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  1. 3greyhounds

    set complete

    Set complete - have lots of 2020 Chrome for trade: FOR TRADE: Base: ask, have a bunch Refractors/Prism Refractors/Sepia Refractors - ask '85 Topps: 3 Soto WAS, 5 Lux LAD, 7 Ohtani ANA, 10 Luzardo OAK, 11 Jimenez CWS, 13 McKay TB, 14 Puk OAK, 15 Yelich MIL, 18 Alonso NYM, 20 Hoskins PHI, 21...
  2. 3greyhounds

    For all of my Bench buddies... some info

    We had to evacuate our home Wednesday night due to a wildfire. I was able to get back there this morning and everything is still OK, but the fires are creeping closer. Cal Fire and our local department are working on holding it back, and so far they’ve done one hell of a job. I can only hope...
  3. 3greyhounds

    How to brighten a Monday...

    Was digging through my 2012 box and came across not one, but two of these: Current BV $75-$200. Made the day a little better! :cool:
  4. 3greyhounds

    Search function in TM no longer working

    Tried to do a search of previous trades with a trader, but after entering the trader's ID and hitting search, the page comes up without any results, even though I know I've made trades with the trader. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  5. 3greyhounds

    2020 Finest Flashbacks

    So did anyone manage to get some of this from Topps last week? Interesting way they picked to try and beat the bots and flippers - you entered an online raffle at - if you were selected you then got a chance to buy two boxes at $55 each. Online sales ONLY. Crazy thing is, not...
  6. 3greyhounds


    Series 2 inserts complete - traders below: (note: traders are on eBay at this time - will pull them for a trade as long as no bids are active. Some are gone.) For Trade: Autos: 85A-BL Lowe TB Black Parallel 114/199 1985 Relics: 85TR-SG Gray CIN, 85ASR-CK Kershaw LAD Topps Player...
  7. 3greyhounds

    WTTF 2020 Topps Series 1 base

    Hey Benchies, Figured I had enough of these to do a third set - need these base: ALL EITHER INCOMING OR PENDING - THANK YOU!! (**=incoming, (P)=pending) COMPLETE! I think I have all the big names covered (except for Trout) - would like to trade 2020 Series 1 inserts (or base/inserts from...
  8. 3greyhounds

    2020 Topps Series 2 - 2 jumbo boxes

    All things considered, not too bad... The hits, some of which are already gone: Silver Pack Xander Bogaerts Auto 33/35 Silver Pack Mauricio Dubon RC Black 151/199 Silver Pack Base (NFT, building the set) Luis Robert RC, 85TC4 Albies, 85TC6 Bogaerts, 85TC9 Baez, 85TC14 Kim RC, 85TC17...
  9. 3greyhounds

    It makes a person wonder...

    ... if ANYONE at Topps is paying attention to quality control! I just opened two boxes of Series 2. Came up about 20 cards short of a second set (that's another story), but get this... Pulled the appropriate number of autos, relics, etc., but two things struck me as weird: 1) Each jumbo pack...
  10. 3greyhounds

    WTT 2020 Heritage (New Traders Added 6/20!)

    Finished - traders still available! Looking for Series 2 needs (soon to be posted) or Ripken/Posey/Goldschmidt I don't already have. 2020 Heritage For Trade: Auto: ROA-AAQ Aquino CIN (BV $80) Clubhouse Collection Relic: CCR-KH Hiura MIL, CCR-KS Schwarber CHI, CCR-RD Devers BOS Chrome Purple...
  11. 3greyhounds

    Four 2020 Heritage hobby boxes

    So much for not doing any sets other than the flagship... but I don't think I did too badly - one was a "Hot Box"! Here's the hits: Real One Auto: ROA-AAQ Aquino CIN Clubhouse Collection Relics: CCR-KH Hiura MIL, CCR-KS Schwarber CHI Heritage Chrome: THC-145 Devers BOS 852/999 Heritage...
  12. 3greyhounds

    WTT my extra Buster Poseys

    Well, on day #64,843 of this blasted quarantine, I finally decided to catalog all my Posey cards. Was pretty surprised to find out how many duplicates I had! My objective is to trade the dupes for Poseys I need - "have" list is here: . Will also...
  13. 3greyhounds

    Here's something that will make you laugh!

    Trevor Bauer throws live BP to Derek Dietrich - and blasts the Astros while doing it! Enjoy! Dan
  14. 3greyhounds

    WTTF Older Set Needs (2015 GQ mini SPs, anyone?)

    Since most of us are sitting around with time to spare, I thought I'd see if there's any help out there with these sets: **= incoming 2015 Gypsy Queen Base Minis: 301, 302, 306, 311, 313, 314, 316**, 322, 323, 325, 326, 332, 333, 336, 337, 339, 340**, 341, 342, 343, 345, 348 2012 Topps...
  15. 3greyhounds

    Remember the 2018 Series 2 short print Acuna?

    Just happened to check the BV on this one... what the heck!!!! And yes, mine is the 698A. 2018 Topps Base Set Photo Variations #698A Ronald Acuna Jr./Bat head down S2 $300.00 $600.00 2018 Topps Base Set Photo Variations #698B Ronald Acuna Jr./Bat pointing up FACTORY $20.00 $50.00...
  16. 3greyhounds

    2020 Turkey Red FT

    I got way too many of these off the Bay - now's the time to get your set completed! Ideally looking for parallels of Ripken, Posey, Goldschmidt or Belt from Topps Series 1, but also interested in base, inserts and parallels of same players from other 2020 issues. Make an offer - I'm flexible...
  17. 3greyhounds

    2020 Topps Series 1 inserts FT

    2020 Topps Series 1 COMPLETED 2020 Topps Series 1 for trade moved to my Trade Page: Thanks, Dan
  18. 3greyhounds

    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Looking to add to my already substantial Cal Ripken collection - I'm looking for cards I do not yet have listed on my page - . Please note, I'm not looking for duplicates. I can use any 2020 issue/parallel not already listed. Plenty of nice cards...
  19. 3greyhounds

    WTTF 2019 Topps Update inserts

    Looking for the following to complete these sets: (**= incoming or pending) 2019 Topps Update Needs: Iconic Cards: (ICR-) 45** For Trade: Autos: 84A-MK Kelly ARI Gold 18/50 All-Star Relics: ASSC-CY Yelich MIL, ASSC-WC Contreras CHI Major League Materials MLM-RZ Zimmerman WAS 150th...
  20. 3greyhounds

    2019 Topps Series 2

    2019 Topps Series 2 For Trade: Major League Materials Red MLM-DO Ortiz BOS 10/50 150th Anniversary Medallion Red AMM-WC Clark SF 21/25 Camo: 699 Hernandez SEA 21/25 Mother's Day Pink: 444 Stanton/Judge NYY 44/50 Black: 488 Fowler STL 45/67, 526 Alcantara MIA 32/67, 567 Rogers BAL 63/67...