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  1. budd2222

    2020 Leaf pop Metal

    Had a look at the checklist for this years Leaf Pop Metal. It looks ok some new names added this year. If you like historical autographs and are willing to gamble, they have a nice selection this year. How hard they will be to pull I don't know.
  2. budd2222

    2020 Leaf Metal American Politics

    Leaf has hit a new low with this 10 card set. First of all its $79.99 a set, second two of the people in it are AOC and Kayleigh McEnany. This is a hard fast pass for me.
  3. budd2222

    Non-Sport to give away

    Will send this lot if anyone wants it for a SASE. Will only put this this up until 12 pm friday.
  4. budd2222

    Costume Cards

    Separated and added 30 more costume cards . Looking for other costume card. Looking for a Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln if anyone has one for trade.
  5. budd2222

    Added Auto Cards FT

    Have 8x10s of these looking for other non sport auto cards or auto 8x10 photos certified by PSA, JSA or BAS. Only TV or Movie stars. This includes the cards in my FT list.
  6. budd2222

    Small Vintage Lot FT

    Have twenty of these FT.
  7. budd2222

    Lot to Give Away

    Will give this lot to anyone with a SASE. If no interest by Sunday they will just go away.
  8. budd2222

    One Way To Send Free Cards

    I used to give free cards via a SASE but it got to be to much a hassle. A young lady from TX came up with this solution. She put her SASE bubble mailer with her return addy just incase the postage for the free cards were light in a manila envelope. That way I didn't need to buy any bubble...
  9. budd2222

    Added JLH Autos To Trade List

    Looking for non sport auto cards or non sport cert. 8x10 Autos.
  10. budd2222

    Photobucket Problems

    Last month for three weeks I had problems with just about everything on my account. Then a week of no problems then three days of not being able to log in. Today I contacted them and they said my account migrated to the new site? Now I'm in and found out I had a new address so I changed it in my...
  11. budd2222

    Slow comc shipping

    On 8/7/20 I bought a card from Australia, had a places a Amazon order being shipped from China and requested shipment from COMC shipping cost $12.99. After that bought eight other items from ebay. I have received all items to include the ones from China and Australia the COMC order still has not...
  12. budd2222

    Added to Trade List

    Looking for other non sports items.
  13. budd2222

    Any of these FT?

    Looking for these. My trade page is in my Homepage. 2020 Goodwin Stephen Root Relic 2020 Goodwin Danny Trejo Autograph Cobie Smulders Agent Of Shield Costume Stephen King 2017 Goodwin Memorabilia Shantel Vansanten Flash Season 2 Wardrobe Shantel Vansanten Flash Season 2 Autograph Nathan Fillion...
  14. budd2222

    What To Keep And What To Throw

    I was watching the Jeff Foxworthy program last night, some people are just lucky. In 2018 a woman went to a Governor Rally of Joe Exotic and picked up a few things. The rolling papers. mint yard sign and a condom are now worth $2000. I think now would be the time for her to sell.
  15. budd2222

    WTB/WTTF Walking Dead Wardrobe

    Looking for these series three cards Sanequa Martin-Green M44 David Morissey M37 Vincent Ward M16 Lennie James M36 Lew Temple M13 Irone Singleton M8
  16. budd2222

    The Umbrella Academy

    Saw that The Umbrella Academy is out, with a Ellen Page autograph in it looks good.
  17. budd2222

    A&E New Bargen Hunters Shows

    I know of at least one member here that is into this kind of thing. The first is Jeff Foxworthy looks for odd collectables and I guess prices them. I am just a Foxworthy fan so I'm in. The second is Extreme Unboxing, nothing more than people buy pallets of returned items and try to flip them for...
  18. budd2222

    Gwyneth Paltrow Auto

    For those that collect autographs, has Gwyneth Paltrow signed cookbook certified by Beckett for $40.
  19. budd2222

    2020 Leaf Pop Metal

    They put out a little info to be released in Aug.. Some of the signers Meg Ryan John Travolta Alicia Silverstone Mark Cuban Cheech&Chong With this about to be released maybe more will follow.
  20. budd2222

    Kelly Lynch Auto

    Turns out I have a signed 8x10 of her will put this up for sale $30 dlvd. She was in Cocktail and Road House.