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  1. Bobby813

    2020 For Sale (long list)

  2. Bobby813

    2020 For Sale (long list)

    Don't have this one: 2020 Donruss American Pride Red #7 Garrett Mitchell/Mike TroutSN, Print Run: 149 $12.00 With the other 2 it's $18.00
  3. Bobby813

    2020 For Sale (long list)

    New cards added today. Take a look. Thanks, Bob
  4. Bobby813

    2020 For Sale (long list)

    greatdadx2 - had time to pull them. Have them all. $13.00 delivered. Hidden cash preferable. PLMK Thanks, Bob
  5. Bobby813

    2020 For Sale (long list)

    greatdadx2 - sorry I missed this one. Will pull the cards and get back to you tomorrow. Thanks, Bob
  6. Bobby813

    Huge Collection Bought: Bonds, Mattingly, Jeter, Ozzie Smith, Chipper, McGwire etc.

    My mattingly wants are in the link to my web page. Thanks, Bob
  7. Bobby813

    Detroit Tigers Autographs-WANTED

    Should still have these if you're interested. PLMK, Bob Boesch, Brennan 2008 Bowman Ch Pros Auto BCP262 Farmer, Buck 2015 Panini Prizm Rookie Auto 55 Inge, Brandon 2012 SP Signature Auto DET-03 Joyce, Matt 2008 Stadium Club Auto 155 Monroe, Craig 2005 Donruss Autograph 181 Novoa, Roberto...
  8. Bobby813

    My recent wants

    Any help appreciated. 2017 Donruss needs: 2 Freddie Freeman 2.00 5 Anthony Rizzo 2.00 8 Corey Kluber 1.25 20 Khris Davis 1.50 22 Gregory Polanco 1.25 25 Robinson Cano 1.25 26 Stephen Piscotty 1.25 27 Brad Miller 1.25 29 Edwin Encarnacion 1.50 34 Andrew Benintendi 4.00 43 Alex Bregman 4.00...
  9. Bobby813

    2020 For Sale (long list)

    David, Have these if you need any: 2020 Topps Chrome #32 Sean Murphy RC 2020 Topps Chrome #79 Hanser Alberto 2020 Topps Chrome #149 Andres Munoz RC 2020 Topps Chrome #150 Bo Bichette RC 2020 Topps Chrome #166 Masahiro Tanaka 2020 Topps Chrome #198 Javier Baez 2020 Topps Chrome Freshman Flash...
  10. Bobby813

    Walmart and Target

    Forgive me if this has been posted already. What happened to cards at Walmart and Target??? I haven't seen cards in these two stores for months. Staff has no answers for me. What's going on??? Bob
  11. Bobby813

    WTTF: Any year any player Topps Black Borders from 2003-2020

    Barry, Can't find this one: Grichuk Randal 2019 Topps Black 309 29/67 10.00 How about these? $1.00 in my favor: Jeter 1992 Classic Four Sport #231 Derek Jeter BV$5.00 1993 Upper Deck #449 Derek Jeter RC BV$15.00 Trout 2020 Topps Heritage '20 Sticker Collection Preview #1 Mike Trout BV$15.00...
  12. Bobby813

    WTTF: Any year any player Topps Black Borders from 2003-2020

    Hey Barry, What do you have in the way of Mattingly , Trout or Jeter. Thanks, Bob
  13. Bobby813

    Want and trade lists through this year

  14. Bobby813

    2020 Mattingly

    Sorry Eric, I have it already. Thanks for checking. Bob