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  1. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: Red Sox Prospect Cards

    Looking for low end cards and some prospect cards of the following players, FT ONLY!!!!!!!! JBJ Benintendi Betts Devers There's a small list of Bowman Prospects I am missing from team sets as well, from 2014 forwards. Amy
  2. Lyrical Kees

    FT: 07 Bowman Sterling Prospects Dual AU

    This would be of value to either a Cubs/Red Sox collector as it's the Papelbon brothers who never made it big. BSDA-PP 118/193 Amy
  3. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: 2016 Topps Bunt

    Looking for these last cards for my set, FT ONLY! Plus these few Red Sox inserts. 2016 Topps Bunt: 25 Harper, 142, 178 Wright & 196 Program P-12 Ortiz Vapor 11 Betts Title Town TT5 Schilling/Ortiz/Ruth Stadium Heritage SH-3 Yaz Amy
  4. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: Red Sox Team Set Help

    This is a partial list of team set help I am looking desperately for. There are some cards such as SP's not listed, if you have to offer FT, please do so. Another card looking for would be VAR of Mookie Betts only. 2018 Stadium Club is not listed but I have half the set, it's a recent acquired...
  5. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: 2015 Bowman 3 Cards LEFT TO GO!

    Been searching for quite some time for 3 cards 50 Trout 102 Cueto 144 Finnegan RC Anyone got em FT ONLY Amy GOT EM ALL!
  6. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: Topps Heritages from 09' Fwd Plus Sets Needing Less Than 2 Cards

    Looking for these hard to find Heritages, FT only please 09 Heritage: 439, 445 Smoltz (Red Sox Uni ONLY), 488 VAR & 702. 10 Heritage: 457 & 481. 11 Heritage: 457, 493 RCS & 500 RCS. 13 Heritage: 486 & 496 plus H510RC, 511 JBJ RC, 547 & 548. 14 Heritage: 431, 441, 447 plus H512, 520RC, 550...
  7. Lyrical Kees

    Team Sets to Keep OR.............

    I have been wondering about this for sometime and can hope some of the more seasoned collectors might have an answer to this. I have been collecting team sets of Red Sox off and on for say 15yrs. I got back into collecting after we won the 04 WS Series after 86yrs drought. I am wondering is it...
  8. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: 2008 Upper Deck, Baseball Heroes Colored Cards!

    I am wondering IF anyone has any color of Red Sox from this set? Upper Deck made about I think 10 different colors, such as Red. They all had serial numbers on them. I am not interested in the Jsy cards, really after just the cards. Let's see what folks still have for trade, Amy
  9. Lyrical Kees

    FT: Game-Used

    My Complete List of GU up for trade, they aren't high -end cards but are still very nice cards. I'd be looking for patches, jsys, bats you name it for either Red Sox (current or retired ok too). Here's a few players who I am interested in: Betts, Mookie Bogaerts, Xander Bradley, Jackie Jr...
  10. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: 2008 Upper Deck-6 Cards

    Missing the following 6 cards for this set, looking FT only! I also cannot believe HOW hard it is to find the last few of any set. Series 1 121, 211, 212, 213, 271 & 279. Also would be after ANY Game-Used Jsy or Patch from this same set of the following: Jonathan Papelbon, Jason Varitek or Tim...
  11. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: 2010 Topps Opening Day

    I had done this set for my niece (her birth yr) and well I am MISSING 2 base cards and 5 mascots :confused::confused: Here's what I need, anyone have FT ONLY (please do not respond w a quote $$) Base: 55 & 189. Mascots: M1,4,11,17 & 25. Amy
  12. Lyrical Kees

    FT: Minis Cards

    I got these up FT, buying might be an option as well ;) Amy 84 Topps Sticker: 33 Remy. 88 Topps UK Minis: 12, 42 & 56. 90 Topps Button 6 Boggs 90 Upper Deck Hologram Sticker: NNO Red Sox & Mets. 02 Fleer Box Score Mini 95 Nevin Padres 2132/2960 04 Topps Cracker Jack Minis 81 Guerrero & 66. 04...
  13. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: 2015 Bowman, 10 Cards LEFT to GO!

    NEED 10 cards to go......... I can not believe HOW hard it is to find card number 50, Mike Trout :confused: 47, 50 Trout, 52,75,77,102, 107, 124, 131 & 144. I am interested Xtra Red Sox, I own an 800 count box for dupes, triples you get the idea of what I call my unwanted Red Sox cards ;). I...
  14. Lyrical Kees

    Autos FT

    Autos aren't MY fave, but I got a few up FT anyone interested? I'd be looking for some Sox cards to help me finish off team sets or GU in return. All cards are in perfect condition! 04 SP Authentic SP Chirography CA-JS Jae Weong Seo, Mets 45/60 Mets 04 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia, Spectrum...
  15. Lyrical Kees

    A Collector From NH

    I have re-found this web site, and wow what a diff look to it. I am trying to learn how it's set up and functions. I made a signature and don't see it when I post on threads:confused::confused: I collect team sets of Red Sox and a few players, also have a few sets I am trying to complete, such...
  16. Lyrical Kees

    WTTF: Allen & Ginters

    Does anyone STILL collect or even have the follwing Ginters FOR TRADE ONLY?? I remember when they 1st came out they were such a BIG RAVE and now I feel they aren't a big deal anymore. Cause Topps has been making em since 06, sigh. But I still am STILL missing some stuff from the older years...