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  1. Tankp

    Guys and gals looking to trade Freddie Freeman Red auto diamond icons #25

    I'm looking for Chipper jones auto in trade. Snow me what you got has to be mint condition guys and gals. THANKS Dave
  2. Tankp

    2015 Hi-Tek baseball with photos

    Hey guys and gals this is inquiry. I have not met any people making these sets. AGAIN 2015 Hi-Tek. The boxes are expensive and huge disappointment to buy. Several years ago bought these from a guy thought about building a few sets. To my chagrin I couldn't find cards needed any and when I...
  3. Tankp

    X-Fractor cards 216 with ton of rookie cards

    Hard to put value on these cars with dating back to early in the 2000s You collect x-factor cards or build the sets. This is for you. There are lot of stars in this lot. I'll listen to trades or offers thanks Dave
  4. Tankp

    guys looking for Freddie Freemen patch?

    The price range to about forty bucks. Let me know what you got. Thanks Dave
  5. Tankp

    Have ten Shaq Upper Deck ROOKIE CARDS with the return punch cards.

    I'll ship the ten for 55 bucks. Thanks Dave
  6. Tankp

    2019 Diamond Icons Freddie Freeman RED auto #25 two card 08/25 and 09/25

    The two Freddie Freeman red auto 160.00 that is delivered price. Ship USPS even thought they been horrible. Thanks Dave
  7. Tankp

    2011 Allen & Ginter mini framed relics

    Hello members I am looking for several 2011 mini framed relics. A.J. Perzynski. Andrew McCuthcen bat and Jersey cards. 2 cards David Ortiz jersey Evan Longoria jersey Jacoby Ellsbury bat card Josh Hamilton bat card Kosuke Fukodome Michael Young bat card Tony Gwynn Jr card Nick Markakis card...
  8. Tankp

    2008 Allen & Ginter mini framed relics.

    Hello guys new project hey I am BUYING no TRADES. I'm looking for five cards 2008 A & G Jermaine Dye, Matt cap, Troy Tulowizski, John Smolts, last Albert Pujlos BAT card. You have any I am interested in buying. YES I SAID BUY. Thanks Dave
  9. Tankp

    2011 Allen & Ginter mini framed

    Hey Guys and gals looking for one card. 2011 allen & ginter mini framed Shane Victorinio BAT card. Not the JERSEY card. The BAT CARD LMK thanks. Dave
  10. Tankp

    2008 generation complete set 89 cards

    This is a very nice set with two different era player game used piece. 2008 generation memorabilia SP set complete. Putting these sets together is costly looking 680.00 shipped. Dave.
  11. Tankp

    2015 High-Tek baseball partial sets.

    Hey guys and gals I have 56 dots and 56 spiral 32 grass wave. that is the high-tek baseball 2015 Then I have duplicates of 52 spirals and 37 grass wave. I'm retired I like to finish one set if possible. The thing you buy one box you only got 8 cards in one box. Four of them commons like I...
  12. Tankp

    Tatis Jr heritage PURPLE CHROME

    Hey guys and gals. One Fernando Tatis Jr purple chrome for sale. 32.00 shipped tracked in bubble mailer. Dave
  13. Tankp

    Complete sets for sale

    Hey guys and gals. 1996 Denny's motion hologram set 28 picture cars please the header. Cards in MINT 30.00 shipped. 2009 triple threads numbered to 1350 complete set 100 car. 65.00 shipped. Hit me up if interested thanks. Dave.
  14. Tankp

    1996 full motion hologram pinncale released by Wenty 29 cards.

    This set is 29 cards 28 picture cards and the header card. Guys this set is in MINT condition. If you know anything about cards. Black boarder cards are easy to see imperfections. This set is sharp as you will find any. Any interest buying hit me up. Dave
  15. Tankp

    2009 Triple thread #1350

    guys and gals I have a complete set of 2009 triple threads. 100 cards complete set for sale. Any interest hit me up. Thanks Dave.
  16. Tankp

    insrets set from Denny's

    All twenty eight hologram From Pinnacle cards all in mint condition from 1996 not easy to find this set never mind in this condition. the black edge cards are hard to keep from showing wear. Any interest hit me up. Thanks Dave
  17. Tankp

    1970 super babeball cards 13 cards

    About ten years go I was going to build this set but crap happens put it on the back burner. Any interest hit me up. I have thirteen cards #2 Sal Bando #3 Luis Aparicio #7 Bill Freehan #9 Tommy Harper #10 Samuel McDowell #11 Lou Brock #13 Millie McCovey #14 Rico Petrocelli #21 Ron Santo #25 John...
  18. Tankp

    1981 MIke J Schmidt sticker #21 Mint 9 PSA

    Any Michael Jack Schmidt fans out there. You will want this beauty. Any interest hit me up thanks. Dave
  19. Tankp

    Tim Couch 1999 ROOKIE graded nine mint PSA

    1999 Stadium club Tim Couch rookie gem mint 9 PSA. I'll take a Jose Fernandez rookie in exchange or trade. Any one interested hot me up thanks. Thanks Dave.
  20. Tankp

    1971 basbeall super cards

    Hey guys and gals I have 47 of the 63 card set for sale. If you have friends or family with this set to me it is very unique it is what I like abut it. LMK if there is any interest. They conditions vary from good to near mint. Thanks. Dave