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  1. Jerryjtj

    New site update

    I've just finished updating my site and have added numerous new 2020 Base and inserts to my site. I can also put together team and player lots! I have also decided to open up my Cardinal Collections. (ex: Ozzie Collection, Molina RCs, Musial PC) I will continue to collect Cardinal autos that I...
  2. Jerryjtj

    Site Update more Cardinal cards

    I've just finished updating my site and have decided to open up my Cardinal Collections. (ex: Ozzie Collection, Molina RCs, Musial PC) I have also added numerous new 2020 Base and inserts to my site. I can also put together team and player lots! I will continue to collect Cardinal autos that I...
  3. Jerryjtj

    Site updated today

    I just finished adding some more 2020 items and updated some current ones. Everything is for sell except for the items on my home page with the white background. If you see anything of interest PLMK Thanks! Jerry
  4. Jerryjtj

    Vladimir Guerrero Jr Lot for Sale

    I have this Guerrero lot for sale. I'm asking $300 for the lot or best offer. Scanner not working! Sorry! PLMK if interested 2018 Bowman Platinum TOP-56 BV $6 2019 Bowman Chrome Ready for the Show RFTS-1 BV $4 Donruss Optic #64 RR BV $5 Donruss Optic #64 RR Pink BV $15 Panini Prizm...
  5. Jerryjtj

    Cardinal Fans

    I have decided to only collect cards I need of Ozzie Smith, RCs of players not listed on my RC wants and Cardinal autos I might have a need for! This has opened up my Molina, Musial and many others players collections that I had started. I have also listed my Cardinal Game used cards. Also lots...
  6. Jerryjtj

    Site Update!!

    I have completed another update of my Wixsite! I have added many new players and and lots of new 2019 base and inserts. If you see anything of interest please let me know. My wants are also on the Wixsite! Thanks! Also have a Happy New year!! Jerry
  7. Jerryjtj

    Site Update

    I've completed a major update of my wixsite by adding many 2019 base,inserts, autos and relics. Let me know if you see something of interest. Jerry
  8. Jerryjtj

    Cards for sell

    I have these cards for sell. 2018 Topps Opening Day Rhys Hoskins Dugout Peeks DP-RH 2019 Panini Prizm Prizm Purple Vladimir Guerrero Jr RA-VG Auto #ed 6/50 2019 Stadium Club Juan Soto SCA-JS On Card Auto GONE! 2019 Topps Mookie Betts Sketch Card 2019 Topps Big League Pete Alonso RC #20...
  9. Jerryjtj

    2019's added to wixsite

    I've added a ton of new cards from base to inserts to autos. Looking to sell or possibly trade if you have stuff I'm interested in, mostly Cardinals! PLMK if you see anything of interest! Jerry
  10. Jerryjtj

    More 2019 Cards Added

    I just finished adding a lot of new player cards along with inserts from various brands to my wixsite. One card I just pulled and added to the page is a Pete Alonso Gold Rookie Card SP from Big League Baseball. Take a look if interested in anything PLMK Jerry...
  11. Jerryjtj

    Wixsite updated

    have updated my wix site with my series 2 Topps and many other brands. The box of Topps I opened had to be the worse box ever as I still needed 82 cards to complete my set. Here are the numbers I need. Set complete! PLMK if you see anything of interest on my site! Thanks! Jerry...
  12. Jerryjtj

    Redesigned my wixsite

    I've finished redoing my site and have reduced the number of pages and added more Cardinal items. I have also added many newer items. I'm in the process of adding my 2019 Donruss as well. Take a look if interested and LMK if you find anything. Jerry
  13. Jerryjtj

    Updated my Wixsite

    I just finished updating my site. I've added my non cardinal autos, plus 2019 Topps Heritage and Topps Opening Day base and inserts. PLMK if you find anything of interest! Thanks! Jerry
  14. Jerryjtj

    Any one wanting to start a Cardinal baseball card collection

    I have a ton of Cardinal base, inserts,gu and autos I would be willing to sell or maybe trade for other cards I need. If interested PLMK My site is listed in my signature. Thanks! Jerry
  15. Jerryjtj

    2019 topps added

    I just finished adding my 2019 Topp cards to my wix site. Please check it out to see if you need anything and maybe we can get a trade done. I also need the following cards to complete a set. Topps once again has terrible collation. A Hobby Box, a Target Box and a Walmart box and still need...
  16. Jerryjtj

    Wix Site updated with many new additions

    My site is updated and everything is available for sale or trade except the items in the links in white. Tons of Cardinal cards and others. Setfillers from '06 to '18. Plus a lot of 1999 bowman International cards listed. Looking to downsize my collecting to specific players and also looking...
  17. Jerryjtj

    Base cards available

    You can check my wixsite for cards you might need to fill your sets. I have cards listed from 2006 thru 2018. Plus I have a large amount of 1999 Bowman International cards also. Looking for cards on my want lists on my site as well as colored border cards I need,sorry no list for these as I need...
  18. Jerryjtj

    More new cards added

    I opened a box of 2016 Topps Bunt and a few packs of 2018 Topps Chrome Update to my site. I also added a list of Topps Colored Border cards that I have available. Also besides the current want list pages I'm also looking for like colored border cards. If you have a list of that type of cards...
  19. Jerryjtj

    2014 topps football

    If you need anything from this set please let me know. Plus check out the other Football stuff on my wixsite! Looking for Baseball in exchange! Thanks! Jerry
  20. Jerryjtj

    wixsite update

    I just finished a two week total update of my wixsite. Lots of new stuff and some older stuff added. Mostly Baseball, but a small amount of Football and Hockey listed," I would love to get rid of this as I don't collect any of this anymore". I also have older hockey sets in binders I would like...