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  1. cardmonster

    2017 Donruss Optic basketball

    Looking to make small PWE trade for this card: #182 John Collins RR Could also use another #182 Collins, #159 Markkanen and #188 Mitchell towards another set, but preference is to trade for one John Collins rookie If you have this card for trade, please let me know what you need in return...
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    Need Help With Signatures

    I have a few signed baseballs where I cannot identify signature. Can anyone help?
  3. cardmonster

    Topps Heritage Needs 2001 to 2018

    Looking to trade for these Topps Heritage cards. Most of these needs are base SP needs but do need some Mike Trout base cards (2012 and 2014) and some high number cards (also 2012 and 2014). If you have some of these cards,, please let me know what you need or want in return. Thanks. Have many...
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    dead thread

    needs posted in new thread
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    MLB Modern Era (Veterans Committee) Hall of Fame Ballot

    Ten Modern Era (1970-87) Candidates for MLB Hall of Fame voting on 12/8/19. Dwight Evans Steve Garvey Tommy John Don Mattingly Marvin Miller Thurman Munson Dale Murphy Dave Parker Ted Simmons Lou Whitaker Recent votes yielded new Hall of Famers Alan Trammell, Jack Morris, Lee Smith, and Harold...
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    dead thread

    found card on another site
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    Topps Heritage Wants

    Looking to trade for following Topps Heritage cards. Will edit post later to reflect cards from other years. 2009 Topps Heritage 466 - Phillies Coaches 472 - Melvin Mora 2012 Topps Heritage High Series 650 - Bryce Harper 666 - Pavano 667 - Nathan 668 - Juan Uribe 669 - Abreu 670 - Scutaro 671...
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    Topps Traded sets

    Looking to trade for a few Topps Traded sets from these years: 1983 1984 1985 1995 May need few other years but need to check to see what I have.
  9. cardmonster

    1989 Fleer Billy Ripken Rick Face

    Looking for three 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken Rick Face card with obscene words on bat barrel in nm/mt condition (with 60/40 or better centering). If you have any of these cards available, please let me know (via PM please, as I no longer actively look at threads) what you have want in trade. Thanks.
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    dead thread

    Found card on another site.
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    dead thread

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    dead thread

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    Damaged Cards in Binders

    Hello, I have recently picked up some sets in binders only to find that cards in first few pages (left side of sheet at the ring) are damaged. This can be frustrating because these damaged cards would need to be replaced. I am looking for some kind of flap (or divider) that can prevent or...
  14. cardmonster

    Goodwin Champions FT/FS

    Have these Goodwin Champions cards available for sale or trade: 2013 Shannon Miller (gymnastics) memorabilia 2013 Katie Brown (rock climbing) auto 2014 Ernie Els (golf) memorabilia 2016 base set (1-100) and singles If interested in anything, please let me know (preferably via PM). Thanks.
  15. cardmonster

    Mike Schmidt Game Used and Auto Cards

    Looking to trade for some Mike Schmidt Game Used and Auto cards. Please let me know (preferably via PM) what you have available and would need in return. Thanks.
  16. cardmonster

    FT/FS: Don Mattingly GU cards

    Have these for sale or trade: 2002 Sweet Spot Classics Don Mattingly jersey 2002 Sweet Spot Classics Don Mattingly bat Sell at 40% book value plus $3 shipping. Will consider trades for autos and game-used cards.
  17. cardmonster

    Large Bulk Lots Available

    Just checking if anyone would be interested in large bulk player and team lots. Right now, I am looking to move about 15 to 20 boxes (5000 ct) of bulk base from 1988 to 1995. Preference is to move quantity. Due to postage costs, no trades unless for local transaction for bulk base in other...
  18. cardmonster

    2002 Topps 206 Ty Cobb Tolstoi Red Back mini parallel

    Found this card while looking for other cards: 2002 Topps 206 #172 Ty Cobb Tolstoi Red Back mini parallel - bv 25 If anyone needs or wants this card, please let me know. Thanks.
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    dead thread

    Cards were sold.
  20. cardmonster

    FT/FS: 1999 Finest Nolan Ryan cards

    The following 1999 Nolan Ryan Finest cards are for trade (or sale): 5 11 23 Also need #17 if anyone has one for trade.