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  1. baseballtracy67

    Random Football Auto and GU cards High End & Low End (For Sale)

    Hey there fellow traders, I ran across some old football cards from a lot I bought long ago. With there not being much to do these days because of the quarantine, I figured I would cross off some old "To-Do's" and sell these bad boys. Here are the hits from the lot. All prices are final and...
  2. baseballtracy67

    Looking to buy lot of Diamondbacks autos

    Title says it all. Looking for cheap Diamondbacks TTM or certified autos that I can raffle away. Post what you have!
  3. baseballtracy67

    Seeking Diamondbacks

    Looking for Diamondbacks Autographs for giveaways. Looking for a few lots of autos to buy in bulk. Please let me know if you have at least 5 or more or any unique items I could offer on a a giveaway such as bobble heads.
  4. baseballtracy67

    Game Used Relics & Autos For Sale! Updated List & Lower Prices

    All cards in mint condition unless stated otherwise, I accept Paypal and TTM payment. Planning on sending these cards in a secured PWE. If different delivery method is preferred, that is not a problem, just let me know. If you want multiple cards I absolutely can discount! Just ask, or tell me...
  5. baseballtracy67

    Graded Football, Basketball, AND Baseball Cards FOR GOOD PRICE!!!

    Have a few graded cards for sale. Willing to sell lot at discounted price. Was planning on putting these in PWE for delivery, so no shipping cost for you. If different delivery method is preferred, that is no problem, we can work something out. I accept PayPal And TTM payments. Football...
  6. baseballtracy67

    Basketball Game Used and Autos For Sale, NICE CARDS!

    All cards in mint condition unless stated otherwise, I accept Paypal and TTM payment. Planning on sending these cards in a secured PWE. If different delivery method is preferred, I am sure we can work something out. If you want multiple cards I am sure we can work out a price as well. Not...
  7. baseballtracy67

    Please delete

    Please delete
  8. baseballtracy67

    1933 Goudey 1930, 1940 as well

    most of the cards are not in very good condition, some creases. whole lot: $85 willing to negotiate price 1933 Indian Chewing gum: Fight on the Precipice #180 $15 Pah-Me-Cow-E-Tah #168 have two of them, $20 each Setting Fire To The Fort #171 $15 A Surprise Attack 2 of them #182 $8 or $5 Col...
  9. baseballtracy67

    Chicago White Sox Fans!

    Hey there, been a couple of years but have added to my collection a little bit was looking to sell some things I have a major league ball signed by some white sox legends. I bought it at a garage sale the guy said he didn't know who the autographs belonged to but knew it was from the white...
  10. baseballtracy67

    HOLY MOLY!!!! an 8.9 Earthquake in Japan!!!!

    Just studying for a test really late 1:00 am, i was flipping through channels and saw breaking news on CNN! An 8.9 earthquake in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!! i have a player on my baskettball team thats in hawii right on the shore/beach or whatever, I hope he's going to be O.K. everyone is in my prayers the...
  11. baseballtracy67

    question about fantasy baseball

    i am new to fantasy baseball, my friend introduced me into it so im actually very new and i just joined a league on ESPN fantasy baseball. i was just wondering how come Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper are so behind in the rankings... and i mean behind behind!!! can anyone please explain this
  12. baseballtracy67


    After school I had to go on an appointment in gilbert with my dad... I was looking for cards shops near by that I had not been too and when we found the closest one (20 minutes away) we entered to not find one sports card but yet a whole store full of greeting cards... Fail
  13. baseballtracy67

    Im Flattered But, Well Confused

    Lol Have Absolutely No Idea I Sent These But Its My Handwriting On The Pwe So I Must Have, Anyways... John Flaherty 2/2? I Dont Recall But Hey, Ill Take Em
  14. baseballtracy67

    can anyone help me with some common high school knowledge

    now im not the smartest student, but i am smart, but im not showing full potential. im a freshman in highschool and next week is my first finals :eek: . im hurting with grades and if i pass the finals average it looks like my first into the records gpa will turn out to be a 2.0... and i know...
  15. baseballtracy67

    2 in for my dads birthday project

    getting towards the end but i got two more in and hopefully a couple more to go here soon and shortly so today and i think yesterday because i didnt check the mail randy lerch phillies and kevin gross phillies sorry no scans but maybe in a couple days if i find time but right now i gott...
  16. baseballtracy67

    the bench is in the news!!! well was in the news

    ok well yea it wasnt even the news but we were in an article from sports collectors daily about are yankee stadium legacy project... im sure almost everyone here has read it but i just read it for the first time and thought that maybe some of the other newer guys here would like to read it...
  17. baseballtracy67

    jeter/webb from ud icons

    a while ago i got a 2009 ud icons retail box (one jersey card per box) for my birthday and did not recieve a jersey or auto so i called ud and told them and they sent me a replacement... they sent me a brandon webb ud icons jersey with pinstripe 08/25 :) :) :) very happy with that but even more...
  18. baseballtracy67

    troublemakers on this site... Nao thats impossible

    hahahahahaha i havnt been on here too long but im on almost everyday and sometimes when i look at traders profilee i see how many referrals they have... i mean there were people with 10 or more and im like:eek: i mean what could they have done to get all of those... and just me being me i...
  19. baseballtracy67

    any card shops/card shows in london

    hey there, i am going to london for a band trip in schoool (master trumpet right here ;) ) and we will have a couple days to do what we want (of coarse with a chaperone) but my dad has never been to london so he thought it would be nice to go with me (and my band). so he will be my chaperone, we...
  20. baseballtracy67

    vlad auto cheap?

    hey guys just wondering i always thought a vlad auto was expensive (like somewhere between 50-75 to 150) but someones selling one for 18 just checking to see if his items are usually cheap...