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  1. mort

    Wanted > 1984 Donruss: Joe Carter, Ryne Sandberg & 100+ others

    UPDATED 12/27/27 >>> 84 Donruss Wanted - Prefer to trade; will buy for the right price #18 Ron Kittle DK #39 Greg Gagne #41 Joe Carter #50 Jim Rice #151 Wade Boggs #185 Garry Templeton #244 Ron Kittle #271 Ned Yost #625 Runnin' Reds #628 Jose DeLeon
  2. mort

    Wanted > 2008 TriStar PROjections Evan Reed #317

    I'm looking for two or three of these cards. Hoping to get Reed to sign them when I see his team play later this month. I have cards for trade up through 2010. Thanks!
  3. mort

    TTM Return > Out Feb. 2012 - In Today!

    I don't send out many TTMs anymore. In 2014 I sent out four requests. This past week I was giving serious consideration on starting up again. And today a return came in my mailbox. Perhaps it's the TTM gods calling me to contribute more stamps to the USPS. After more than two and a half years...
  4. mort <--- Former MLB player site founded by Ellis Valentine

    Stumbled across this site this morning: From what I can tell it was founded by Ellis Valentine. It's an interesting site that offers opportunities to pick up autographs and other merchandise from former MLBers (check out the cool JR Richard t-shirts)...
  5. mort

    TTM Success > Jack Hiatt (60s Giants)

    Giants Catcher / 1st Baseman Jack Hiatt signed two cards. He played in the majors for about 8 years and managed in the minors for 13 seasons after his playing career was over. One of the two...
  6. mort

    Joe Keough

    TTM success with Joe Keough. He also signed a 71 Topps card that got a little smeared on the name. About a two week turnaround.
  7. mort

    Signed Books > Bobby Orr, Mookie Wilson

    Shared from another forum... Great price to pick up an autograph with a hard-cover book included for free...especially from one of hockey's all-time greatest. Bobby Orr > Mookie Wilson >...
  8. mort

    Wanted > 2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History

    I am looking for the Refractors and #'d cards from this insert series. From the Chrome set, I need (with BVs): 2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History #TCHC2 Joba Chamberlain $1.50 2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History #TCHC3 Daisuke Matsuzaka $1.50 For the #'d sets these cards I have: #/400...
  9. mort

    How would you do it? Want to trade my PSA 7 Jordan for graded T206

    In the winter of '86, my local drugstore didn't have any packs of baseball cards. So to fill my craving to open a few packs I bought Fleer basketball. I bought enough to make a set. Fast forward to today. I got "The" card back from PSA and it received the grading I figured it would get: NM 7...
  10. mort

    Signed Reggie Jackson Book!

    Last week I ordered Reggie Jackson's book, "Becoming Mr. October" on Barnes and Noble's web site. Great deal for a hardcover book ... a little over eighteen bucks ... and it's autographed!
  11. mort

    Reggie Jackson's autograph for $18.32?!?

    Yep! And you get an entire hard cover book for free! I ordered mine earlier this week and should be arriving Monday or Tuesday.
  12. mort

    FOR SALE 75% off BV! All cards pictured. AU/GU/#/Inserts/Minor Leagues

    Autos, Game-Used, Inserts, Serial #'d, Minor League Singles, Sets More to be added. Please check back often. All cards pictured on my web site: Check out the "For sale" section on the left. View by year: 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Bargain Bin #1 $0.50 ea. / 3...
  13. mort

    2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball Set #1-100 > $15 ppd.

    I originally thought about getting this base set autographed but I don't have the time and I have plenty of other autograph projects going on right now. I have a few of these available. 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition - $15 ppd. Want more than one set? PM me with an offer. Thanks for...
  14. mort

    WANTED > 1983 Fleer Jim Palmer #69 and other 83F's

    Hi! I've finally reached the point in requesting TTM autographs for the 83 Fleer set that I'm starting to run dry on some players. When I first started this project I thought this problem would never happen as I had more than 15 of some cards. I am in most urgent need of Jim Palmer #69. Also...
  15. mort

    Andrew McCutchen on Twitter

    A reminder for sending out the TTM requests ... use the peel-n-seal envelopes! andrew mccutchen ‏ @TheCUTCH22
  16. mort

    1st Two Spring Training TTMs are Back!

    Matt Wieters; c/o Orioles ST; 1/1 Michael Saunders; c/o Mariners ST; 1/1 ... I requested his nickname and he put it on the card! Sweet!!
  17. mort

    TTM > Leo "Chico" Cardenas (60s Reds)

    Signed 2/2; Included his requested $5 donation; Took about a week. Address is in the TTM Database but it is misspelled as "Cardinas"
  18. mort

    TTM > Longest Return 2,099 Days (5+ Years!) > Hubie Brooks!

    Well this one was a surprise. On May 10, 2006 I sent Hubie Brooks a TTM request as I was about two months into the 1983 Fleer Autograph Project. Then the wait began. I had given up on getting Hubie back (who wouldn't? :) ) and I traded for the autographed card. Well to my surprise, today I got...
  19. mort

    Vintage TTM > Downing, Charles, and Devine

    Apologies for the large images. Al Downing; 3/3 Ed Charles; 2/2 Adrian Devine; 3/3 All came back in about two weeks.
  20. mort

    Auto Success and more! Pirates Ted Savage

    Always great when there's anything more than the signed card in the envelope. Mr. Savage mentioned his former roommate was HOFer Willie Stargell! Learn something new every day... image hosting gif image hosting png