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  1. tootalltoma

    2020 opening day inserts ,looking for base in return

    Time for update... This lot is gone
  2. tootalltoma

    2020 Opening day INSERTS Ft

    any interest in these inserts ? 2020 Topps Opening Day The Lighter Side of Baseball #LSB7 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Team: Toronto Blue Jays $$ 2020 Topps Opening Day Team Traditions and Celebrations #TTC3 Pesky's Pole Team: Boston Red Sox 2020 Topps Opening Day Team Traditions and...
  3. tootalltoma

    here are some game used for trade ,plmk if interested thx

    here some game used for trade .. any interested? PLMK ***trade pending THANKS updated 7-16-2020 2007 SPx Winning Materials 175 Blue #BA Bobby Abreu/175 Team: New York Yankees ser079/175 2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric #EA Edgardo Alfonzo Team: New York Mets 2007 Ultra Feel the Game...
  4. tootalltoma

    here some Auto for trade ,plmk if interested thx

    Here some auto for trade,if interested, I am willing to take nationals, mike piazza, harper in phillie uniform ..zack greinke..trout, jeter ** mean pending ========================= 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs #BCAJB Jeff Brigham Team: Los Angeles Dodgers[2x] 2014 Elite Extra...
  5. tootalltoma

    my 2020 TOPPS series two doubles for trade.

    Here are my wants for 2020 Topps series 2 as of 7-8-2020 ..*465..*503..599 ..610..618..*664 *= incoming ================================== This list below are my double for trade. 352[2x]....380..383.... ..403..406....417..420..422..423..429..437..443 ..457..458..463..477..486..493..496..498...
  6. tootalltoma

    2020 Heritage for trade

    Here are some 2020 Heritage inserts for trade , looking for 2020 Heritage base/SP that i need. UPDATED 6/17/2020 added five cards ================================================= **= mean trade pending 2020 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks #NF2 First Starbucks opens 2020 Topps...
  7. tootalltoma

    looking for 2020 Topps Utz

    2020 Topps Utz series of 100 Here are my wants for... Sorry!!! we have completed this sets thanks to all that help.. BUT, here are some double. I have still for trade. ================================ My 2020 topps Utz double for trade. as of 7/30/2020 these are for trade **=pending...
  8. tootalltoma

    2020 inserts and variation for trade .. looking for base in return

    2020 Donruss Variations #90 Javier Baez Team: Chicago Cubs[2x] 2020 Donruss Variations #94 Shohei Ohtani Team: Los Angeles Angels[2x] 2020 Donruss Variations #102 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Team: Toronto Blue Jays 2020 Donruss Variations #108 Trea Turner Team: Washington Nationals 2020 Donruss...
  9. tootalltoma

    2018 topps insert and series numbers for trade

    and finally part three of 2018 topps inserts for trade. thanks for reading !! ======================== 2018 Topps Update An International Affair #IA22 Max Kepler Team: Minnesota Twins 2018 Topps Update An International Affair #IA38 Hyun-Jin Ryu Team: Los Angeles Dodgers 2018 Topps Update...
  10. tootalltoma

    2018 topps inserts for trade..p2

    and here part two 2018 topps inserts for trade... **=pending trade ================= 2018 Topps Update Legends in the Making Blue #LITM11 Francisco Mejia Team: Cleveland Indians 2018 Topps Update Legends in the Making Black #LITM4 Austin Meadows Team: Pittsburgh Pirates 2018 Topps Legends in...
  11. tootalltoma

    2018 topps inserts for trade..

    2018 Topps for trade any interest? part one 2018 Topps MLB Awards #MLBA23 Nolan Arenado Team: Colorado Rockies BB 2018 Topps MLB Awards #MLBA39 Francisco Lindor Team: Cleveland Indians 2018 Topps Update Storybook Endings #SE10 Andy Pettitte Team: New York Yankees 2018 Topps Update...
  12. tootalltoma

    Looking to put 2019 opening day base baseball to bed !!

    Here some topps & opening day inserts for trade, Looking for 2019 OPENING DAY BASE in return. have list will travel, just ask!!PLEASE . Thanks for looking!! ======================== **UPDATED 5-29-2020** 2019 Topps '84 Topps #T8438 Charlie Blackmon Team: Colorado Rockies BB 2019 Topps '84...
  13. tootalltoma

    anyone got any 2020Topps Utz laying around for trade?

    Here are my wants for... 2020 Utz series of 100 as of 5-18-2020 --------------------- ..#. .
  14. tootalltoma

    2019/20 Topps Utz.. have anyone there laying around and don't want?

    looking for these 2019 utz needs 4-27-2020 ----------------------- #4**7*** **13*** *** **35** 40*44** **** ** ***78*79* 80*85** *****99 ==================== Here are my wants for... 2020 Utz series of 100 as of 4-27-2020 --------------------- ..# ...
  15. tootalltoma

    you guys know trade manager is mess up?

    hi, how it going ? washing your hand alot, staying inside and sorting alot of card. what the update on the trade manager? tootalltoma
  16. tootalltoma

    looking for 2020 TOPPS base ser 1

    I've an few base double still for trade. just ask ********************************************** TooTallToma 2020 topps wants!! April 8 2020 sorry folks i have completed this
  17. tootalltoma

    Bryce harper for trade

    If interested.. please let me know ..we work out something. Thanks T3 ----------------------------------- **= trade pending 2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Retail Exclusive #BCE1R Bryce Harper Red [2x] **=2012 Panini Prizm USA Baseball #USA7 Bryce Harper 2012 Topps Update #US183 Bryce Harper...
  18. tootalltoma

    Trading 2019 heritage inserts / base, for my needs 2019 heritage base.

    ANY ONE NEED 2019 heritage BASE/ INSERTS ? I HAVE 2019 Heritage inserts/base to trade for the ones i need TooTallToma =2019 Heritage needs 1-7-2020 ================= MY NEEDS*** #401--403-404-405-406-408- 410-412--418-419- 421-424-425-428- 430--439- 440--445-446-447-449...
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    how does the bench buck work?

    but i saw where i spend 2 bench buck on the thread? can someone clear this up for me ? not sure why i charge 2 bench buck:rolleyes: for posting?
  20. tootalltoma

    2019 Heritage inserts for 2019 Heritage base..Thx

    2019 Heritage INSERTS for trade. LOOKING FOR 2019 HERITAGE BASE IN RETURN have 2019 Heritage BASE wants list will travel..just ask,please **=trade pending ****************************************************************** 2019 Topps Heritage Chrome Purple Refractors #THC527 Jorge Alfaro...