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  1. Buckeyedave

    Willie Mays heritage inserts

    I need #12 Willie Mays insert not only to finish the Mays set but to finish the 2020 heritage set Thanks
  2. Buckeyedave

    2020 topps series 1 and 2020 heritage needs

    Finishing topps and heritage need a little help Heritage Mays:5,12 Scratch off:4,6 Topps series 1 Decade domination:4 Home run challenge:11,21,23,24 Ken
  3. Buckeyedave

    2020 heritage needs

    Only 7 more SP's to go:422,427,428,430,433,473,481 Can also use these inserts Mays:4,5,12 Baseball flashbacks:6 Scratch off:6 Ken
  4. Buckeyedave

    2020 heritage tradelist and wantlist

    Wantlist SP:422,427,428,430-36,438,457,473,481,493 Willie Mays:12 New Age:14 Tradelist SP 415,417,418,419,425,429,440,444,451,456,459,461,465,474,476,482,497 Scratch off:5,13,15 Baseball flashbacks:3,4,6,10 New Age:16,25 Then and Now:8,14 Willie:6 News:5,7,13,14 Ken
  5. Buckeyedave

    2020 topps rookie medallion

    This is a 50 card subset and have 49 of them. Need an Ozzie Smith!!! Have these medallions to trade:Judge,Sosa,Bob Gibson,Kaline, and Strawberry Hope I get lucky and someone has it Ken
  6. Buckeyedave

    Trying to finish 2020 Topps rookie medallion set

    I have 44/50 from this topps set Missing these: Frank Thomas Jose altuve Jeff Bagwell Miguel Cabrera Ozzie Smith Pete Alonso I have a strawberry and Tim Raines to trade back among other things Hope you can help Ken
  7. Buckeyedave

    2020 heritage tradelist and wantlist

    Here are my wants and needs Tradelist SP:409,415,418,419,420,425,429,444,458, 474 Willie Mays:1,2 New Age:16,25 Then and Now:8,14 News Flashback:5,7,10,13 Baseball flashbacks:4,6,14 Scratch off:5,13 HERITAGE WANTLIST SP:416,422,427,428,430-36,440,443,445-48,450,455-57,461,465,469 ,471-73...
  8. Buckeyedave

    Rookie card retro medallion

    Going to try and collect the 2020 rookies medallion set I have 39 out of the 50 in the set. Hope someone can help. Here are the needs Don Mattingly Frank Thomas Jose Altuve Jeff Bagwell Ken Griffey Miguel Cabrera Ozzie Smith Pete Alonso Roger Clemens Ryne Sandberg Tim Rains While I have lots to...
  9. Buckeyedave

    #92 topps 2020 '85 insert

    I need #92 from the 2020 '85 insert to finish that have much to trade back Ken
  10. Buckeyedave

    2020 heritage tradelist

    Here are my 2020 dupes SP:409,418,420,444,458 Bazooka:8(baez) New Age:25 Mays:2 Baseball flashbacks:4,14 News Flashback:5,7,13 Then and Now:14 Base rookies:Hachette,Lux,Aquino,Horner Scratch off:5,13 Need any sp's in return Ken
  11. Buckeyedave

    2020 topps inserts

    Getting closer to finish the 2020 topps inserts . Hope you can help Topps choice:5 Decade next:8-10,15,28 Home run challenge:2,11,15,21,23,24,26 Decade domination:3,4,10,14,17 '85:92 Decade best:5,22,66,69,70,72,73,76,84,93 Guererro highlight:19 I have inserts to trade back Thanks Ken
  12. Buckeyedave

    2020 topps sp

    Have these 2020 SP's to trade 47 chipper Jones 50 bellinger 52 piazza 118 Kershaw 124 Randy Johnson 150 acuna 161 mariano 182 vlad Jr 206 Reggie 230 Armando 306 sandberg Let me know Ken
  13. Buckeyedave

    2020 gold and rainbow

    Have these to trade in gold and rainbow from 2020 Gold 45,60,62,122,139,145,175,183,223,241,262,269,285,288,311,341 Rainbow:4,6,23,31,37,40,42,67,71,72,80,89,117,119,127,133,145,152,156 152,156,162,164,170,173,187,201,202,212,214,216,226,230,256,258,268 288,303,305,313,320,325,341
  14. Buckeyedave

    Updating my want list from 2020 inserts

    '85:5,12,16,22,33,38,46,49,50,54,63,72,78,83,92,97 Decade best:2,5,18,22,26,40,47,61,66,69,70,72,73,76,77,82,84,90,93,96 Decade next:7-10,15,21,28,30 DoD:3-6,10,14,17,19 Topps choice:5 Hoskins:5,13,16,22 Vlad:19,21,24 HR challenge:2,5,6,10,11,15,21,28,30 Thanks. I have much to trade back Ken
  15. Buckeyedave

    rookie medallion

    just picked up a mattingly 2020 rookie medallion if you have interest , let me know.. I am looking for a medallion in return ken
  16. Buckeyedave

    2020 topps and heritage wanted

    Hope to get help on the topps and heritage Topps Hoskins:5,13,16,18,20,22,28 Glad:8,9,19,21,24 Decade next:7-10,15,16,21,25,28,30 HR challenge:2,4,5,10,11,15,17-19,21-24,26,27 Decade domination:2-8,10,12,14-17,19 '85:1,5,12,23,33,46,49,50,54,63,72,78,83,92 Topps choice:5,13 Decade...
  17. Buckeyedave

    Rookie card retro medallion

    Hi all. I have these duplicates rookie medallions:Bob Gibson,Tatis, and Yelich I would like to trade any of them, if you have any dupes of the medallion cards Ken
  18. Buckeyedave

    2020 topps tradelist and wantlist

    Here are my needs and wants from 2020 topps inserts Tradelist HR challenge:23 Hoskins:3,9,11,15,17,19,25 Decade next:13,14,19,20 Vlad:2-6,8,25-28 '85:2-4,7,10,12,16,18,24,25,27,32,37,41,48,53,56,60,65-70,77,78,85,86 88,91 Topps choice:4,11,12,25 Decade...
  19. Buckeyedave

    2020 topps inserts

    Need a few inserts to finish off the set a and can use some help Topps choice:1,5-8,10,11,13,15,17,19-21 Decade best:1,2,5,6,9-11,13,18,21,22,25,26,30,35,38-40,43-47,49,56,57 59-61,63-66,68-70,72-4,76-78,80,83-5,88,90,91,93-4,96-8...
  20. Buckeyedave

    2020 inserts

    Trying to put a dent into the 2020 topps insert set Decade next:2,3,5-12,14-20,22-26,28-30 Decade best:1,2,4,7,8-11,13,16,18-20,23,24,25-35,38-51,53,55-71,72-4 86-100 Top choice:1,3-11,13-15,17-21 '85:1,4-6,8,11,12,14-16,19-22,24,28,31,33,37,38,40-2,45,46,49,54,57-9...