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  1. packerfan1964

    autographed 8x10 photos

    steve garvey $10 don nelson $10 kevin duckworth $5 shipping in a cardboard mailer extra shipping in a cardboard mailer extra
  2. packerfan1964

    Assorted Green Bay Packers Sets For Sale

    1996 Playoff Super Bowl Champions Set $5. 1985 team issued george teague vs michael bolton softball game set $5. 1996 shopko upper deck collectors choice set $10 1997 shopko upper deck set $10 1998 shopko upper deck series 1 set $10 1998 shopko upper deck series 2 set $10 shipping extra...
  3. packerfan1964

    early 80's topps super sized milwaukee brewers cards

    $8 shipped for everything pictured
  4. packerfan1964

    17 over sized milwaukee brewers donruss cards from '83 to '86

    $15 shipped for everything pictured
  5. packerfan1964

    milwaukee brewers upper deck heroes of baseball shheets

    $13 shipped for everything pictured.
  6. packerfan1964

    1971 dell milwaukee brewers stamp album

    1971 dell brewers stamp book, completely intact, great condition. $12 shipped.
  7. packerfan1964

    Brewers Pizza 5x7 Photos

    Brewers Pizza 5x7 photos. Pretty hard to find. Were a give away when you bought pizza. You get the 6 photos pictured. $20
  8. packerfan1964

    braves and brewers 8x10 autographed photos

    Looking to sell these, have autographed photos of bob buhl $10 bill castro $2 ken sanders $4. All autographs were gotten by me in person and are authentic.
  9. packerfan1964

    1992 upper deck football promo sheet

    Dan Marino, Lawrence Taylor, Bruce Smith and Jerry Rice are pictured on this sheet, sheet 8 of 8, $12 shipped.
  10. packerfan1964

    2020 packers cards and jonathan taylor rc's

    looking to buy anything packers and jonathan taylor.....lmk what you have
  11. packerfan1964

    looking for a 2020 topps series 2 base set

    looking for someone who opened a ton of product to put a set together for me.
  12. packerfan1964

    looking for a 2020 topps series 2 base set

    looking for someone who opened a ton of product to put a set together for me.
  13. packerfan1964

    large 2019 football lot for sale

    bought 6 different 2019 football blaster boxes for the purpose of trading them for my 2019 football needs, well that didn't work as i didn't do one trade this year so i am selling everything listed below as one lot. So with blasters going for $20 a piece I will sell the entire for $60 shipped...
  14. packerfan1964

    1986 to 2005 inserts for sale

    Have the following inserts from 1986 to 2005 for sale. Postage will be extra. 2005 topps arod 1 $1 2005 topps all stars 15 .50 2005 topps hit parade 1 .50 2005 topps barry bonds home run history 41 43 61 85 275 332 346 355 420 437 450 489 533 549 570 $1.50ea. 2004 topps...
  15. packerfan1964

    looking to buy a 2020 topps series 1 base set

    can anyone out there who opened a bunch of product put a set together for me??? will pay all costs to get one.
  16. packerfan1964

    large insert lot for sale (downsizing collection)

    have a large lot of 260 inserts that range from 1987 to 2005. Lot contains refractors, chrome refractors, golds, reprints, chrome and basic inserts. Contains lots of star players with many cards having a value of $5 to $10+. Beckett value of the lot is in the $300 to $400 range. I am looking to...
  17. packerfan1964

    Milwaukee Brewers Team Sets From 1990-2001 (downsizing collection)

    team sets are $2.00 each......postage extra Milwaukee Brewers Team Sets From 1990-2001 1990 Score, Bowman, upper deck 1991 Donruss, Fleer Ultra, Fleer, Score 1992 Donruss, Fleer, Score 1993 Fleer, Score, Donruss, SP 1994 SP, Donruss, Collectors Choice, Score, Fleer, Collectors Choice...
  18. packerfan1964

    1993 stadium club commerative marlins and rockies team sets

    have 1993 stadium club rockies and marlins commemorative first year team sets for sale, these were sold exclusively at walmart and are different from the regular stadium club cards. looking to get $5.00 shipped for each team set.