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  1. camcal8

    Tons of nice auto lots plus more.

    Please take a look, i really want this stuff gone. thx for looking :) Sorry...the account id is - jayscardsfan
  2. camcal8

    WTTF: 2016 Bowman Prospects Set Needs

    Need these non-chrome prospects - #BP-92,108,140,148 Lmk what you need.
  3. camcal8

    Fs: Breaking up my collection - mostly everything is going

    I've been pretty absent last couple of yrs except for getting Jays for my buddy who runs a shop. First of all USPS decided that anything in a bubble mailer to Canada will cost $7 US...that's $10 Cdn. Then the love of my life passed away Oct 2014. She loved the hobby, especially busting wax. Now...
  4. camcal8

    2015 Bowman Best

    Really need these: Need these base : #6,18,19,20,32,35,38,48,50,53,55,58,70 Prospects :#TP-8,20,22,23,24,27,28,43 tons to trade with...lmk.
  5. camcal8

    WTTF/WTB 2016 Topps Blue Jays

    Number / Player 74 Troy Tulowitzki * 89 Edwin Encarnacion 96 Jose Bautista * 113 Aaron Sanchez 117 Liam Hendriks 121 Roberto Osuna FS 162 Bautista Donaldson Davis LL * 182 Kevin Pillar 185 Keuchel Gray Price LL 187 Keuchel McHugh Price LL 200 Josh Donaldson * 214 Chris...
  6. camcal8

    2015 Bowman Best Wants & Dupes

    NEED: Prospects :#TP-8,22,23,24,27,28,43 THESE ARE DOUBLES FOR TRADE NOT WANTS #9,10,11,17,25,26,29,40, 46,47,49,59,60,63,64,65,68,69,75,77,78, 80,81,83,85,86,88,91,94,97,100 #TP-1,2,3,4,12,13,15,17,26,31,33,35,37,40, 41,44,47,49,50 Refractors #33 Pineda Green #/99 #20 Norris RC...
  7. camcal8

    Would like to finish off these Chrome sets. Tons of Chrome to trade.

    2014 Bowman Chrome Draft #CDP-66 Brigham, #CDP-72 Fulenchek 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft #CTP-47 T.Anderson 2014 Bowman Chrome RC's #8 JR.Murphy
  8. camcal8

    Wttf: 2015 topps jays

    Especially Update, + inserts/parallels etc. Lmk what you need.
  9. camcal8

    FS/FT: 2014 Topps Chrome with wants

    Base Chrome: lots, send #'s * - pending trades 1989 insert #89TC-MC M.Cabrera * 1989 insert #89TC-DO D.Ortiz 1989 insert #89TC-TT T.Tulowitzki * 1989 insert #89TC-CG Carlos Gonzalez 1989 insert #89TC-DP D.Pedroia * 1989 insert #89TC-NC N.Castellanos (x2) 1989 insert #89TC-PF P.Fielder (x2)...
  10. camcal8

    2014 topps chrome needs

    Set #1 - #128 Ethan Martin Phillies
  11. camcal8

    Need 2014 Topps Chrome Jays AUTOS

    Sanchez & Strohman for sure...prefer base. Also need any other product autos. Buying or will trade. Just lmk who you need or collect.
  12. camcal8

    FS/FT : LIST (on going)

    My trade page is out of date and needs updating. What happened was my buddy who ran a shop passed away. 2 guys took over, and had me help go through the boxes and pick out the non-damaged ones. They didn't want any older stuff and i was allowed to keep what i wanted. Anyway most of the better...
  13. camcal8

    Set needs

    2013 Topps Chrome #96 Y. Cedpedes non SP* 2007 Topps #40 D.Jeter non SP 2010 Bowman Draft: #BDPP-47 R.Wilson #BDPP-86 D.McGuire #BDPP-88 Wimmers * -incoming Lmk what you need.
  14. camcal8

    Set needs

    2013 Topps Chrome #96 Y. Cedpedes non SP 2007 Topps #40 D.Jeter non SP 2010 Bowman Draft: #BDPP-47 R.Wilson #BDPP-86 D.McGuire #BDPP-88 Wimmers Lmk what you need.
  15. camcal8

    WTTF: 2014 Bowman & Chrome

    * = incoming Base - #178 B.Lawrie*, #213 S.Strasburg* Base Prospects - #8 Ryan Eades*, #87 Franklin Barreto* Chrome Prospects - #8* Also looking for any Jays base & chrome, autos. Lmk what you need.
  16. camcal8

    James Paxton Leaf Valiant Auto lot (3) #/5...#/99...base

    $75 for all 3 shipped with tracking. BLACK : #1/5 ORANGE : #18/99 GREEN/EMERALD : BASE Thx
  17. camcal8

    WTTF or Buy 2014 Topps BLUE JAYS

    Anything including autos and relics. I have no '14 to trade but have lots of 2013 and back Topps and other brands to trade. Thanks.
  18. camcal8


    Also any Jays Autos/Relics/inserts from 2013 Topps. Don't need parallels, just base. Got tons to trade from 2013 Topps, Bowman...older Topps products, Bowman and some chrome also with parallels/inserts. Basically just ask...odds are i might have it. I have star player lots also. Thx.
  19. camcal8

    WTTF/WTB these singles.

    2012 cooperstown crystal/cracked ice / 299 brown or gold color #2,30,32,36,39,41,46,83,84,86,87,94,106,110,120,123,127,130,131,135,143,147,164,167 Bronze plaques / 599 # 50 kuhn, 64 o’malley , 79 turkey stearnes 2012 golden age minis crofts candy red back #’s...