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    Topps project 2020 why so valuable?

    My wife got me #23 Frank Thomas Ben Baller for $22 around Easter. Last few weeks these have been skyrocketing on eBay same card sold $865 yesterday. Just looking for insight on the value of it.
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    2020 Topps Utz Lux RC FT

    Books $20 I think.
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    Some cards FT (Bellinger, Tatis Jr, Alonso, Vlad Guerrero Jr)

    Bellinger 2016 Bowman Chrome Scouts Update 2017 Bowman Chrome Arizona Fall League Prospects 2017 Donruss The Prospects 2020 Topps Heritage Action Variation Tatis Jr 2018 Bowman Chrome Trending 2019 Bowman Platinum RC 2020 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic 2019 Bowman Platinum...
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    Wttf: Nick Senzel Auto and GU

    Just looking for a auto nothing super expensive, preferably under $30. Also looking for relics. Don't have any.
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    Going for a Moncada rainbow! 2019 Bowman's Best

    Think I only need Red #d/10 any help appreciated. I have the following: Base Refractor Atomic Purple Blue Green Gold Orange
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    2020 Donruss Yellow Trout FT

    No idea on bv yet, this is the Diamond King Dollar Tree exclusive
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    WTTF: Rare and Premium 90s Frank Thomas

    Looking for tons of things: Skylines Team Pinnacle Z Team Hit List Banner Season Upper Deck Unparalleled 96 SP special FX Ultra diamond producers Ultra Diamond Immortals 97 Stat Standout (glove ones) Lots more!
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    2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Green Tarot of the Diamond Mike Trout #d/99

    I need something nice on this Frank Thomas preffered this time, #d/99 I'm guessing $30 to $40. Would like to get a rare 90s insert if possible. Will also consider Robert, Jimenez, Moncada
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    WTTF: 1997 and 98 Studio Masterstrokes Frank Thomas

    Looking to trade for these need the 8x10 one as well.
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    2020 Heritage FT

    Looking for a Eloy Jimenez SP from this set FT: Rookies base: Akvarez/Aquino Lux/May SP' s Verlander O'Hearn Vazquez Kepler Chrome #d/999 Lester Chrome Refractors Bryant Freeman Basically trying to get a Jimenez SP at this point also need Tim Anderson.
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    Wttf: 2020 Topps Heritage Eloy Jimenez

    Looking for base set short print if anyone has one.
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    WTTF 2020 Eloy Jimenez

    Have: 2020 Topps 2020 Topps Turkey Red 2020 Topps 85 Topps 2020 Topps Opening Day Looking for anything not listed above.
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    2020 Donruss Alvarez and Lux for trade

    2020 Donruss Rated Rookie Yordan Alvarez 2020 Donruss Rated Rookie Yordan Alvarez Holo Purple 2020 Donruss Now Playing Yordan Alvarez Rapture 2020 Donruss Rated Rookie Gavin Lux 2020 Donruss The Rookies Gavin Lux Rapture
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    2020 Topps Series 1 needs!

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    2020 Topps Heritage Chrome Shohei Ohtani FT

    Looking for white sox or reds.
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    2020 Topps Heritage French Back FT NL ERA leaders

    Ryu, DeGrom, Soroka
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    2019 Donruss Rated Prospect Materials Fernando Tatis Jr. FT

    Looking for White Sox on this.
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    2019 bowman platinum prospects( my sons first set 5 to go.)

    Doing a set for my sn, he needs 99, 57, 50,28,5
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    2020 Topps Silver Pack Blue Pete Alonso FT

    Looking for Moncada, Jimenez or Thomas cards, looking for $10 -$20 in trade
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    WTTF 2019 Bowman Platinum Prospects and base set

    I'm going to try for a complete set of at least prospects will try to get a have list together this weekend I'm better with player names than card numbers.