrome Baseball set needs

    Here is what I need: Ripken Jr., Cal 1 Hermanson, Dustin 14 Stottlemyre, Todd 16 Wilson, Dan 17 Hammonds, Jeffrey 22 Reese, Pokey 23 Buhner, Jay 26 Veras, Quilvio 28 Grissom, Marquis 29 Hasegawa, Shigetoshi 30 Wilson, Preston 33 Rios, Armando 35 Finley, Chuck 36 Stewart, Shannon 37 McGwire...
  10. cadets68

    Need these 2009-2010 Topps Chrome Basketball

    My needs: Smith, Josh 2 Horford, Al 5 Allen, Ray 7 Garnett, Kevin 8 Rondo, Rajon 9 Davis, Glen 10 Wallace, Gerald 11 Felton, Raymond 12 Gordon, Ben 13 Rose, Derrick 14 Deng, Luol 15 James, Lebron 16 Varejao, Anderson 18 Gibson, Daniel 19 Nowitzki, Dirk 21 Terry, Jason 22 Howard...
  11. cadets68

    Looking for 2003 Topps Chrome Baseball

    Completed Shawn
  12. cadets68

    PSA graded cards for sale

    Prices include shipping Busby $6 Joshua $6 1981 Brewers $6 Cummings $6 Murphy $6 1979 Brewers $5 Caldwell $5 Shawn
  13. cadets68

    Need these 2001 Bowman Chrome Rookies

    Brees, Drew 144 Tomlinson, LaDainian 190 Hampton, Casey 209 Updated 1/17/2012
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  15. cadets68

    Selling Autos. Check them out. Scan Heavy **Added more 7/10/12**

    I will add more as these sell, please continue to check back. Scratches/dirt/spots are on the holder not the card All prices are shipped Bloom $3 Bullington $3 Campbell refractor #'d 398/500 $4 Casilla $3 D'Arnaud $8 DeJesus $3 Dickerson $3 Estrella #'d 1357/1500 $3 Everett #'d 454/500 $4...
  16. cadets68

    Just moved my want lists to a new website. Please help!

    I just moved my want lists to google sites. I am looking for feedback, is it easy to use? Please click the link and let me know what I can improve. While you are there, feel free to help me out with some trades. Thanks Shawn
  17. cadets68

    My card want list website question

    The site I use to list my baseball card want lists is dropping it's free hosting. I can have a website through my internet provider and would like to host the site with them since it is included in the price of my service. I have not used html since 1995. I do not remember nor do I want to...
  18. cadets68

    WTTF 2002 Topps Chrome Traded

    Finished thanks Thanks Shawn
  19. cadets68

    Showing of my recently completed 1960 Topps Rookies Star subset

    I really like this subset from the 1960 Topps set. I just picked up the final 3 cards this weekend. A total of 32 cards. The 1960 set is not as loved as the 59 or 61, but for some reason I like the horizontal pics that year. The big Rookies here are: Frank Howard $25 Jim Kaat $40 Carl...
  20. cadets68

    1986-87 Fleer Basketball oddity. Can you help?

    I was looking through this set tonight and started thinking about the photography. I remember reading years ago about how the pictures were taken at the Great Western Forum in games versus either the Clippers or Lakers. So I started looking at the cameo (background) players. I noticed a whole...