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  1. jhens76

    Want to unload any Angels Commons?

    I'm looking for any Angels common cards that people might want to unload. Would be willing to pay shipping and a little cash. I'm mainly looking for 1990s-Current. Send me a PM if you have anything you might want to get rid of. Thanks, J
  2. jhens76

    A couple cool successes this week

    CJ Wilson - sent to Spring Training. Darin Erstad - sent about a year ago to Nebraska Baseball. Very excited for both of these returns.
  3. jhens76

    TTM to Canada

    I'm thinking of sending some TTM to Blue Jays players. I've heard that you just need to add an extra US stamp on the envelopes... but I'm not sure if that is true. Any of you TTMers out there send to Toronto? Do you need Canadian postage or just extra US postage? thanks.
  4. jhens76

    Bud Lite

    Bud Black 6 days. Sent him 2, got neither of them back. He sent me this 89 topps signed which is cool! So I'm "lite" one card on my return. :D Glad to have him him my collection, great guy. Thanks Mr. Black
  5. jhens76

    Nap time

    Mike Napoli - 69 days - Rangers ST (1/2) I sent an AG and Topps Heritage to Napoli. Got this card back signed along with my other 2 unsigned. Happy with this one since I didn't have it in my collection.
  6. jhens76

    1 in today

    Bobby Wilson - Angels ST - 55 days. That puts my 2012 success at 31% returned. Hope some more continue to trickle in.
  7. jhens76


    Howie Kendrick - Angels ST - 1/3 - 42 days. Returned my AG but kept his 2012 Topps and 2012 Topps All-Star cards. Fair enough trade for a great looking auto!
  8. jhens76

    3 great returns in 2 days

    3 great returns in the last 2 days. Kendrys Morales - Angels ST - 1/2- 38 days (kept 2009 Topps sent back the AG- never thought I'd get either back. So stoked!):D Alberto Callaspo - Angels ST - 2/2 - 17 days Jamie Moyer - Rockies ST - 2/2 - 13 days. Another hit for my Donruss set! Very cool!
  9. jhens76

    3 Returns this week

    Jeremy Moore - Angels ST- 36 days (1/1) Jim Fregosi - Home - 7 days (3/2) Also signed an IC with #11. Very cool. Scott Downs - Angels ST - 29 days (1/1) thanks for looking!
  10. jhens76

    3 TTM in today

    Don Baylor - DBacks ST - 14 days Chris Ianetta - Angels ST - 28 days John Danks - White Sox ST - 16 days (kept 1)
  11. jhens76

    3 Spring Training TTM returns 3/7/12

    3 cool spring training returns today. I have a strange curse with Figgins, every time I've got a return from him he has had a dead sharpie haha. Andrew Carignan - A's ST - 9 days Peter Bourjos - Angels ST - 21 days Chone Figgins - Mariners ST - 16 days
  12. jhens76

    A Rich Spring Training return

    Rich Thompson - 9 days c/o Angels ST. Great looking sigs.
  13. jhens76

    Ring the "Bell"! It is spring training!!

    First ST success. Trevor Bell - 8days c/o Angels ST. Auto looks much better in person than in this photo.
  14. jhens76

    Harvey's Address List???

    Hey TTM guys, I get most of my addresses from the bench database. I've recently heard good things about Harvey's address list. I'm thinking of getting it, but before dropping the cash I wanted to get opinions.... is it worth it? thanks for your input. J
  15. jhens76

    TTM Success - Dave Dravecky

    Great guy with an amazing story. 3 of 3 -19 days. Another set hit for my 88 Donruss Baseball Best. It was at the second address listed in database... I fouled up and posted under wrong address twice. :mad: Happy Holidays bench friends! :)
  16. jhens76

    Burp... TTM succes 12-17

    Tim Belcher :D - 20 days or so... 1/2 Kind of bummed he didn't sign the card for the set I'm working on, but very grateful nonetheless. I'll probably send him my set card next year sometime. :)
  17. jhens76

    this flew into my mailbox 12-15

    ... former Blue Jay and Angel, Kelly Gruber. C/O Home - 28 days - 3 of 3.
  18. jhens76

    12-10 TTM Success

    Peter Bourjous c/o Angels - about 5 months wait. He has a cool signature... glad to had this future star to my Angels collection.
  19. jhens76

    HOF IP Rod Carew

    @ angels stadium. Mr Rod Carew. Nice guy!
  20. jhens76

    A couple recent returns Percival + Gagne

    Been recently getting back into TTM again after being to busy for about a year. Sent out a few on 10/25, starting to get some back. This is just what i needed to get my motivated to send more out.:D I'm very happy to add Troy Percival to my Angels collection. - 3 weeks - 2/3 kept 1. I sent...