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    Pulled my first 1/1 from a 2020 TSC on Saturday

    I'm not a Dodger man and I'll always have the memory of pulling it documented on my youtube channel so I'm going to see what I can get for it. It's up now with a fairly high BIN, I don't want to leave any money on the table and I'm not in a hurry. If you want to see me pull it go here
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    *GONE* 24 pack certifield autographed card for $25 dlvd

    I will add cards daily until this sells. Looking for paypal only right now.
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    NHL Seattle announces team name

    Seattle Kraken are set to being play in 2021 Release the Kraken!
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    (re) Introducing Myself

    Hello, not sure if anyone remembers me or if any old timers are still around but I was very active on the site for about 12 years or so. I was even a mod for some time and super-collected Raul Ibanez and Alvin Davis. I left because I started doing strictly TTM autograph collecting and there...
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    TTM/IP autos for sale or trade

    I have not made a bench transaction in 1 year. Help me out. Looking for autos from 1964 Topps 1973 Topps 1976 Topps 1976 Topps Traded 1981 Topps 1986 Topps 1991 Stadium Club 1992 Pinnacle 1992 Ultra 1995 Leaf OR I can trade for most any player I don't have a graph of already so...
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    Signed set needs 90 Leaf, 91 TSC, 95 Leaf, 03 Topps, 15 Bowman Draft

    Nobody ever seems to a have any but worth a shot. Please use ctrl+F to jump to player or set, list is very long. 1990 Leaf #3 Steve Bedrosian #18 Barry Larkin #27 John Cerutti #71 Robin Yount #89 Ivan Calderon #92 Randy Milligan #106 Kelly Gruber #115 Eric Show #125 Bo Jackson #134 Gary Carter...
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    Autograph trade list, looking for trades or sales

    Prefer to trade for set hits. Click HERE and then click set name for list of cards I still need. I'm also willing to look at lists of what you have. I entertain most any offer because these are duplicates or cards that don't fit in my collection anyway. Here is what is available. Alexander...
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    Autograph Set Wants

    These can be any combination of TTM/IP or purchased/traded for autographed cards. Cards listed are NEEDs. 1990 LEAF #3 Steve Bedrosian #10 Carlton Fisk #18 Barry Larkin #22 John Farrell #27 John Cerutti #34 Lou Whitaker #47 Kevin Brown #71 Robin Yount #89 Ivan Calderon #92 Randy Milligan #106...
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    2010 Topps History of the Game 25 card set free (u pay shipping)

    Basically just looking for $3 paypal to send it to you. It does not belong in my collection and it's taking up space. 2010 Topps History of the Game #HOG1 Alexander Cartwright/Baseball Invented 2010 Topps History of the Game #HOG2 First Professional Baseball Game 2010 Topps History of...
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    TTM/IP autos for trade or sale

    Looking for items on my want list HERE or paypal (I sell pretty cheap just ask for prices) I would love to trade propsect duplicates for prospects I don't have and will always condider trading for a player I don't have already so send or link to your list if you have one. Player How aquired...
  11. worldwideed

    10 very tough 1990 Leaf set hits via purchase

    Another set collector from SCN decided to bail on this set and let me have first crack at his stash. $300 later my wallet is begging for mercy but I'm glad I have them now. Needing just 80 more cards for the set.
  12. worldwideed

    Northwest League 2016 consignment

    Beginning 6/24 I'll be seeing every team except for Salem (Giants) at least once. The rosters will not be out until days before the season starts but since my team starts on the road there should be time to get stuff here if you are proactive. HERE is the transactions page if you would like to...
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    1990 Leaf autograph needs

    Down to about 100 needed for my autographed set. LMK if you have any of these. 3 S Bedrosian 10 C Fisk 18 B. Larkin 21 N. Ryan 27 John Cerutti 30 Glenn Davis 34 L Whitaker 37 C. Biggio 38 R Aguilera 40 D Cone 47 Kevin Brown 71 Robin Yount 76 Devon White 89 Calderon 91 B. Bonds 92 R. Milligan...
  14. worldwideed

    Cal Ripken Jr PSA/DNA 1990 Leaf auto $49 dlvd

    Through a strange twist I ended up with two of these. Only accepting paypal gift for this or you pay the fees.
  15. worldwideed

    1990 Leaf set needs, up to date

    #3 Steve Bedrosian #10 Carlton Fisk #12 Roger Clemens #15 Todd Benzinger #18 Barry Larkin #21 Nolan Ryan #26 Chris Bosio #27 John Cerutti #30 Glenn Davis #34 Lou Whitaker #37 Craig Biggio #38 Rick Aguilera #40 David Cone #47 Kevin Brown #66 Sid Fernandez #69 Don Mattingly #71 Robin Yount #75...
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    Everett Aquasox v. Spokane Indians 7.23.15 IP Successes

    I was planning on going on the 23rd and today but since it's raining and I did so well yesterday I think I'll save the trip Tim Hulett 6/6 (Walt Hicks x2) Yeyson Yrizarri 1/1 Brian L. Hunter 4/6 (Therion x2) Dillon Tate 6/6, 6/6 (4th overall DP in 2015 and very cool guy) Ti'Quan Forbes 6/6, 6/6...
  17. worldwideed

    Vancouver Canadians v. Everett Aquasox 7.17.2015 IP

    Jordan Cowen 1/1 on program Luiz Gohara 6/6 Andrew Moore 11/11 Brian L. Hunter 6/6 & 3/6 (oaklandfan x4, Walt Hicks x1) Alex Jackson 1/1 (89giants) Sean Hurley 6/6 Lane Thomas 3/6 Best comment of the day was when Hunter was signing the Stadium Club card, "That throw was on the money too". Cowen...
  18. worldwideed

    Boise Hawks @ Everett Aquasox 6.27.15

    Special Appearance by Jeff Nelson 6/6 (Mothers and 03 Topps taken, others all available) Brian L. Hunter 5/5 (all taken) Alex Jackson 1/3 (50/50 with 89Giants) Luiz Gohara 3/3 (2 tradeable) Kevin Padlo 4/4 (3 tradeable) Andy Gonzalez 1/4 (tradeable) Max George 1/1 (tradeable Doug Jones 1/5...
  19. worldwideed

    Eugene Emeralds @ Everett Aquasox 6.22.15

    First game of the year is in the books. Edt: I can 50/50 Brian L. Hunter and Moore if anyone needs them. Andrew Moore 2nd rd pick in 2015- 9/9 1/1 Could not have been nicer, he would have signed 100 if I had them on me. Thanked me for coming out to watch his debut and we chatted for a bit. Very...