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  1. KCLJ520

    $8 TONIGHT ONLY!! Cardinals Customs (and a Boston HOFer) FS!

    Hello all, Am wanting to put some cash together for Christmas presents, have this "through the years" lot for sale, all cards of my own creation, each is a 1/1! Asking $12 and a SASE! Thanks for looking, Compliments of the Season! Kevin
  2. KCLJ520

    $8 TONIGHT ONLY!! Autographed custom Racing Cards Lot FS!!

    Hey all, Got some racers from various circuits FS, wanting to put some cash together to buy Christmas gifts! Will sell individually or as a lot, prefer to sell as a lot! Richard Petty, Ron Turcotte (Secretariat HOF jockey), and Mario Andretti are in this lot, including a very cool dual signed...
  3. KCLJ520

    $8 TONIGHT ONLY!! Cardinals custom cut signature card lot FS!

    Hello all, Am wanting to put some cash together for Christmas presents, have this "through the years" lot for sale, all cards of my own creation, each is a 1/1! Asking $12 and a SASE! Thanks for looking, Compliments of the Season! Kevin
  4. KCLJ520

    New Kids on the Block comic FS!

    Just came across this one, from 1990! Asking $5, thanks for looking!!
  5. KCLJ520

    A Freebie from the Commissioner!

    Hey all, just recieved this beauty in the mail today: I emailed back in September, and the ball arrived today! I think this is an awesome gift that Rob sends out for everyone who takes the time to write and request. Send him an email with your mailing address and he will...
  6. KCLJ520

    WE HAVE A WINNER! Thanksgiving Day contest!

    Hello friends, Pick a number today, 1-50, 1 guess per member! Open to everyone in good standing! You are playing for a signed Vlad Guerrero, Sr. Rookie Card! God bless, Happy Thanksgiving! Kevin
  7. KCLJ520

    I'm Thankful For.....

    Hello my friends, This Thanksgiving and Holiday Season, I was hoping to share a few things in my world I am thankful for, and also excited to hear what everyone else is thankful for as well! So to start out, I am thankful for my wife and 3 children, life's greatest blessings! I am thankful...
  8. KCLJ520

    SOLD! 2 HOFers!

    Hey friends, got 2 Hall of Famers for sale, Ryno is on an 87 Topps and this is his old signature: The second is a custom of my own creation signed by Brooks Robinson: Asking $6 and a SASE each, or $10 and a SASE for the pair! Thanks for looking! God bless, Kevin
  9. KCLJ520

    SOLD! George W Bush custom cut signature card FS!

    Hello friends, Got this one for sale today, it is a 3x5 custom cut. This is one of the sharpest signatures of President Bush that I have ever seen! I am asking $10 dlvd in PWE, let me know, thanks so much! God bless! Kevin
  10. KCLJ520

    Halloween Contest! CHIEF WINS IT! CONTEST IS CLOSED!

    Hello friends, Welcome to the Halloween contest! The rules are simple, guess a number between 1 and 75, one guess per member per day, open to everyone! If you want, tell me your favorite Halloween costume to liven this deal up!! You are playing for a signed UD Tony Gwynn card: Contest is...
  11. KCLJ520

    SOLD! PLEASE CLOSE! Go Cubs Go! Custom cards FS, 2 HOFers! $10 TODAY ONLY!!

    Hey all, I have these 4 customs, signed on card by Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, and Ron Cey. The cut signature is from Shawon Dunston. I am asking $10 TODAY ONLY dlvd, thanks for looking, God bless! Kevin
  12. KCLJ520

    Namath First Edition FS! $5 tonight only!!

    Hey all, I have Broadway Joe for sale, in very nice condition! This is the 1969 first edition, asking $5 TONIGHT ONLY dlvd. Thanks for looking, God bless, Kevin
  13. KCLJ520

    Signatures for Soldiers

    Hey friends, I am sure some of you remember Tim Virgilio, a longtime member on here. He started an organization called Signatures for Soldiers, which sells cards, photos, and memorabilia to benefit Military Missions In Action (MMIA), which is a very awesome charitable organization that rehabs...
  14. KCLJ520

    Please close!

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE! Thank you for looking, God bless! Kevin
  15. KCLJ520

    Autos you just dont want or need: find a new home!

    I also posted this in Free Cards, but thought I would get more activity here: Ok, so here is my thought: I am OFFICIALLY out of wall space (though if someone wanted to send me a Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle autograph, I would gladly make room!!) I have an entire Baseball Wall of Fame, a Disney...
  16. KCLJ520

    Please close!

    Please close!
  17. KCLJ520

    Yours for a SASE!!The Americana Customs Giveaway Thread!

    I have nothing else at the moment! If anyone has any items to donate, I can make a custom around whatever you have and give away on here! Blessings, Kevin
  18. KCLJ520

    please close!

    Please close!
  19. KCLJ520

    Please close!

    I ended up with everything I was looking for, thanks everyone! God bless, Kevin
  20. KCLJ520

    Kirbyfan34 wins it! Contest is over!!

    Ok friends, up on the block is this Sparky Anderson 87 Topps: I need you to please tell me my children's first MLB game, it was Cardinals vs. ________! Tell me the opposing team, and you win it! One guess per member per day! Blessings, Kevin