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  1. brj38464

    Kyle Lewis 20 Topps player med.card #/199

    Looking to trade for Nico Hoerner I don't have. Thanks Billy Might trade for a Hoerner Game used card also
  2. brj38464

    Trout for trade

    Have the cards below for trade. Looking for Nico Hoerner I don't have. Have a list of what I have in baseball wants. Thanks Billy My Hoerners I have Mike Trout 17 Gallery #1 have 2 18 Donruss #13 18 Donruss #155 Variation...
  3. brj38464

    Need one Curtis Martin Rookie card

    Just need one for a project i am working on. Dont have much football to trade. Let me know who you are looking for. Thanks Billy
  4. brj38464

    A&G mini looking for a couple different years

    Looking for the mini cards listed below. Thanks Billy 2018 A&G Mini Ohtani have reg need others 2020 A&G Mini Nico Hoerner have A&G back need others.
  5. brj38464

    Pete Alonso 19 Topps Chrome RC for trade

    Have the card below for trade. Looking for Nico Hoerner cards i dont have listed below. Thanks Billy 2019 Topps Chrome #204 Looking for Nico Hoerner not on this list Nico Hoerner Have List 19 bowman prospects #59 2019 Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP59 2020 Allen and ginter #199 2020 Bowman #72...
  6. brj38464

    Nico Hoernor cards wanted

    Looking for any cards not on the list beliw. These are the ones i have. Plain white envelope trades would work great for me this week due to work. Let me know what you are looking for. Thanks Billy Nico Hoerner Have List 2018 Bowman Chrome Draft BDC165 2018 Bowman Draft BD165 2019 Bowman Best...
  7. brj38464

    2 football for trade

  8. brj38464

    1985 Fleer set needs

    Looking to trade for the cards below. Let me know what you have and need. Thanks Billy 1985 Fleer...
  9. brj38464

    Fernando Tatis Jr. For trade

    Have the cards below for trade. Looking for other rookies. Last number is bv. Thanks Billy Fernando Tatis Jr 2019 Galler Master and apprentice #MA-MTJ -10 2018 Bowman prospect #BP114 -3 2019 Bowman Prospect #BB25 -4
  10. brj38464

    Need one card from 2005 topps

    Need the card below to finish my set. Let me know if you have it. Thanks Billy 2005 Topps Football #431
  11. brj38464


    Can anyone tell me how to find someones trade list or site? Since the bench changed i have not figured it out yet. Thanks Billy
  12. brj38464

    2020 Topps Chrome Sepia refractor 150 Gavin Lux RC

    I have the card in the title for trade. Looking to trade for older rookies around same bv. I think it boils for $40. Thanks Billy
  13. brj38464

    2015 topps football set needs

  14. brj38464

    Bo Bichette for trade

    Have the cards listed below for trade. Will look at trade list. Thanks Billy Bo Bichette 20 Donruss #37 20 Archives #45 20 Archives combo #60CC-GB 2020 Topps Chrome 85TC-2 19 Bowman Chrome Top 100 #7 20 Topps Turkey Red #TR-94 have 2 17 Bowman #BP142 18 Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP111 19...
  15. brj38464

    2000 Topps Needs

    Looking for any of the cards below. Don't have much in football but let me know who you are looking for. Have baseball and hockey to trade also. Thanks Billy 2000 Topps Football 364-369-370-373 376-380-386-390-391-
  16. brj38464

    Looking to trade for 70s-80s rookies

    Looking to trade for some older rookies. Plain white envelopes trades would be perfect. My site it's close to updated. May be afew traded. Thanks Billy
  17. brj38464

    Looking for these Jeff Bagwell cards

    Right now I am looking for the cards listed below. Let me know if you have any and what you are looking for. Thanks Billy Jeff Bagwell 1990 Best #132 1990 Star #30
  18. brj38464

    2020 Topps Set Needs

  19. brj38464

    2019 Platinum prospect needs

    Hopefully this set is finished. Thanks Billy
  20. brj38464

    Set needs