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  1. mrmopar

    Seattle area sports card shops (1990's and beyond)

    I thought this would be a fun topic, as I recently unburied a bunch of business cards I had grabbed and kept. This discussion welcomes other regions and contributions, but I think anyone collecting cards in the PNW in the 90s/00s will probably recognize some or many of these businesses. I...
  2. mrmopar

    MrMopar's REVIVED Annual Christmas Giveaway Contest

    Many years back, I used to be much more active on this site. I let my participation slip severely within the last near decade, but I would like to breathe new life into my efforts. My posting levels have risen in the last few months and I want to host a contest to get even more involved...
  3. mrmopar

    FS/FT : 100+ certified MLB Autos and a handful of TTM/IP as well

  4. mrmopar

    Posting Photos

    I am no IT genius, but I can usually figure out how to post images on message boards. It would seem to me that there is no longer the ability to add one to a post unless it is hosted on a website. Is that correct? I assume that this would have to do with site capabilities, cost or both...
  5. mrmopar

    EBAY Listings 1952-76 Topps HOFers, most at $1 opening bid (mrmopar)

    Wanting to spread the word in hopes of creating some bid activity. I don't sell on ebay much, so am relying on word of mouth and some $1 opening bid prices to catch some attention. Most of the cards are in nice condition, a few better, a few beaters. All are Hall of Famers and several rookie...
  6. mrmopar

    Who was the member who had contact with Juan Beniquez several years back?

    I am sorry, as it has been a long time, but someone did a 50/50 type deal with Juan Beniquez cards several years back. I don't recall who it was (screen name) and I was just wondering if that person was still active. I want to say their real name was Luis, but my memory could be playing tricks...
  7. mrmopar

    1968 Topps Stars & HOFers FS

    Didn't realize there was a vintage only forum, so posting this here as well. I don't post here much these days but thought I would see if there were any vintage collectors looking for collector grade cards. Test run with the lot of cards I was sent to buy and decided to help sell instead. More...
  8. mrmopar

    1968 Topps HOF/Stars For Sale

    I don't post here much these days but thought I would see if there were any vintage collectors looking for collector grade cards. Test run with the lot of cards I was sent to buy and decided to help sell instead. More cards to follow hopefully soon. These come from a long time collector who...
  9. mrmopar


    Let's see if this works. I think I did this last time. WTF can't we just upload pics to the threads anymore?
  10. mrmopar

    Last chance at scrub autos for cheap

    I listed a lot of 500 scrub autographs on eBay for $375 OBO and have an offer of $200. I have enjoyed trading these for just about any other autos to add to my collection and add to it now and again when I buy lots and get extras I don't want or need, but the takers are getting slimmer and...
  11. mrmopar

    Common TTM/IP and some certified cards by Teams

    Been a while, but thought I would try one last time. Have a box of signed cards that do not fit my collecting interests. I am looking for large enough trades that it is worth the postage. I guess it is now $3.50 for the lightest padded mailer. Really heading down the path of making single...
  12. mrmopar

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Bench Buddies!

    Hopefully everyone is having a nice Holiday season and maybe even adding some goodies on the hobby front. I never see hobby joy specifically on Christmas, but it's year around Christmas for me with eBay at my finger tips anyway!
  13. mrmopar

    bdmac1 - Anyone know if he is still active out there in the internet card world?

    He has not been active on this site since 2015. I mainly wanted to follow up on an item I had some interest in, but he was not moving at the time. I was even hoping to just see a scan on the item, as I had never seen one before.
  14. mrmopar

    Autographs to trade - Want to keep in very simple

    Will revive this deal in a new thread in the future. Having trouble finding time to deal with these right now. Thanks for past interest.
  15. mrmopar

    I had to post something just to push the spam posts down the list

    Baseball autographs are fun.
  16. mrmopar

    Former MLB player Darryl Hamilton a possible murder victim!
  17. mrmopar

    Bob Giallombardo

    I think it is time to try this one TTM. Does anyone have the most current address information out there for him? My understanding is that he did sign TTM for a $25 fee at one time. I have only seen 1 item on ebay in all the times I have searched for him and/or Dodger autographs. I am ready...
  18. mrmopar

    Found an odd ink variation I believe - Reggie Sanders 1994 Donruss

    Bought some cheap boxes to rip today and pulled this. i was lucky to even notice it, but the grey box caught my eye when i opened the pack. Sure enough, it was not right and the correct version has the black box. The rest of the back has a washed out look too, as there is a lack of black ink...
  19. mrmopar

    The Mini Pages - Is your guy featured?

    These are the kinds of things that as a kid, i would cut out of newspapers and save. I have always been a packrat when it comes to sports related items, but it was not until today that I found the archives for The Mini Page and they are free to search! I had cut out at least one of these...
  20. mrmopar

    8Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan - free (donation suggested) signing 5/28

    Jon Ryan - FREE (donation suggested) signing - WASHINGTON STATE COLLECTORS!!! Washington collectors. If you are close enough and free on May 28 at 7PM, you can meet Seahawks punter at DJ's Sports Cards in Renton. Autographs are free, but he is asking that you consider donating to a charity in...