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  1. Rhubarb_Runner

    FT: Walmart Factory Set Gold Star team sets

    I have access to Gold Star border cards from the 2020 Topps Walmart factory set (1:3 sets have these borders) -- is there any interest in any team sets from this? I'm interested in Twins cards I need from my want lists in return. Teams already claimed: Braves Phillies Twins
  2. Rhubarb_Runner

    FT: serial numbered, parallels, inserts

    Got a pile of new tradables all looking for a home. Looking for any comparable Twins from my wantlists (see signature); check out my tradelists for other cards looking for a home, too. A'S 2012 Topps Gold #487 Eric Sogard [1283/2012] 2012 Topps Gold #502 Collin Cowgill RC [1394/2012] 2012...
  3. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete)

    I have a 2" tall stack of 2012 Topps Gold [#/2012] for trade for comparable cards from the Twins want list in my signature. Too many to list (for now) -- feel free to ask who you're looking for. Thanks!
  4. Rhubarb_Runner

    Possible supply shortages alert

    Got this heads-up from my LCS owner: lots of plastic card collecting supplies come from China, and with the coronavirus epidemic, shipment sizes are way down. Don't know if this means top loaders, penny sleeves, or pocket pages, but there may be limited supplies in the future. And as always...
  5. Rhubarb_Runner

    Many, Many Minis FT (A&G, Gypsy, etc.) UPDATED

    I have a slew of minis for trade for comparable Twins cards off my wantlists. They include (still in the process of fleshing the list out): [red are gone] 2006 Allen&Ginter -- ~50 base A&G back: #9 Guerrero, #10 Jones, #61 Wagner, #63 Wilson, #92 Chavez, #144 Wilkerson, #160 Sizemore, #162...
  6. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete)

    Came across these #'d and parallel cards, etc. all for trade for comparable Twins cards that I need. Thanks for looking. A'S 2005 Topps Turkey Red Red #14 Red Dooin 2013 Topps Gold #616 Grant Balfour [1296/2013] 2015 Panini Diamond Kings Framed Red #192 Chris Bassitt ANGELS 2005 Donruss...
  7. Rhubarb_Runner

    You've been BIPPED!

    At one time I was an active trader among the collection of internet blogger community (until eventually just focusing on The Bench for my trades), and one term that is well known there -- to be "Bipped" -- is approaching its 10 year anniversary. It's one of the most feared (and most hilarious)...
  8. Rhubarb_Runner

    FT -- Bowman Prospects Retail Yellow (Value Pack) parallels

    The following Value Pack Yellow parallels are all for trade for any Twins off my want lists: 2017 Bowman Prospects BP14 Chris Shaw - San Francisco Giants BP25 Lazarito Armenteros - Oakland Athletics BP68 Alex Speas - Texas Rangers BP87...
  9. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete)

    The following Refractors are all for trade for any Twins off my want lists: 1999 Bowman Chrome Refractor #239 Fred McGriff 1999 Bowman Chrome Refractor #430 Kevin Beirne 1999 Bowman’s Best Refractor #9 Todd Hundley [083/400] 2001 Topps...
  10. Rhubarb_Runner

    GU/AU/etc cards for trade

    Got a slug of GU/AU cards recently, all are for trade for any Twins GU/AU I don't have... (many additional GU/AU cards at my trade page in the signature below) 2002 Fleer Box Score Amazing Greats Nomar Garciaparra (jersey) BOS 2002 Fleer Box Score Amazing Greats Lance Berkman (dual jersey) HOU...
  11. Rhubarb_Runner

    FT - 2000 Pacific Paramount Update - Ripken, Griffey, Clemens, Gwynn...

    I'm breaking up a 100-card set of 2000 Pacific Paramount Update cards. Great opportunity for PWE trades. Looking for Twins...maybe some of the several Allen & Ginter that I need? 1-U Adam Kennedy Anaheim Angels 2-U Bengie...
  12. Rhubarb_Runner

    2020/2019/2018 Topps Big League color FT - more added

    Have the following Big League Gold cards for trade; looking for comparable Twins cards I need. 2020 ORANGE #10 DJ LeMahieu - Yankees #20 Griffin Canning - Angels #16 Yusei Kikuchi - Mariners #24 Alex Young - Diamondbacks #40 - Nomar Mazara...
  13. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete)

    Have the following 2019 Topps Walgreen yellow parallel for trade; looking for Twins cards I need in return. 3 Eduardo Nunez - Red Sox gone 4 Dereck Rodriguez - Giants gone 16 Charlie Blackmon - Rockies 20 Jose Urena - Marlins 31 Busch Stadium - Cardinals gone 34 Josh Donaldson - Indians...
  14. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete)

    Have most all of Topps' 2017 National Baseball Card Day singles for trade, if anyone want to PWE for Twins cards that I need...
  15. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete)

    Picked up this lot the other day, and would like to turn them over for Twins AU/GU that I need: 2002 Bowman's Best Blue #99 Ryan Church (auto) 2002 Bowman's Best #113 David Wright (bat) <del>2002 Bowman's Best #129 Jose Bautista (bat)</del> 2002 Bowman's Best Red #136 Jonny Gomes (auto) 2002...
  16. Rhubarb_Runner

    2016 Topps National Baseball Card Day singles My LCS has many singles from this year's National Baseball Card Day set; will PWE for any comparable Twins cards from my want lists.
  17. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete -- thanks)

    If so, PM me please.
  18. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete) I have access to a broken set of Heritage 51 cards -- if anyone wants their team's cards, I will trade for comparable value in Twins cards that I need. Thanks.
  19. Rhubarb_Runner

    (please delete)

    I'm interested in purchasing the special set of the 2015 Midwest League All-Stars, and was wanting to offset the cost by selling off team sets of those cards I wasn't going to keep. Would anyone be interested in a team set for something like $2 PWE delivered ? (depending on # of cards) Set...
  20. Rhubarb_Runner

    slew of 2012 Topps Update Gold and Sparkle

    I have a crapton of singles from the 2012 Topps Update of Gold and Gold Sparkle parallels; looking for comparable value in Twins cards that I need. Let me know who you're looking for and I'll see what I have. Thanks.