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    2021 Donruss Baseball Variations FT

    I have the following for trade. Would love to trade them for any Heritage I am missing. #90 - Nickname Variation -Bigfoot (2) Base #101 - Nickname - Buetane - Base #105 - Photo Variation - Kershawv - Base #139 - Photo Variation - Lindor - Red Parallel #143 - Nickname - La Pantera - Luis...
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    WTT/WTS 2019-20 Mosaic

    I am looking to complete many different color sets for 2019-20 Mosaic. Still need help with Green, Pink, Blue Reactive, Silver, Orange, Silver Mosaic. I have an excel file with everything i am missing but don't think I can attach to this thread. I can email it to you. I have roughly 3000...
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    Heritage Wants

    Hello All: Here is what I currently need for different Topps Heritage years. Would prefer to trade but if that does not work would buy if the price is right. 2021 = 185,403,406,425,427,433,435,464,474,493,495 2020 = 403,413,414,437,447,457,483,494,497 2019 =...
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    Thanks Andy!

    Just found out about The Bench through Andy. We did a nice easy trade through Facebook and he let me know about this site. I am currently working on every year Heritage Baseball Sets, 1952 Bowman, Multiple 1970's sets, 1980-81 Topps basketball, pretty much every 2019-20 Mosaic Basketball set...