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    Savannah? Montana? Havana? Banana? Susquehanna? Tanana!

    im rather annoyed that you would post that you find it annoying that frank tanana sends out a religious card!be thankful and accept what is sent to you!
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    Denny McLain cards FS

    would you have denny on a baseball?thats what i collect and thought i would ask!
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    You say you fully trust PSA/DNA? Read here...

    these guys are also in the business of selling memorabilia,so woulndn't it benifet them to deny or not certify others items!
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    Dave Dravecky IP

    Dravecky seems like a great guy,but why did you hit him up for 75 cards?
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    4 Hurlers Hurling!!!

    carlton auto? i would be leary of this one!i have 6 autos of lefty on different items with coa's and yours doesnt' look like them,it may be older and his auto may have changed! not sure on this one!
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    *WANTED* 1989-90 Fleer basketball signed cards!! (46 to go)

    before you got started did you consider the possibility of completing this set? there are some very tough sigs in this set,some very costly and some maybe impossible to obtain ie; magic,bird,jordan olajuwon,ewing and deceased players d. johnson,r.lewis, many years have past since the...
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    1 today 4-21-11

    Brad Daugherty-2/2 cards
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    3 today 4-11-11

    the musial postcard was signed,whether it is real or not?im not sure!
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    3 today 4-11-11

    not to wierd! i've seen post of 1/2,2/3,and 2/4 i sent 2 cards and got 1 of them signed so i'm fine with that!
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    3 today 4-11-11

    steve largent 1/2 cards stan musial post card he sends shaquille o'neal 1/2 cards
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    1 today 4-6-11

    Jim Bunning 1/2 cards!
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    1 today 4-2-11

    Nate "Tiny" Aachibald-1/1 1977 sportscaster card!
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    no luck with big mac!

    saw two different guys on scn post that they had 4-7 and 5-7 successes this spring,i quess i should have sent like 10 times,but i can't do that because it decreases my fellow collectors odds of a success!maybe i can purchase 1 from these guys on ebay since i did not get a return,and am certain...
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    3 yanks today 4-1-11

    Dr Bobby Brown 2/2 cards Tony Womack 1/2 cards Edwar Ramierez 1/1/ cards(trade with hawiian bam bam) thanks!
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    Best Color to get autos?

    red pen good! sent last year to virgil trucks he signed virgil-in blue,fire-in red,trucks-in blue the blue is fading and the red is still strong on the ball!
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    Opening Day 2011

    oh come on dbarbos1 you witnessed one of the geat moments in baseball!opening day in the stadium in the bronx! you know yor heart bleeds pinstripe!
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    1 today

    Joe Sambito--2/2 cards
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    1 today

    Lance Parrish 4 cards-sent 2 cards and he returned 4 signed!
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    2 today

    Ed Kranepool 2/2 cards Frank Howard-3-8x10 photos (a friend and his 4 sons took pics with frank at a fantasy camp in arizona,i blew up the pics and sent them to mr howard along with thier names and he signed and personalized them to my friends boys and also added his own 8x10 and signed that...
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    Postage question

    i use 5 stamps(forever) on the return envelope