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  1. biggmack2001

    For sale and trade. RCs, Patches, 1/1 and more. McCaffrey, Hardman, Mahomes, TJ Watt

    Have these for sale. Have scans if you would like to see anything. Shipping is $4.00 no matter how many card you purchase. Please let me know if anything interests you. 2019 Chase Winovich red, white, and blue prizm #ed 34/99. $30.00 2017 Chris Godwin Heir to the Throne rc auto. $35.00 2016...
  2. biggmack2001

    Looking for Denard Robinson cards.

    Let's see what you have.
  3. biggmack2001

    Looking for Denard Robinson cards.

    I recently picked up a very nice 1/1 NFL logo autograph rookie of Denard Robinson and it is a very nice card to start a small PC collection around. I am looking for nice cards preferably numbered to 50 or less, 1/1a, logo patches, jumbo patches, BGS 9.5 & 10s, PSA 10s, rare playbook cards and...
  4. biggmack2001

    1987, 1988, andn1989 Topps Tiffany sets for sale

    Hello all, I am selling 3 complete Topps Tiffany sets. 1987, 88 and 89 Toops Tiffany sets. These are open sets but all cards are in the sets. There is damage to the box of the 1988 set. Fielding and pondering reasonable offers. I am adding th8s post from my phone sony can't download pictures. I...
  5. biggmack2001

    Cards and memorabilia for sale. Many HOF, Olympian, Nickname autos for sale.

    All for sale including HOF, Olympians, nickname autos and GU. Hello all, Have not traded or sold in quite some time and this is what I have left floating around. I have the following items for sale with the asking prices. I am not trading at the moment and I do have Paypal. I would love to get...
  6. biggmack2001

    Lets make some trades. Been quite some time but I am back. Med-high end available

    Hello all, After many years out of the trading game I am ready to make some more trades. I am here as well as other site and was a HOF trader on the Becket trader boards years ago before they made the changes that so many of us oldies remember. I am interested in HOF autographs as well as GU...
  7. biggmack2001

    LETS TRADE.Highend autos Honus Wagner, Arky Vaughan, Mays 1/1 & Justin Upton RC's

    Hello all, Would love to make some trade but I am looking for something very very nice for these and something especially nice for the Vaughan/Wagner. In no hurry to part with any of thhem but if something catches my eye you never know. I collect rare autos and GU of HOFers in baseball...
  8. biggmack2001

    After a approx 4 year hiatus I think I am back

    Hello all Spme will know me and some wont but after a long hiatus from the worlds best hobby. I am an 11 year Navy veteran and my hiatus started when I boarded the USS Carl Vinson in Jan 2009 and after many life changes including getting out of the Navy and doing a 360 degree spin in prefession...
  9. biggmack2001

    PSA Certified Honus Wagner Arky Vaughan Hoyte Waite + five more Pirates and mor FS

    Hello all I have not been on in a looooong time but I am here to offer the center piece of my collection. Dont want to in any way shape or form but I have to to make ends meet. This is an autographed sheet from approx 1936. It has the autos of Honus Wagner, Arky Vaughan, Waite Hoyt, Lee...
  10. biggmack2001

    Unbelievable Flea Market find Gehrig style.

    I live in SoCal and was at the Santee Flea market last weekend and a gentleman attending( not me :-( ) had a once in a lifetime find and picket it up for all of $5.00. It was a 1923 Columbia University Yearbook with Lou Gehrig in it. I believe that its a $2500.00 Yearbook at least. Some guys...
  11. biggmack2001

    First Mailday in about a year. Babe Ruth dual GU Jersey w/scan

    Just got this in today. Its such a sweet card I could help but make a trade for it. Thanks: AJ #ED 4/25
  12. biggmack2001

    I am back for good and it feels good.

    Hey all How are things. As some pf you know I am in the US Navy and I have been at sea for 9-10 months since Jan 2010. I have been on and off in between but now I am back for good. I have been stationed on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN70) since Jan 2009 and I am ending my time in the Navy next...
  13. biggmack2001

    Lets see the highlights of everyones HOF collections.

    I have included my HOF collection. Would love to see the highlights of others collections. AJ SPed to 50 Prime GU #ED to 8 Prime GU #ED 4/4 GU UNI SPed to 20. Very rare and never seen GU Bat Barrel auto #ED 4/5 1/1 #ED 4/10 #ED 3/25 #ED 19/25 #ED...
  14. biggmack2001

    Back for a while and need help IDing an auto on a new flea market pickup/steal.

    Hello all Back for a few weeks after being at sea off and on since Jan. We transitted from Norfolk to San Diego and I have found an awesome flea market in San Diego and have picked up a piece for an amazing $5.00 which is a huge steal. It was framed and I knew it had autos but some are faded to...
  15. biggmack2001

    Todays Awesome mailday. Walter Payton Cut Auto!!!

    Hello all Have wanted a Walter Payton auto for years since I sold his 1998 Stars RC reprint auto at a card show in 1999. Well I was able to pick this up in a trade this past weekend. Comments welcomed. AJ 2003 SP Signature Edition Legendary Cut Signatures #ED 19/45
  16. biggmack2001

    Bored. Lets see everyones HOF autos, patches and rare GU. Scan heavy!!

    Hello all I would love to see evreyones HOF autos, HOF patches and rarer HOF GU. Lets see what you have. Here are mine. AJ #ED 12/25 Prime GU #ED 6/8 #ED 4/4 GU Uniform SPed to 20 #ED 1/1 Autos include Arky Vaughan, Lee...
  17. biggmack2001

    Finally back in the states. (SAN DIEGO!!!!) Long 3 months.

    Hello all I just wanted to say hi to everypone on the boards and let them know I am back in the states. My ship, the USS Carl Vinson just completed the homeport change from Norfolk to beautiful San Diego. We arrived on Monday and it was a long 3 months but something i will never forget. The day...
  18. biggmack2001

    Awesome HOF Autograph mailday Connie Mack style with scan

    Hello all I traded for this last week and it showed up just in time for Christmas and I couldnt be more thrilled. Comments welcomed. AJ
  19. biggmack2001

    Recent HOF autograph maildays including Pie Traynor w/scans.

    Hello all This may be my last mailday posts for quite some time but its a good one and I am phyched with the 3 purchases. I paid approx $230.00 total DLVD for the 3. Comments welcomed. AJ #ED 13/14 Been looking for this card for a few years.There are 300 but it doesnt show up to often. Below...
  20. biggmack2001

    Todays Honus Wagner GU Mailday with scan.

    Just got this in today. I have been looking for this one for quite some time. The product came out in 2004 and I have only seen a handful of these so I am psyched and it is IMO one of if not the nicest looking Honus Wagner GU. AJ 2004 SP Legendary Cuts Ultimate Swatches SPed GU pants