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  1. sgbt4

    2020 Ginter SP wants

    Here's my SP wantlist (* following is pending trade) 347(Lasorda) Have these to trade: 306(Alou), 328(Doerr), 344(Niekro) Plus inserts to trade. Scott
  2. sgbt4

    Need one final 2020 Heritage SP - 433 Ohtani

    Could use a hero! Have lots of SPs to trade. Scott
  3. sgbt4

    Site access question - not the usual TM question

    Can newbies still access the site? I had provided the link to a good trader but he couldn't get the page to load. I can't figure out how to load the image, but the message was this: Web page blocked Access to the web page you were trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with company...
  4. sgbt4

    Heritage SP wants 2017 - 2020

    Pretty close on completing these: * following is pending trade 2017 TOPPS HERITAGE - 444(Sanchez), 450(Trout), 500(Bryant) Scott
  5. sgbt4

    Clemens card - error?

    Merry Christmas all I picked up what I thought at the time was a stack of 2001 SP Authentic SP's. I figured they would make some decent trade bait. When I got home, I realized that none of the cards have the serial numbers on the back. Not sure if these are errors or if somebody removed the...
  6. sgbt4

    Last card for set - 2019 A&G Eloy Jiminez RC #398

    Last base SP needed. Anybody? Scott
  7. sgbt4

    All of my 2019 set wants

    * Following indicates pending trade 2019 DIAMOND KINGS - 102(Syndergaard), 105(Sandberg), 106(Borucki), 108(Ortiz), 109(Duggar), 115(Pujols), 116(Aguilar), 120(Jansen), 125(Rivera), 134(Ponce De Leon), 139(Bryant), 147(Story) 2019 DIAMOND KINGS PHOTO VARIATIONS - 33(Ryan), 43(Torres)...
  8. sgbt4

    2019 Allen & Ginter set wants

    Here's what I still need: * pending trade 2019 ALLEN & GINTER - 398(Jiminez) 2019 ALLEN & GINTER GINTER GREATS - 27(Musial), 44(Ichiro), 46(Trout), 49(Yastrzemski) Have these Ginter cards to trade plus other tradelists on my www 2019 Allen & Ginter mini no-number - (Tellez RC) 2019 Allen...
  9. sgbt4

    2018 Allen & Ginter - last two!

    Looking to finish this set off before the 2019 release hits 100 Ohtani RC BV $6.00 331 T. Frazier BV $1.25 Lots to trade on my www or let me know what you need. Thanks Scott
  10. sgbt4

    Topps Constitution, Declaration and Campaign Matchups to Trade

    Anybody need these? 2006 Topps Declaration of Independence Arthur Middleton George Walton (2x) George Clymer George Read Francis Lightfoot Lee John Adams 2006 Topps Chrome United States Constitution Daniel Carroll 2006 Topps United States Constitution Roger Sherman 2008 Topps Historical...
  11. sgbt4

    2018 wantlists

    A few sets that I'd like to finish. * following is pending trade. 2018 ALLEN & GINTER 100(Ohtani RC), 303(Ryu), 331(T.Frazier) 2018 DIAMOND KINGS 21, 26, 59, 88, 95, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126...
  12. sgbt4

    2015 National Convention Panini VIP unopened - 6 card set w/Bryant

    Picked up at the 2015 Convention and never opened - 6 card set with Kris Bryant, Joc Pederson, Karl-Anthony Towns, Jahlil Okafur, Marcus Mariotta and Jameis Winston. Looking for $10 in trade value. Wants on my www. Note the white dot is on my scanner, not the Bryant card
  13. sgbt4

    Completed - OK to archive

    Down to needing these 2018 Topps Heritage cards: Got them all. Thanks! Scott
  14. sgbt4

    2017 A&G set wants

    Would like to finish this set off before the 2018 set hits the shelves. 2017 ALLEN & GINTER REGULAR 40, 166*, 300*, 304, 311, 318*, 328 * Pending Let me know what you need. Tradelists on my www. Thanks Scott
  15. sgbt4

    2018 Topps Heritage - Tradelist/ SP Wantlist

    Need the following 2018 Heritage SP's (* following is pending trade) 430, 435, 440, 454, 474, 492, 498 Have the following 2018 Heritage to trade: 2018 Topps Heritage SP - 409(Herrera SP), 420(Perez SP), 428(Cain SP), 436(Rodon SP), 459(Bonifacio SP), 480(DeSclafani SP), 495(Maxwell SP) 2018...
  16. sgbt4

    2015-2017 set needs

    Trying to close out some sets. Let me know what you need or check my tradelists on my www. * following means pending in trade. 2015 PANINI PRIZM - 128(Goldschmidt), 134(Howard), 139(Castro), 175(Soler) 2015 PANINI PRIZM DIAMOND MARSHALS - 1(Trout), 18(Griffey) 2017 ALLEN & GINTER WHAT A DAY...
  17. sgbt4

    2017 A&G Foil Wantlist

    2017 ALLEN & GINTER FOIL WANTLIST 130(Nunez), 205(Bregman), 281(Moncada), 285(Renfroe), 301(Mancini), 302(Lester), 303(Raines), 311(Eaton), 313(Strahm), 320(Hoffman), 326(Marquez), 331(Dickerson), 334(Mauer), 339(Lopez), 342(Shipley), 349(Stargell), 350(Bagwell) * pending trade Tradelists on...
  18. sgbt4

    1968 Topps Nolan Ryan RC - Graded EX 5

    1/15 - Card has been sold Scott
  19. sgbt4

    2015 update Bryant/Russell camo US79 #/99 FT

    BV $80 and rising :D Set wants on my www (not trading for common needs please). Also interested in nice Jeter card for my son since Christmas is right around the corner. Thanks Scott
  20. sgbt4

    Tradelists by team

    Back from the National and loaded up the tradebox. Wants on my www. My son has a Jeter havelist posted on my www and I also collect interesting Younts or Molitors in Brewers uniforms. ASTROS 2015 Topps Highlight of the Year #H22 Nolan Ryan $4.00 2002 Donruss Classics #138 John Buck ROO $4.00...