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    1 today 4-21-11

    Brad Daugherty-2/2 cards
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    3 today 4-11-11

    steve largent 1/2 cards stan musial post card he sends shaquille o'neal 1/2 cards
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    1 today 4-6-11

    Jim Bunning 1/2 cards!
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    1 today 4-2-11

    Nate "Tiny" Aachibald-1/1 1977 sportscaster card!
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    no luck with big mac!

    saw two different guys on scn post that they had 4-7 and 5-7 successes this spring,i quess i should have sent like 10 times,but i can't do that because it decreases my fellow collectors odds of a success!maybe i can purchase 1 from these guys on ebay since i did not get a return,and am certain...
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    3 yanks today 4-1-11

    Dr Bobby Brown 2/2 cards Tony Womack 1/2 cards Edwar Ramierez 1/1/ cards(trade with hawiian bam bam) thanks!
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    1 today

    Joe Sambito--2/2 cards
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    1 today

    Lance Parrish 4 cards-sent 2 cards and he returned 4 signed!
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    2 today

    Ed Kranepool 2/2 cards Frank Howard-3-8x10 photos (a friend and his 4 sons took pics with frank at a fantasy camp in arizona,i blew up the pics and sent them to mr howard along with thier names and he signed and personalized them to my friends boys and also added his own 8x10 and signed that...
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    yankee today 2-22-11

    Fritz Peterson 2/2 cards
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    2 yankees in today!!!

    Billy Sample 2/2 cards Tim Stoddard 2/2 cards
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    1-22-11 yankee return

    paul zuvella 2/2 cards(signed yankee card in black sharpie and braves card in blue ballpoint pen)
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    2-14-11 yankee return

    pat clements 2/2 cards
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    2-5-11 the perfect yankee!

    Don Larsen 1/1-(baseball on the ss with perfect game inscription,sent $10)
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    2-4-11 two yankee day

    george frazier 2/2 cards will nieves 1/1 card-(trade with javier)
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    2-3-11 yankee today

    Lee Gutterman 2/2 cards-nice!
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    1-31-11 yankee comes back

    Brian Dayett 2/2 cards (personalized one)
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    1-29-11 yankee comes home!

    Rob Gardner-2/2 cards=nice!
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    1-28-11 yet another yankee

    Bob Watson-2/2 cards-nice!
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    1-27-11 yankee in the mail!

    Dennis Werth-2/2 cards