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  1. Champs96ws

    September 30 2002

    Hi everyone! September 30 2002 that almost 18 years ago!!! What's the big deal about that date? Well it's the day this site went live, out of frustration dealing with other trade forums I decided to start my own. It was just for fun, never thought it would gain traction like it did. Meet...
  2. Champs96ws

    The Front Page is gone!

    out of my control, have to wait.
  3. Champs96ws

    getting a Symantec warning everytime I open a Bench page

    Not sure how it got onto the server, but there is a piece of software that was back doored in and I'm going to need to patch vbulletin. Before I do anything I'm giving everyone a few days to backup and lists they might have on the threads.
  4. Champs96ws

    Software Patch - Backup your data

    We will need to perform a software patch to try and remedy the "bitcoin" malware. I am giving everyone till next weekend to copy/paste any lists you might have on here just in case data is lost during the process. So if you have trade/want lists that use use the forum to keep track of, make...
  5. Champs96ws

    Bench Background/Display Question

    The wood grain is the default skin for the site.
  6. Champs96ws

    GBSCC Show, Wilmington MA Nov 3-5, 2017

    If I wasn't heading to Tampa, I would be going. Have fun guys!
  7. Champs96ws

    Bench opportunity for a programmer.

    I'm currently looking for someone who is familiar with PHP/Mysql. Send me a message via PM so we can discuss the details. Thanks, Peter
  8. Champs96ws


    I have used all options available to try and stop the spammers. Nothing seems to work, so now all new users will go into a moderation queue for review before they are allowed to post. Sucks that any new member will have to wait until account is reviewed, but it's the only way to cut back on the...
  9. Champs96ws


    They are usually a bot (software) that's creating these to post spam links. Kind of hard to combat. I have turned on a verification process for sign ups. Let's see if that helps.
  10. Champs96ws

    Trade manager problems?

    Should be cleared up now, give it an hour and see if they completed.
  11. Champs96ws

    i have a posting problem can a mod help me out. ?

    Try clearing your browser cache. Chrome should work fine. To do it on Chrome click on the button with 3 dashes to the right of the url bar. Then More tools Then Clear Browsing Data check off cookie and cache, leave the rest unchecked.
  12. Champs96ws

    the fifth annual bench golf tournament is CANCELED year

    Sorry Chief, was not going to be able to make the 17th.
  13. Champs96ws

    Want to run your own site?

    When/if the advertising revenue no longer supports the hosting fees I will turn off the lights. It's still in good shape on that end so I don't see this scenario happening any time soon. It's not that I want to sell, but the site needs someone to handle the day to day behind the scenes stuff...
  14. Champs96ws

    Want to run your own site?

    I no longer have the time to commit towards the site and would like to put it in the hands of someone who has the passion to continue running things. What started out as just a fun thing to do, grew into a great community of fellow traders. Made lots of friends on here with all the ups and...
  15. Champs96ws

    Trade manager problems?

    Anyone with the TM issue, has the trade now moved to completed???
  16. Champs96ws

    Trade manager problems?

    TM, should now be working properly again.
  17. Champs96ws

    Server Issues - PLEASE READ

    I believe the email issue has now been resolved.
  18. Champs96ws

    New host

    Our old host's email client SUCKED! Maybe it will work a bit better on this new server.
  19. Champs96ws

    New host

    Our new server is up and running, sorry for all the troubles the last 2 weeks.