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  1. Utleyfan

    Autographers Use Bible Verse.

    Ben Zobrist, Justin Masterson, and Luke Scott did a "God Bless You" .... may think of some more later.
  2. Utleyfan

    Pretty excited about 2x new AUTO additions to my PC, Ty Cobb & Dizzy Dean

    I absolutely love those additions!! Very happy that you could add them to your PC. Not gonna ask how much it cost you :D
  3. Utleyfan

    Pretty good mailday!!!

    nice man, like the Tebow. Solid day :D
  4. Utleyfan

    An out of this world return today - 12-6-10

    Wow!! very nice returns. I love seeing these types of non-baseball successes.
  5. Utleyfan

    AL Record Holder

    Very nice successes; I'm liking your card choices :)
  6. Utleyfan

    few TTM and pickups

    nice-thanks for sharing. I LOVE the look of vintage cards when signed.
  7. Utleyfan

    My first custom cut....opinions

    Looks pretty neat. I like the idea!
  8. Utleyfan

    Welcome the newest Super Collector!

    Very nice collection from the sounds of it.
  9. Utleyfan

    if i file this claim will i win?

    Yeah as others say it's worth a shot. It sucks to be scammed by people... i know the feeling through just 1 small trade. So I'd definitely file a paypal claim, and I've seen others win their paypal claims on other boards. It never hurts to try I guess when all else seems to fail. Good luck...
  10. Utleyfan

    More Teixeira!

    Nice pickups, Teix is a good player to collect. Also just throwin it out there he seemed really cool when I got his autograph ip.
  11. Utleyfan

    a frmr Met & multi gold medal winner

    As usual love the customs! Nice Spitz btw!
  12. Utleyfan

    Where did they go?

    Talk about frustration.... I can't find a certain relic card I know I have of Dennis Eckersley. I need to organize my collection.... don't worry, you're not the only one!
  13. Utleyfan

    Newest Arrival

    Congrats, always love getting back long successes
  14. Utleyfan

    1 Arrival - 11/23

    Like the card choices and the Saints in general are pretty awesome :D
  15. Utleyfan

    Steve "Psycho" Lyons in today

    Wow!! Awesome looking custom! Nice addition to your Expos collection. Congrats. UF
  16. Utleyfan

    Saturday/Monday mail

    Congrats! I'm lovin the Teixeira stuff. Such a solid player.
  17. Utleyfan

    2 Hollywood greats in today

    Nice job, I like your customs!! Good success with the Williams!
  18. Utleyfan

    Never Thought I'd Own THESE Autographs- Gehringer and Gomez

    Thanks guys!!!!!! :)
  19. Utleyfan

    Never Thought I'd Own THESE Autographs- Gehringer and Gomez

    So I've been re-focusing my collection, trying to add some to my projects and get more pc items. Well one of my projects is index cards signed by baseball HOFers. Over the past two days, I have acquired two autographs of............................... ........................ . ...
  20. Utleyfan

    A HOF success

    That's really neat, good pickup. He's definitely a guy worth the $5. Any pics? Thanks