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  1. redsguy

    Need Some Help!!!

    I am currently working for the Ted Williams Foundation and these are some balls in our warehouse without labels. Can anyone decipher any of these autographs? Please let me know! Thanks!
  2. redsguy

    Goodbye BSL

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to say that I will no longer be continuing my run as a the Rays GM. Due to college wifi problems and priorities being shifted, I think it's best for me to stop running my team. I will truly miss it as it's been part of my life for a couple years now, but it's time to stop. So...
  3. redsguy

    1975 Topps Set Building

    Looking to complete my 1975 Topps set right now. I'm home until Sunday, but once I go back to college for a few weeks I won't be able to trade until I'm back home for Christmas break. I would love to trade my dups first if possible. So here's my wantlist...
  4. redsguy

    WTTF Ernie Banks and Sean Casey

    Haven't been too active on here for a long time due to college and a girlfriend, but I'm still looking to trade for all Sean Casey and Ernie Banks cards. Both have lists are listed in my signature below. My trade bait is not all updated so you will have to work with me on that. But let me know...
  5. redsguy

    Bryce Harper Quick Sale!

    Looking to get rid of this card for $25 dlvd. first post or PM gets it.
  6. redsguy

    Got a Traffic Ticket! Time to sell!

    Got a red light ticket this week so I need to sell some baseball cards to pay for it! PMs work best. I don't have time to list prices for all of them, but just post on here or send me PM and I'll let you know. Cards that are gone- Gordon Beckham Auto Jesse Crain Auto/Jersey Manny Patch Nimmo...
  7. redsguy

    2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor Autograph Javier Baez BGS 9.5! Price Lowered!

    I am selling my 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor Autograph Javier Baez BGS 9.5! He's a hot prospect for the Cubs. I'm looking to sell it for $175 or obo. Please let me know if interested!
  8. redsguy

    2011 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Jurickson Profar BGS!

    I am looking to sell my 2011 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor of Jurickson Profar. It is numbered to #/50 and is graded 9.5 BGS. I am selling it for $70. Let me know if interested!
  9. redsguy

    Mods please delete

    No longer looking for his stuff. Thanks
  10. redsguy

    Rays and Rangers Trade

    Rays Trade: Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, MLB 9.5 Mil for 2014, 11 Mil Team Option for 2015 Rangers Trade: Chien-Mein Wang, MR, MLB 3 Mil through 2015 Grant Balfour, MR, MLB 2.6 Mil though 2016 with player option in 2016
  11. redsguy

    3 2013 Topps Chase Code Cards for Trade/Sale

    I have three code cards that I am looking to trade or sell. I could do $6 for the three or we can make a trade. Let me know!
  12. redsguy

    WTTF 2013 Topps #79 Adam Eaton and #161 Bronson Arroyo

    I am looking to trade for all Adam Eaton cards. This is the Adam Eaton who plays for the Diamondbacks not the older one. He is #79 in the 2013 Topps set and has a few other cards I am looking for all variations! The ones I need are listed below! I am also looking for Bronson Arroyo's new cards...
  13. redsguy

    Holy Rainbow!

    Finished my Cody Puckett rainbow (at least all that I can without the 1/1s!) and I would like to show it off! I also got to go to a game and watch him play so he signed some of the base cards and I think that makes it even more unique. If anyone can help me find any of his cards I don't have, I...
  14. redsguy

    Trading for Player Wants! Check them out!

    Haven't done much trading lately! I am looking to trade for some more of my player wants! I am looking for all of the following players-Ernie Banks, Sean Casey, Bronson Arroyo, Cody Puckett( White Sox Prospect (Former Red)), and Adam Eaton(Diamondbacks Prospect). If you have any cards of those...
  15. redsguy

    Buying Cincinnati Reds!

    Hi all, Haven't done much trading lately, been caught up with school work and such, but I need to replenish my Cincinnati Reds cards. I am looking to buy base and inserts of any player in the Reds organization! I am looking to buy about 5-10 cards for each player, depending on who they are and...
  16. redsguy

    Trade Cardinals/Rays

    Rays trade: Edwin Encarnacion, 3B, ML Contract, 680,400 through 2010 season, arbitration eligible. Cardinals trade: Chase Headley, 3B, AA, Minor League Contract Wesley Wright, P, AA, Minor League Contract
  17. redsguy

    Trading for these Players! Check them out!

    I am going to the Columbus Clippers vs Durham Bulls game in two weeks and I need some cards for both of their teams. The two teams rosters as of today are listed below, so I am trading for base or inserts of each player. I would prefer to get 3-4 cards for each person. Thanks! Columbus Clippers...
  18. redsguy

    Need some Paypal!

    I am looking to raise some money because I have to buy myself a new phone. Everything on my site is for sale with the exception of my player collections. The lists below are my game-used and autographed cards for sale. Prices listed are dlvd. If you buy 2 cards take off $1, buy 5 take off $3...
  19. redsguy

    Baseball Quick Sale!

    Hi everyone! I just bought a Sean Casey card on Ebay for $12 and now I need to make up for it! I am putting all of my Game Used and Autographs on sale for tonight to make my money back. If you are interested in any cards let me know and I will give you a price. PM works best and will get a...
  20. redsguy

    Trading for Player Wants! Help me out!!

    It's been awhile since I've made very many trades but I am still looking for these players! I am trying to collect Ernie Banks, Sean Casey, Adam Eaton (Diamondbacks Prospect from my hometown), and Cody Puckett (Reds Prospect). My brother collects Bronson Arroyo. I will trade for anything that I...