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  1. cincikid

    2014 Topps Update. Would love to put this away!

    Need the following so I can finish: 35 99 117 (Lackey) 144 195 228 260 274 299 318 Thanks in advance! David
  2. cincikid

    Last 12 needed to finish 2015 Topps

    Ready to put this one to bed. I need these to finish Series 1 and 2 316 337 441 Will trade inserts and or base. Let me know what you need. Thanks David
  3. cincikid

    2014 Topps Update Needs

    Trying to get this set finished over the long weekend: Need the following: 29 35 36 60 95 99 117 (Lackey) 144 150 166 169 195 197 228 260 263 267 274 299 316 318 322 Have base and inserts from this set and others for trade. Thanks in advance! David
  4. cincikid

    2014 Topps Series 1. One card left!

    I just need card #78 Bronson Arroyo to finish the set. Anyone have an extra? Thanks David
  5. cincikid

    2014 Topps wants

    I need the following to finish my set. 66 78 208 298 . Have plenty of base, inserts and some parallels to trade. Thanks David
  6. cincikid

    Star Wars Illustrated Needs

    I need these cards to finish my base set. Any help is appreciated. 2 12 19 87 92 98. Thank You David
  7. cincikid

    2013 Update 7 to go!

    I need these to complete the set. Have plenty of base from this set along with inserts to trade. 68 94 120 133 136 190 315 Thank You David
  8. cincikid

    Finally hit post 1000 ! Now in the Hall of Fame.

    Nearly 10 years after I signed up. Thank you to all the people I have traded with over the years. Those who are still active and those who for some reason have retired from the hobby. Also wish to thank all the people who keep this site going. The fact that this site has lasted this long ...
  9. cincikid

    8 base needed to complete Topps Series 2

    403 415 449 486 517 519 578 603 Thanks in advance. David
  10. cincikid

    2013 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box. Glad I went Hobby!

    In a previous post, I mentioned I'd rather spend money at my local LCS than Target. (Nothing wrong with Target, it's a lot closer to my house and I pulled a 2012 Gold Futures Autograph from there last year but.......) Working on a base set. The hits: WBC 5 6 11 14 Chase It Down 5 6 11 13 14...
  11. cincikid

    1st Topps Series 2 pack of the year!

    I was at Target getting Father's Day cards when my daughter, who's into Hello Kitty cards, wanted to check out the card section. No Hello Kitty cards, but there was a box of Topps Series 2. I purchased a pack- yeah it was tough just getting one- but I'd rather give my money to my LCS. Nothing...
  12. cincikid

    Gremlin got me! Need 1 card to finish 2013 Topps Series 1. Also 1 Calling Card.

    I thought I was finished with 2013 Topps Series 1 but the final check showed that I'm missing Card #176 Robert Andino. Also, I need Calling Card 4 to finish that set. Have plenty of base and inserts from 2013 Topps to trade. Thank You David
  13. cincikid

    Praising Topps. Speedy Golden Giveaway delivery.

    I have to praise Topps. I requested my Golden Giveaway Card (the only one I won) on Thursday and got my confirmation e-mail today. When I got home my card was waiting for me in the mail! 4 days from order to delivery. Definitely the fastest I have ever received a card from a major company. Nice...
  14. cincikid

    2012 Classic Walkoffs. Need both David Ortiz's. Olympians too!

    2 sets I'm close to finishing: 2012 Classic Walkoff 4 and 14 2012 Topps Olympics 12 17 55 87 99 Have plenty of parallels, base and inserts to trade. LMK Thanks! David
  15. cincikid

    2012 Topps Update Completed. Thank You Everyone. MODS please close.

    Set finished. MODS please close. Thank You David
  16. cincikid

    Congratulations Giants!

    Even though I am from Cincinnati, instead of bashing the Reds I'll take the high road and congratulate the Giants for not giving up and winning the Division Series from the Reds. MVPosey Now I just hope the Nationals can beat the Cardinals tomorrow. David
  17. cincikid

    2012 Topps Olympic Wants- Base Set

    After opening multiple packs, I still need these to finish my base set 12, 17 37, 41, 42,55, 87, 90 ,99, Have base and parallels to trade. LMK Thanks David
  18. cincikid

    One card left for 2012 Topps Series 2

    My LCS helped but couldn't finish the set. All I need is #452- Robert Andino. Have plenty of base and inserts from 2012 Topps to trade. Thank You David
  19. cincikid

    Took my 4 year old daughters to their 1st pro baseball game today.

    Reds v Brewers. Both girls had a great time. Their favorite part was the fireworks and getting to see a home run. It was really cool seeing them get excited when the ball got hit. My one daughter kept cheering "Go Reds Go." They were happy that the Red team won and the Blue team didn't. Best...