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  1. bdangelo

    Cranston RI card show

    Hi gang, Do any of you ever go to the annual card show that Tom McDonough runs in Cranston, R.I.? If so, shoot me an email ( or a PM here, I am working on a story about the 40th annual show later this month. Thanks! Bob
  2. bdangelo

    All about that base (cards)

    Hi gang, Not sure if this is the right place for it, but here's a story I wrote for Sports Collectors Daily about a card shop in Hamilton, Ontario, whose owners took unwanted base hockey cards from box & case breaks, sold them and used that cash to buy toys for a local social services agency...
  3. bdangelo

    MLS Soccer cards available

    Does anyone collect MLS Soccer? I have cards from 2015 Topps MLS Soccer and Topps Apex Soccer available. Send me your lists. Let's trade. Bob
  4. bdangelo

    A ceiling fan? Now that's off the wall

    Hi gang, Here's a story I wrote for Sports Collectors Daily about a guy from West Virginia who has tiled the ceiling of his basement with nearly 2,000 baseball cards. Bob
  5. bdangelo

    Remembering those athletes who served their country

    Hi gang, Here's a piece I wrote for Sports Collectors Daily, remembering those athletes who served in the military. Some gave their lives. Bob
  6. bdangelo

    2015 Topps Update inserts for trade

    Hi all, I have a stack of 2015 Topps Update inserts : Tape Measure Blasts -- 4(2) 8(2) 9 12 14 15 Rarities -- 5 8(2) 9 13 14 Rookie Sensations -- 14 15 16 17 19 21 22 23 25 Whatever Works -- 1 3(2) 4 5(2) 8(2) 9 10(2) 12(2) 14(2) Pride and Perseverance -- 2 3 6 11(2) 12 First HR (retail)...
  7. bdangelo

    Music teacher gives away cards as a motivational tool for inner city kids

    Hi gang, Here is a story I wrote about Nate Adams, a music teacher at an inner city elementary school in South Florida. If you like the story and you feel generous, he certainly can use the cards. He uses them as a motivational tool to promote good citizenship and students making the right...
  8. bdangelo

    Story about box breaks

    Hi gang, Here is a story I wrote for Sports Collectors Daily about a young collector who benefited from the generosity of viewers during an online box break: Bob
  9. bdangelo

    Story I wrote for Sports Collectors Daily

    Hi gang, Here is a story I wrote for Sports Collectors Daily this week. It's about a college professor who opened a random pack of 1986 Topps, then decided to find each player, interview him and turn it into a book.
  10. bdangelo

    Made my debut as a book author

    Hi gang, Just wanted to share this with you because I am excited about it -- it's not meant to be spam. My first book has been published, and it's called "Never Fear: The Life & Times of Forest K. Ferguson Jr." Ferguson was a star at the University of Florida from 1939 to 1941, mostly in...
  11. bdangelo

    Still blogging on cards and sports books

    Hi gang, The newspaper business continues to face hard times, but I've still managed to maintain my sports blog. I review sports cards and sports books on (The Tampa Tribune's online site), and it remains a fun thing to do. The benefit is loads of books and cards. The disadvantage...
  12. bdangelo

    Blog on Sy Berger

    Hi gang, Here is my blog on Sy Berger, the longtime Topps executive who passed away today at age 91. Bob
  13. bdangelo

    Review of "For the Love of Baseball"

    Hi gang, Here is a link to my review on a pretty nice collection of baseball essays. The book is called "For the Love of Baseball" and has some since articles. Bob
  14. bdangelo

    My review of Doug Harvey's autogbiography

    Hi gang, Here is my review of Hall of Fame umpire Doug Harvey's book, "They Called Me God," on my blog at The Bench: Bob
  15. bdangelo

    My interview with author of "The Kid"

    Hi gang, Here is a link to a phone interview I did with Ben Bradlee Jr., author of "The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams." We spent 45 minutes on the phone. Had a fun time. Bob
  16. bdangelo

    Finding Bucs treasure (on my blog)

    Hi gang, Check out my blog on The Bench as I went in search of vintage cards and found something much nicer: Bob
  17. bdangelo

    Saying goodbye, baseball players 2013

    Here are the former baseball players and managers we lost during 2013. Sucks to get older, because I watched some of these guys play when I was a kid: Wally Bell, 48; Paul Blair, 69; Tom Borland, 80; Gates Brown, 74; Rick Camp, 60; Frank Castillo, 44; John Connelly, 85; Ron Fraser, 79; Ray...
  18. bdangelo

    Play GM -- how would you improve your team

    Hi gang, If you could be the general manager of your favorite baseball team, what moves would you make to improve it. Be reasonable within the budget constraints of your team -- I mean, don't say you're going to trade for Yu Darvish, Justin Verlander and David Price to beef up the starting...
  19. bdangelo

    My top 10 sports books for 2013

    Hi gang, Here is my list for top 10 sports books (not just baseball)( for 2013: Feel free to comment or add your own choices. Bob
  20. bdangelo

    My choices for top 10 baseball books of 2013

    Hi gang, Here are my top 10 choices for best baseball books of 2013. I read mostly nonfiction this year so my spectrum is limited, but I still believe these books were great ones. Let me know what you think...