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  1. gbfan

    100 Different HOFers: $10 Delivered

    I simply need to move some cards. Thought I would try this and see what happens. I am also open to trading for any Tony Gwynn cards I need. Will trade 5 to 1 in your favor but must trade for the whole lot of HOFers. Bagwell, 1996 Topps #4 Bagwell, 2000 Topps #45 Bagwell, 2000 Topps #610...
  2. gbfan

    WTTF: US President Baseball Cards

    I am looking for any baseball (or other sports/trading) cards with US Presidents on them. My first priority is the 2008 Topps Historical Campaigns cards, but will take any other cards featuring a POTUS. Let me know what you have and what you are looking for in return. Thanks! AK
  3. gbfan

    Trade List: $4 and Up

    Looking to trade the cards below for nicer Scott Rolen cards. Every card listed is $4 or higher, and I am looking for similar value cards. Let me know what you are interested in and what you can offer. 2017 Topps Update Aaron Judge US1 $4 2017 Topps Update Aaron Judge US148 $4 2017 Topps...
  4. gbfan

    Trading HOF Player Lots

    Looking to clear out some space. I am trading 20 card lots of Hall of Fame players. Looking to add to my Tony Gwynn or Scott Rolen collections. I will add new lots as time allows. Thanks! 20 Card George Brett Lot: 1982 Donruss DK #15 1982 Topps #200 1983 Fleer #108 1990 Upper Deck #124 1991...
  5. gbfan

    Gwynn/Rolen PWE Thread- Your Favor

    Taking a break from trading for the time being. Hope to be back again soon.
  6. gbfan

    WTTF Scott Rolen

    Looking to add a new player collection. I am starting from scratch on a Scott Rolen collection, so I need everything. I am offering the following for Rolen cards: 1979 Topps George Brett #330 (VG-EX) Thanks, AK
  7. gbfan

    3 For Free!

    I simply have too many cards that I don't need. So I would like to do something nice for all of the great traders on this site. Every week I will post 3 cards for free to the first person who responds. I'll try to stick to 3 players from the same team. They will ship in a top-loader, team...
  8. gbfan

    Trading Topps Medallions

    Have the following to trade for my Tony Gwynn needs. I will trade in your favor. 2015 First Home Run Bo Jackson 2015 First Home Run Mike Moustakas 2016 MLB Debut David Ortiz 2016 MLB Debut Rob Refsnyder 2017 Jackie Robinson Anniv. Yoenis Cespedes Thanks for looking!
  9. gbfan

    Tony Gwynn PWE Thread- In Your Favor

    I am slowly building my Tony Gwynn collection. It is hard for me to get to the Post Office in a timely manner during the school year, so I am starting this thread so I can make quick/easy trades. I will trade any card from this list for any Tony Gwynn card I need regardless of book value...
  10. gbfan

    WTT Topps Heritage SPs

    Looking to trade the following for any Tony Gwynn cards I need. Check the page in my signature for my current Have List. Thanks for looking. 2014 Heritage James Shields #449 2015 Heritage James Shields #460 2015 Heritage Greg Holland #476 2015 Heritage Yu Darvish #497 2016 Heritage Dellin...
  11. gbfan

    WTTF Tony Gwynn

    Two year anniversary of this thread! In that time my Tony Gwynn collection went from 0 to nearly 700. Help me keep the collection growing. 2019 Topps Inserts 84 All Star Darryl Strawberry 84AS-DS Evolution Technology ET-2 Franchise Feats Randy Johnson FF-2 Franchise Feats Jose Altuve...
  12. gbfan

    Summer Giveaway- Just Pay Shipping

    I am leaving the hobby. I have enjoyed using this site for many years and want to give back. Every week I will post cards that I am giving away as long as you pay the shipping. I will accept cash, money orders, or PayPal. I hope my cards find good homes and help out true collectors. May...
  13. gbfan

    WTS $165 George Brett #d Lot for $40 dlvd

    I am looking to move a $168 lot of serial numbered George Brett cards. There are 18 different cards. The lowest BV on a card is $5 and the highest is $15. There are multiple cards in the $8 to $12 range. The cards will be shipped in clean top-loaders inside of team bags. I can send a...
  14. gbfan

    $16 Kris Bryant Lot for $5

    LOT HAS BEEN TRADED. I am looking to trade off a large part of my collection. I am offering the following lot of Kris Bryant cards for a single card with a BV of $5 (or more if you're willing). 2016 Archives $2 2016 Bowman $2 2016 Diamond Kings $2.50 2016 Donruss $2 2016 Opening Day...
  15. gbfan

    Free Cards- Just pay shipping

    I no longer have the time to buy and trade baseball cards. For that reason I am offering any number of the following cards to anybody who is willing to pay for the shipping. I will try to update this list and add new cards once per week. 2016 Topps 6, 8, 10, 13, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 31, 36...
  16. gbfan

    Selling George Brett GU and Relics

    I have the following George Brett cards for sale only. All prices include shipping. Willing to negotiate if you are interested in multiple cards. Will accept paypal, money orders, or concealed cash. 2001 Fleer National Patch Time GU Jrsy (BV $15)- $7.50 delivered 2002 Fleer Dueling Duos...
  17. gbfan

    WTT Topps Chrome Michael Conforto Auto

    I pulled a 2016 Topps Chrome Green Refractor Autograph redemption card of Michael Conforto. I am looking for a nice KC Royals auto in return. Also open to selling. PM me if interested. Thanks, AK
  18. gbfan

    WTTF Mike Sweeney

    I am looking for former KC Royal Mike Sweeney. I have a handful of his cards but will trade for rookies, base, parallels, game-used and autos. Let me know what you have. Check my trade page to see what I have to offer. I am making a run at Super Collector status so would appreciate any help...
  19. gbfan

    WTT 2016 A&G Base, Minis, Inserts

    Here is what I have for trade. Looking for Royals base, minis, variations, and inserts from this set or my other listed set needs. Base- 6, 12, 20, 28, 32, 39, 45, 48, 60, 61, 65, 68, 71, 74, 90, 98, 112 (Bryant), 118, 125, 126, 138, 145, 146, 152, 156, 159, 161, 162, 167, 169, 172, 176...
  20. gbfan

    WTT 20 Card HOF Insert Lot

    I am trying to thin out my trade box a little, so I am offering up this lot of 20 Hall of Fame inserts. The cards range in value from .60 - 2.00. The total value of the lot is $24.85. All cards are from 2015-2016. Some players represented are Wade Boggs, Joe DiMaggio, Tony Gwynn, Rickey...