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  1. criollos

    FS: 2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect Profiles Minis

    I have these nine 2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect Profiles Minis for sale for $9 delivered in bubble mailer. Would consider a trade for Roberto Clemente cards I need, or #'ed cards of Yadier Molina, Baez, Correa, Lindor, Eddie Rosario. Thanks for the look.
  2. criollos

    WTTF: Erik Rivera, Matthew Lugo, Mario Feliciano, Eliot Ramos, Edwin Rios

    I believe these five prospects from PR have cards in 2019 and/or 2020 Bowman and Bowman Chrome. Will trade for anything of them: base, inserts, parallels, autographs. Not really interested in Panini or Leaf products. I will trade my autos and GU for them, as long as the trade is balanced in BV...
  3. criollos

    AUTOS & GU For Trade

    Let me know what autos and GU you have of players from PR. I'll be happy to look at buckets and/or lists you may have available. All of the following cards should be scanned in my buckets. AUTOS 1994 Front Row All Time Greats JIM "CATFISH" HUNTER (New York) 2001 Topps Gallery Autographs #GAAG...
  4. criollos

    5 SPs from 2019 A&G

    Looking for #'ed/99 or fewer cards of players from PR, or RCs of Correa, Baez, Lindor, Eddie Rosario..... 2004 Yadier Molina #352 Robin Yount #372 Justin Turner #378 Aroldis Chapman #388 Casey Stengel #390 Phil Rizzuto (Mini)
  5. criollos


    Pulled this card from one of Mike's box breaks and would like to trade it for a low numbered card of a player from Puerto Rico. Please let me know if you have something I can use. Thanks. 2019 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor YUSEI KIKUCHI #'ed 2/5 (Mariners) RC <a data-flickr-embed="true"...
  6. criollos

    (SOLD) $10 delivered: Tatis Jr., Vlad Jr., Soto

    These 3 cards for $10 delivered. Paypal only. Thanks. <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="3RC"><img src="" width="640" height="302"...
  7. criollos

    (SOLD) 5 GU for Sale ($15 delivered)

    Selling these 5 GU cards for $15 delivered. Paypal only. Thanks! <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="CC Sabathia"><img src="" width="459"...
  8. criollos

    Rookie Cards for Trade

    I collect players from Puerto Rico. Let me know what you have for trade. Thank you. RCs 2007 Topps '52 #145 J.A. HAPP (RC) (Phillies) 2007 Topps '52 #160 UBALDO JIMENEZ (RC) (Rockies) 2007 Topps '52 #180 CAMERON MAYBIN (RC) (Tigers) 2007 Topps Heritage #224 MARK REYNOLDS (RC) (D-Backs) 2009...
  9. criollos

    My Latest Pick Ups For Trade

    Currently moving my family from the suburbs of Chicago to the suburbs of Los Angeles, so I haven't been trading for the last 4-6 weeks or so. All my cards are packed and on the move, so I don't have access to them right now. However, I periodically stop by my LCS and buy some of the new...
  10. criollos

    (Traded) SP Bryce Harper Nickname card from 2019 Heritage

    CARD HAS BEEN TRADED 2019 Topps Heritage Nickname Variations #415 BRYCE HARPER Also have the following SP cards for trade: 2019 Topps Heritage #413 GLEYBER TORRES SP (Yankees) 2019 Topps Heritage #415 BRYCE HARPER SP (Nationals) 2019 Topps Heritage #427 WALKER...
  11. criollos

    2008 A Piece of History Cards

    I think I have seen a couple of traders looking for history cards and I found these on my desk, so I decided to scan them and put them out for trade. These cards are from baseball sets, so I put them on this forum. I collect cards of Puertorican players #'ed/99 or fewer. 2008 UD A Piece of...
  12. criollos

    Mini box of 2018 Bowman's Best

    Not a bad product. Cards look nice. Everything for trade. I collect players from Puerto Rico, and specifically looking for autos and cards of them #'ed/99 or fewer. Base: #12 Fernando Romero RC (Twins) #16 Khris Davis (A's) #17 Mookie Betts (Red Sox) #22 Andrew Benintendi (Red Sox) #48 J.D...
  13. criollos

    2018 Topps Holiday Bowman Cards for Trade

    I know not everybody gets a shot at the 2018 Topps Holiday Bowman cards so I'm making all the ones I have available for trade. I collect players from Puerto Rico. Will look at lists and buckets. Colton Walker (Rockies) #'ed 12/35 *TRADED* Santa Claus Khris Davis (A's) MacKenzie Gore (Padres)...
  14. criollos

    Inserts For Trade (with scans)

    Looking for cards #'ed/99 or fewer of players from Puerto Rico. 2018 Topps Chrome Update #HMT1 SHOHEI OHTANI RC (Angels) 2018 Topps Chrome Update #HMT32 SHOHEI OHTANI RC (Angels) 2018 Topps Chrome '83 Topps Refractors #83T1 AARON JUDGE (Yankees) 2018 Topps Chrome Refractors #25 RAFAEL...
  15. criollos

    5 "Food" cards for $4 delivered: Brett, McGwire, Lynn, Murray, Sheffield

    Selling these 5 cards for $4 delivered. Paypal prefered ; cash at buyer's risk. Cards will be mailed in non-machinable PWE. Thanks. 1993 Jimmy Dean #15 George Brett 1993 Jimmy Dean #17 Eddie Murray 1993 Jimmy Dean #18 Gary Sheffield 1993 Jimmy Dean #22 Mark McGwire 1981 Drake's #9 Fred Lynn
  16. criollos

    3 Mike Trout cards for sale: $6 delivered

    Selling these 3 Mike Trout cards for $6 delivered. Regular Paypal prefered ; cash at buyer's risk. Cards will be mailed in non-machinable PWE. 2012 Bowman Platinum #16 MIKE TROUT (Angels) 2018 Topps #300 MIKE TROUT (Angels) 2018 Topps Chrome '83 Topps #83T12 MIKE TROUT (Angels)
  17. criollos

    Delete please

    Cards gone
  18. criollos

    White Sox Lot for Sale - $15 delivered

    Scans of Rios and Tartabul autos in my bucket. Regular PayPal prefered, cash at buyers risk. 1996 Leaf Signature Autographs #221 DANNY TARTABULL (White Sox) 2008 Finest Finest Moments Autographs #AR ALEX RIOS A (White Sox) 2012 Topps Historical Stitches #LA LUIS APARICIO (White Sox) 2004 Topps...
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  20. criollos

    United Airlines Cards

    I have these 4 United Airlines 747 Farewell cards for trade or sale. I collect players from Puerto Rico. I'll look at lists/buckets for the trade. #1 Checklist #4 Boeing 747-100 (older pic with people in it) #6 Boeing 747-100 (flying plane) #13 Boeing 747-400 (plane taking off)