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  1. zack783

    For Sale: 2012 Topps Inserts - 5 Complete Sets & Partials

    Hoping someone here is looking to complete the master set! Please add $5 to ship no matter how many sets/lots you buy. I have the following from 2012 Topps, Update or Opening Day: Gold Standard complete 1-50 $10 A Cut Above complete 1-25 $8 Classic Walkoffs complete 1-15 $5 Career Day complete...
  2. zack783

    For Sale: 1990 Topps Tiffany + One from 1988 - All-Star Players

    I'm recently won a large lot of these and am selling the ones I don't need. Only looking to sell and I don't want to do PWE, so here's the buying options: The entire lot is available for $45 shipped. The entire lot WITHOUT the Bernie Williams RC is available for $25 shipped. The Bernie Williams...
  3. zack783

    For Sale: 2019 Donruss Base Set Variations 50-Card Complete Set! All SPs!

    I just found the last two- meaning I have all 50 of the variations from 2019 Donruss. None of these are the colored parallels either- all base set, white bordered variations. The perfect compliment to the complete base set! The list includes superstars like Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, Favre...
  4. zack783

    For Sale: 1970-1977 Topps Mostly Commons Lots

    70s baseball lots for sale! Discounts on multiple lots due to shipping savings! Apologies in advance but I am not looking to break up lots or list cards included. Assume there are no stars other than what is pictured. Conditions are an average. There will be some poor with creases, marks, etc...
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  6. zack783

    Any Oakland A's Collectors Here?

    Before I try and sell these locally I figured I'd ask here. I buy collections and get a lot of Northern CA teams and currently have a lot of A's cards. I have a small stack and then about 100 or so full binder pages of cards. Some of what I have that are hard to find are a lot of the stamped...
  7. zack783

    FS/FT - 520 ct. 90s Inserts & Parallels w/ Lots of Topps Gold

    Since my last insert/parallel lot sold quickly, I figured I'd post another one. Here's the details: One box is 250 inserts mostly from the 90s. Some parallels will be mixed in here. The second box has 270 parallels. You get everything pictured plus more! More details about the parallels below...
  8. zack783

    SOLD! FS/FT - Large Lot of Topps Gold, Sparkle, Etc. Parallels - Most from 2011-2014

    SOLD Looking to sell this as an entire lot. I would also consider trades but I would be looking for a single card with a value close to my asking price. I'd be pretty flexible on what card, but I am looking to mainly sell so that is my trading criteria for this deal. These are generally common...
  9. zack783

    Selling Vintage Complete & Partial Sets in Binders - Various 70s & 83

    I have the following partial or complete sets available. Corresponding pictures in an album linked at the end of key cards and checklists of what is missing. I am happy to answer any questions or provide additional pictures as well. 1971 Partial Set (VGEX average, missing approx. 60 including...
  10. zack783

    WTTF: These 2011-2015 SF Giants Parallels

    Using this thread as my SF Giants wantlist. I have a LOT to trade, just let me know which card you have and what you're looking for! Aside from the below, I would also be interested in any SF Giants cards out there that mention/show their 2010, 2012 or 2014 World Series runs. I'm particularly...
  11. zack783

    For Sale - HUGE Topps SP/Variation Collection Break - Over 300 Listed from 2010-2015

    I've finally got all of the football SPs listed from a collection I bought last year. Below is over 300 SPs. This is a very rare opportunity to pick up multiple SPs of your player/team in one shot. These don't come up for sale very often and basically never are seen 300 at a time! I will be as...
  12. zack783

    New PC Project- Trading for Refractors & Low Numbered Gabe Kapler Cards

    I figure he's a cheap guy to PC some nicer cards of. I don't have a specific wantlist, but I am only looking to trade for numbered parallels (like Legacy Collection, Super Rave, etc) or refractors. What I am not interested in: anything game used, any autos, any inserts that aren't either...
  13. zack783

    Longshot: Anyone Have a 1986 Scott Patterson Columbus Clippers FT?

    Looking for his card from the 1986 set, but would consider other years. I will give $40 in trade value for the 1986 and less on the others. I have a lot to trade!
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    Sold, please delete.
  15. zack783

    For Sale: Older Topps Chrome RC Autos - Huge List of 100+ Mostly Common Players from 2006 & 2010-2015

    Finally moving on to the autos from the giant collection I'm working through. I have my list of older Topps Chrome RC autos done and here it is! Only looking to sell at the moment. These are all Topps Chrome autos. I didn't notice any condition issues, so let's say NM or better on all of them...
  16. zack783

    Longshot But Does Anyone Have 1976-77 Tallboys? Tradelist Inside

    I bought a collection recently and it had a ton of these. I just finished building 3 different sets of different conditions and I'm a bit short on each. Any help is appreciated. I have a LOT of dupes from this set and would prefer to trade those. I have 5 pretty sharp copies of #57 Bill Walton...
  17. zack783

    Any Interest in Flat Rate Heritage Commons (No SPs) From 2006, 2009, 2015, 2016, 2020, 2021?

    Update: no longer available. Wound up putting it on eBay. Anyone wanting to start building these Heritage sets?! I'm checking on interest for these before I store them up up and away. I have the years in the title. Over 100 of each, some more. 2006 I have probably a thousand. I'm looking to...
  18. zack783

    For Sale: Quantity Available of 1990 Topps #336 Griffey in PSA 8, 9 and 10.

    Glad I went for it and sent 100 of these back when it was $9 per card to grade! Please add $4 to ship up to 3. $5 to ship 4-7. PM me for more than that. I have approximately 25 8's, 40 9's and exactly FIVE 10's. Quantities are approximate because I have them cross-posted and they're moving at a...
  19. zack783

    Selling Complete Full Sets, Traded Sets & Insert Sets - Mostly 80s & 90s - Over 75 Sets! Plus Wax Packs & Boxes!

    Looking to move some complete sets and wax singles and boxes! These are from 3 recent collections that I have bought. I waited until I had a large list so everyone could get the most out of shipping. I'll charge exact cost and have every flat-rate box they make. Feel free to ask me, "does this...