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  1. steve1972

    Minor league cards for sale or trade

    I have about 800 minor league cards taking up space and would like to send to those who collect them. About half are of 1992 classic best (there are dupes of some cards, great set starter as has some that would go on to the major leagues), some fleer excel, some line drive and other mixed...
  2. steve1972

    Topps opening day complete sets wanted

    Have a fellow collector wanting to add said sets to his collection. Years wanted are 1999 (first year) thru 2015. COMPLETE SETS ONLY are wanted at this time exceptions may be if less than 5 cards needed to complete the set. Insert sets can be mentioned but will only be considered. Please...
  3. steve1972

    looking for 2018 topps big league

    looking to finish a few extra sets of this product. looking for base commons and gold inserts. please message me if you can help.
  4. steve1972

    1991 topps desert storm card book values

    can anyone post or direct me to book values for 1991 topps desert storm series 1, 2, & 3? have some sets of each series and sets of all 3 series (with stickers) and bundles of singles if anyone is interested. here is a link to what the cards look like...
  5. steve1972

    4 screw card holders

    not using these anymore and taking up space. about a vault box full. check link here: $25 for all plus shipping or will sell smaller quantities
  6. steve1972

    ball qubes for sale

    I have 10 ball cubes that I don't need anymore and would like to sell. check link here: will sell for $25 dlvd.
  7. steve1972

    7 X 9 padded manilla envelopes

    I have a large flat rate box full of these, can anyone use them before I pitch them?? only asking cost of shipping then to you via cash or paypal.
  8. steve1972

    2017 topps update for sale

    I have 2 complete and 1 missing #175 Altuve AS for sale. asking $30 each dlvd, lmk if interested price dropped, any takers?? can do paypal gift, I will use flat rate padded envelope for one set or medium flat rate box for 2 or all 3.
  9. steve1972

    team collectors..........

    I am wanting to help with those massive team collection wants. I don't have card shop variety of stuff but am willing to look thru your wantlists, just send me the links.
  10. steve1972

    rookie cards for sale

    small lot of cards here: 1984 topps don mattingly 8 25.00 1985 topps kirby puckett 536 12.00 1987 topps barry bonds 320 x4 8.00ea 1987 donruss greg maddux 36 10.00 1989 donruss ken griffey jr 33 x3 8.00ea 1989 fleer ken griffey jr 548 x2 10.00ea 1992 bowman trevor hoffman 11 10.00 1993 bowman...
  11. steve1972

    danbury mint Baseball 22kt Gold Cards Collection -- asking $75 dlvd or make offer

    looking to sell my: The Danbury Mint 22kt Gold Baseball Cards Collection. Set 1 consists of 50 embossed 22kt. gold-foil cards. Highlight from the series include Roy Campanella, Ty Cobb, Dizzy Dean, Lou Gehrig, Gil Hodges, Walter Johnson, Thurman Munson, Satchel Paige, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner...
  12. steve1972

    poker chip set for sale

    selling my poker chip set, purchased 8 years ago and used about 10 times. have added some chips to the original set and bundle of card decks. check this link if interested. asking $125.00 shipped. thanks for viewing...
  13. steve1972

    need these mostly vintage cards for a project

    this is a whole list of the remaining cards I need for a project and I am mostly looking for the 1970-1979 cards. cards don't have to be mint but can't be beaters unless the are high $$ b.v. if you can help let me know. JOSE RIJO 1984 TRADED MARK LANGSTON 1984...
  14. steve1972

    cards posted in posts 1-4-5-7-9.......unloading some of my collection

    hello all, cards are posted below I will be posting lots of items for sale in the next few weeks as I am needing to clear out some of the extra stuff I had gotten in purchases and other deals and have not been able to move or were extra in the deal. items range from common base singles or...
  15. steve1972

    2017 topps chrome case breakers...please check my offer

    for all those who broke boxes or even cases of said set, I am offering $20.00dlvd for a set minus the bellinger and judge. hit me up if you can help!!
  16. steve1972

    2016 topps holiday set pricing

    anyone know the b.v. for these cards and set?? I don't see any listing for such set in paper beckett. is there a simple multiplier?? thanks.
  17. steve1972

    sets for sale -- step on in some great deals in here!!!

    have these sets for sale, all prices include shipping, purchase multiple sets and will refigure amount owed. don't like my prices, make me an offer. thanks for viewing. SETS FOR SALE -- make offer if you don't like the prices $125.00 1984 donruss factory set with cards still in wrapped...
  18. steve1972

    taking offers on these

    taking offers on these mini / small sets. prefer to sell but willing to trade for set help or cards I need for my Kershaw, Molina, and Pujols collections (mainly looking for cards pre 2011). if buying from me I will consider any offer but have no intentions to just give away. thanks for...
  19. steve1972

    auto's, game used, and #'d cards up for grabs

    pulled these for a trade that isn't going to happen so I want to offer them up for anyone that wants them before I put them back where I pulled them from. taking offers on these, as in selling or trading for set needs. first # is its b.v. and then the card description. NOT asking for b.v. if...
  20. steve1972

    1991 topps desert storm cards and stickers

    found these gems at the local flea market and picked them up for dealing on here. available for trade or sale are: 3 sets series 1 (cards 1-87 -- no checklist) with sticker set (22 stickers) 26 sets of series 1 stickers (22 stickers) 1 set of series 2 (88 cards) with stickers (11 stickers) 1...