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  1. cjay101

    Set Needs: 2020 A&G, 2020 Diamond King Inserts

    Needs below, I have a TON of these sets and more. My other needs are in my signature. Thanks. 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter 16-55-79-112-120-134-155-181-183-194-239-271-277 SP’s 304-309-312-332-335-336-337-338-345-349-350 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Digging Deep 6-10-11-17-20 2020 Topps Allen &...
  2. cjay101

    2020 Ginter FT/FS (starter set? Inserts, SP's)

    If anyone is interested in doing a set, I have a starter set with a good 200 cards including 20-25 SP's. I have a bunch of duplicate SP's, and a boatload of inserts and minis of all types. Let me know what you're interested in. If anyone wants bulk I'll cut them a GREAT deal on a trade or...
  3. cjay101

    2020 Diamond Kings available...huge list FT/FS. All RC/SP/Inserts

    My needs are linked in my signature, will also browse tradelists or sell. I have multiples of a ton of these as well. 2020 Diamond Kings #48 Adbert Alzolay RC No 0 Yes No No $1.25Price Down 2020 Diamond Kings #49 Zack Collins RC No 0 Yes No...
  4. cjay101

    Diamond Kings 10 more needed to finish SP's and inserts

    2020 Panini Diamond Kings SP’s 123-148 2020 Panini Diamond Kings 3000 10 2020 Panini Diamond Kings DK206 11 2020 Panini Diamond Kings In the Zone 5-6-7 2020 Panini Diamond Kings Gallery Of Stars 4 2020 Panini Diamond Kings All-Time Diamond Kings 18-29 I have a boatload to trade. All my other...
  5. cjay101

    2020 Diamond Kings insert needs + others

    UPDATED 7/19/20! 2020 Panini Diamond Kings SP’s 101-103-107-114-121-123-129-133-140-146-147-148-151-154-158 2020 Panini Diamond Kings 3000 4-10-12 2020 Panini Diamond Kings DK206 10-11-20 2020 Panini Diamond Kings In the Zone 3-5-6-7 2020 Panini Diamond Kings Gallery Of Stars 4 2020 Panini...
  6. cjay101

    Looking for Jerry Rice

    anything and everything I don't have. Card, non-card, it doesn't matter. I will trade just about anything for Rice stuff that I need. Let me know what you have available and what you're looking for. I will gladly look at lists or pictures as well. Cory
  7. cjay101

    Need a 2012 Heritage Trout

    Last card for the set...i know it’s a desirable card but have plenty to trade! Let me know what you’re looking for.
  8. cjay101

    Baseball Auto/GU FT/FS

    Wants are linked in my signature. I will sell very reasonably, especially in bulk. 2002 Bowman Chrome #394 Jimmy Gobble AU A RC No 0 Yes No Yes Buy Pricing 2002 Fleer Classic Cuts Game Used #LPP Lou Piniella Pants No 0 No Yes No Buy Pricing 2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Home Run Club...
  9. cjay101

    Set Needs: 2020 Heritage, 2020 Topps (4 left), 2020 Topps Turkey Red Retail

    Please let me know what you have and what you need in return! 2020 Topps Hertiage (#401-500 are SP) 10-15-23-26-29-46-64-81-92-110-129-130-151-155-178-252-256-261-289-311-328-353-366 402-403-404-405-407-408-411-413-417-418-421-423-424-425-426-427-428-429-430-432-433-434-435...
  10. cjay101

    Wanted: ANY Jerry Rice card/item I don’t have!

    Please let me know what you have. Scrounge around for figures, items, cards from base to autos. I’d like to add some more stuff to my numbers. Let me know what you have and I will cross reference it with what I need. I have tons of baseball/football/basketball to trade!
  11. cjay101

    Looking to finish 2019-20 Prizm Draft Picks set needs

    2018 Panini Prizm Draft Picks 5-7-19-22-26-34-38-51-55-58-60-67-81-88-96 I have a ton of these to trade.
  12. cjay101

    Come and get the 2019 TC Pink Refractors! *Updated 9/18*

    I finally got a list of all of the Pink Refractors that I have available for trade. Looking for items on my wantlist is signature, will sell, or will look at lists. Please note I am extremely busy and responses can come in minutes or it may be days. I apologize in advance. 2019 Topps Chrome...
  13. cjay101

    Who needs 2019 Topps Chrome (especially Pinks)

    I broke a LOT of retail hangers, so I have probably 80-100 pinks for trade. Tons of refractors/inserts/rookies/base. Wants are in link in signature, or I will look at lists. Cory
  14. cjay101

    WTTF Heritage (2019 SPs, 2019 Stickers, 2018 SPs, 17-15-14 SPs)

    Complete wants are below, I would love to knock out some of the SP's from the years that I need. Please let me know what you have and what you need in return. 2019 Bowman 3(Harper) 2019 Topps Heritage (#400+ are SP) 2-39-44-52-79-80-103-116-147-155-166-179-209-217-259...
  15. cjay101

    Need 2019 Bowman #3 Bryce Harper SP

    Please let me know if you have one and what you're looking for. Thanks!
  16. cjay101

    Like we need another Heritage want list...

    NEEDS: 2019 Topps Heritage 2-23-39-44-52-55-57-79-80-103-113-116-142-147-155-166-179-187-200-204-208-209-217-228-237-239-246-259-265-282 283-284-285-287-297-299-301-302-314-320-321-329-340-345-350-354-355-356-363-365-368-383-391-392...
  17. cjay101

    Nearly 1,000 2018 Baseball Rookies, SP's and Inserts for Sale / Trade These are ALL 2018 cards. I don't need them, nor do I want them. I will sell them very cheap, individually, or as an entire lot. I also would entertain a trades for items I need or catch my...
  18. cjay101

    Looking for 97 Bowman Chrome Roy Halladay RC

    Trying to knock out some rookies I have always wanted but never obtained. Let me know if you habe one available. NM or better.
  19. cjay101

    Looking for Jerry Rice

    Looking to trade for anything and everything that I don't already have. I'd love to add some autos/jerseys/#'d stuff but there are plenty of base cards I need as well. Please let me know anything that you have and I will gladly sort through lists! Cory
  20. cjay101

    Bulk Low-Tier inserts/sp's/RC lot for sale

    Anyone interested in my inventory reduction? I have the following lot available. -Roughly 1250 low-end cards, give or take 25 -All baseball -All either RC, Prospect, Insert, SP, etc. Very few if any base at all. -Many numbered cards, some colored parallels -Every card is penny sleeved -Very...