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  1. hatesgoats

    2012 Heritage home stretch

    Need SP's 435** 484** NAP DJ JV For trade SP's 445 453 453(blue) 458 460 462 471 485 488 Chrome /1963 22 25 30 36 37 42 45 50 62 85 90 NAP Bautista Stickers 10 22
  2. hatesgoats

    405 days later

    :eek: I guess he must get a lot of mail or was waiting to sign the big contract 2010 Chicle Joey Votto 1/1 !!!:D
  3. hatesgoats


    I sent to Kerry Wood C/O the Chicago Cubs. I sent one 2004 Heritage card of him in a Cub uni and I got back 3! :D a 3/1 that is a first. The other 2 were a 2010 Topps him in a Indians uni and a 2011 him in a Yankees uni.
  4. hatesgoats

    Another Cub in the house

    Pat Listach 2/2 blue sharpie C/O Cubs ST
  5. hatesgoats

    last 2 weeks

    Mark DeRosa 2/2 Paul Maholm 2/2 Bruce Jenner 1/1 Heather Mitts 1/1 Dick Vitale 1/1 Chris Schwinden 1/1 one of the new 2012 Heritage, first one of those I have gotten back and they look sweet Ned Yost 2/2 2nd 2012 Heritage and a 1985 Topps from his playing days Happy Opening Day !
  6. hatesgoats

    Mr Baseball has a gun

    I recieved back 3/3 from Tom Selleck c/o the NRA. I got the card with him and Frank Thomas signed and 2 index cards one of which is on its way to dbarbos.
  7. hatesgoats

    2 in as the lost one 's return home

    1963 Roger Craig sent 8 months ago 2010 Chicle Freddy Sanchez sent 11 months ago
  8. hatesgoats

    Great return from Mr White Sox

    I wrote to Sr Minnie Minoso. I told him how my fathers generation had referred to him as El Charro Negro (The Black Cowboy) but that my generation referred to him as Mr White Sox. I wrote to him in spanish and he wrote me back saying he was feeling honored being called Mr White Sox but signed...
  9. hatesgoats

    CY young winner in the House with fins !

    Went out the Mets ST camp this morning hoping to see Mr show. Maybe tomorrow.....fingers crossed. But I did get Mr Al Jackson, Terry Collins, Wilmer Flores, Matt Harvey and David Wright :D It was awesome. There were hardly any people at todays practice. Came away with a half dozen...
  10. hatesgoats

    Mets camp...oh say can you see

    Well yesterday the Strength and conditioning coach for the Mets called out Jeurys Familia as not giving enough effort. His punishment : They had him stand on a stand pull his pants down to his ankles and sing the National anthem for the Dominican republic twice. The pictures in todays paper were...
  11. hatesgoats

    Pitchers and catchers report !

    Finally it is here. I went today to the first workout here in Port St Lucie for the New York Mets. Got to see Johan Santana throw. He was really nice and very optimistic. Funniest sight of the day was 6'11" Jon Rauch talking with 5'7" Terry Collins. Got to meet and talk with Daniel Murphy who...
  12. hatesgoats

    A couple in and one from the Dallas Guitar show !

    Burt Hooton 1974 T (2) Blue Sharpie Alan Trammel 1987 D Blue Sharpie and a auto 8x10 and a signed copy of his new CD Andy Timmons Band. If you guys like to Rock check out Andy Timmons Band the CD "Resolution" and if you get a chance get out his Resolution tour videos on You Tube. One of my best...
  13. hatesgoats

    one in today new skipper !

    Cubs new skipper Dale Sveum 4/4 all blue sharpie :p
  14. hatesgoats

    12 in, oh say can you Sievers

    1990 Pacific Don Kessinger blue sharpie 1974 Topps Don Kessinger Blue Sharpie 1970 Topps Don Qualls blue sharpie 1969 Topps Rich Nye blue ink pen 1968 TOpps Rich Nye blue ink pen have 2 1969 Topps Al Spangler Blue Sharpie 1968 Topps Al Spangler Blue Sharpie 1974 Topps Sal Bando Blue sharpie...
  15. hatesgoats

    2 in today x2 w/ a king !

    I got back today 2ea 2010 Bowman Platinum Chris Withrow Dodgers blue Sharpie sent 4/2010 2ea Maxx&Champs one signed in silver one in blue Sharpie from the King himself Richard Petty !
  16. hatesgoats

    What are your Spring Training Plans ????

    I will be atteding the Mets ST here in town and was wondering what other peoples plans are for ST. I will also being going up to Viera, Fl. To the Nats camp twice. If anyone has been to the Nats camp and has any info for me I would appreciate it. I can tell you all about Mets camp including how...
  17. hatesgoats

    Joe DiMaggios Legends Game and TTM success'

    Well I had been meaning to go to the JDLG for the past few years and never could but did today. I also ran into the PR/Marketing person for Joe DiMaggios Childrens Hospital who used to work for the company I do work for. I heard some bad news from her...Last night when Minnie Minoso was heading...
  18. hatesgoats

    one in today

    REgis Philbin 2/2 2011 A&G cards
  19. hatesgoats

    Josh times two

    Like everyone else I got back 2 Josh Hamiltons in the mail today. They were not in the same envelope. I guess I sent twice. The first was from February and the second from March . Glad to get these back
  20. hatesgoats

    A legend Mr. Miles

    I have communicated with Mr Miles over the years. I decided to write him again and I as usual am never disappointed when he send's back. He signed a ball for me, wrote something on every panel. John"Mule"Miles Chicago Giants Negro league legend he was also a Tuskegee Airman. I still am having...