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  1. Yanks22518

    A Few Addresses

    Hello,looking for these former players,could not find them in the database,any help appreciated,Thanks, B.J. Armstrong-Basketball Horace Grant-Basketball Dee Brown-Basketball...
  2. Yanks22518

    1 Return and one purchase

    One TTM today from Ted(Teddy)Higuera on one 1992 Topps (For Trade) and one 1994 Donruss(for my set)And also a purchase from Don AKA Mighty Don,Johnny Damon '08 Allen and Ginter Bat card(for the yanks pc) and a Jimmey Key '04 UD Yankee Classics scripts certified Auto(PC),Thanks for looking,-Kyle
  3. Yanks22518

    Spring Training Addresses?

    This may be a dumb question but,Can anyone tell me what addresses you use for Spring Training,I went on and checked team sites but could not find anything,Can anyone tell me where to go to find team ST addys?
  4. Yanks22518

    One in today

    TTM of Jerry Mumphrey sent out sometime in september, signed a '87 topps in Black sharpie.For my next TTMs there will be scans,I actually found out that we have a scanner:eek: So for my next ones there will be scans:D.NFT Thanks...
  5. Yanks22518

    McDowell of a success!!

    TTM of Oddibe McDowell-I sent him two cards and two Index Cards,He signed one of the cards and both Index Cards,on the Card he inscribed the Bible Verse, Phil:4:13,NFT. Thanks, Kyle
  6. Yanks22518

    One in today

    I know this is a couple of hours overdue but I just got home.Mark Grace TTM, Honestly I thought this was gone I sent it some time in the middle of August. Just goes to show what can end up in the old mail box;) .Sorry no scans:mad: And finnally NFT.Signed one in Black sharpie and one in blue...
  7. Yanks22518

    Ttm Failure

    :mad: :mad: Goose Gossage TTM failure I found out after I had sent it that he charges.He sent a not saying in his handwriting charges $10 per Autograph.So he took the time to write that but couldn't take 4 seconds to do his autograph? On the bright side I got a Trade in:D :D
  8. Yanks22518

    Another one In Today

    Erik Hanson For the mariners PC.Came in the mail today via TTM.Again sorry for no scans:mad: :mad:.But It is one of the neatest and beautifull Autos I have seen.Postmarked From Seattle.One Topps 1991 and one Donruss 1989.
  9. Yanks22518

    One In The Mail

    TTM of Mark Gubicza postmarked from Santa Clarita California 4 of 4 took just five Days!!sorry no scans:mad: Expecting more back this week.Thanks For Reading.:)
  10. Yanks22518

    How many bench points?

    How many bench points do you need to show your avatar?
  11. Yanks22518

    Help Me decide a player to collect

    I have decided to have a Player PC but I am not sure who I will list my top choices and I want you guys to help me decide.Thanks,Kyle 1.Felix Hernandez 2.Brandon Roy (B-Roy) 3.Allen Iverson...