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  1. scc76

    In person autos

    These are some autos that I obtained in person on First Day Covers. Let me know if you would be interested in purchasing any. The only thing I am really interested in trading for is something of Tim Hudson that I don't have. Mickey Mantle Chipper Jones Wade Boggs Joe Torre Joe Garagiola Bobby...
  2. scc76

    Andy Barkett

    Does anybody have one of his 93 Topps Traded cards that they will let me have for a SASE? plmk Thanks Stanley
  3. scc76

    18 topps heritage hi #'s

    I have 196 cards from #501 thru 725. Let me know what you need. I would like to get Tim Hudson first. Then I need several 100 to complete my 19 topps and A & G sets. plmk
  4. scc76

    17 A & G minis ft

    I have some plain back, A & G back and black border Also have a couple of no #'s Koufax. Let me know if you need some. I would like to get Tim Hudson in return.
  5. scc76

    F/S Mike Trout rookies

    I have 2 of his rookies. 1 is 11 topps u/d and 1 is 11 finest. If you are interested make me an offer for 1 or both. I also have a redemption card for an auto of Method Man. If anybody is interested make me an offer. plmn
  6. scc76

    19 topps and A & G needed u/d 9/23

    I need these Topps Series 1 34,45,49,61,88,105,110,125,139,149,153,172,177,190,192,198,207, 234,260,308. I need these 19 A & G 2,5,19,20,21,23,36,39,40,42,59,70,77,87,92,100,103,104,105,112,121,126,127,136,137,142...
  7. scc76

    2019 Topps and 2019 A & G needed

    I have bought no cards in 19 so I need every card from these 2 sets. Let me know what you would be willing to trade for in past years. Do not want to buy Thanks Stanley
  8. scc76

    Who should pay?

    Friday night I attended the Auburn University vs. Ga. baseball game. A foul ball was hit that busted out my windshield. It was hit by a Ga. player. Now I am going to have to pay to have my windshield replaced. Should Ga fans have any part in helping me to pay for it or not? I am going to start...
  9. scc76

    Unusual request for help

    This summer I am going on a road trip to the Northeast. I have 3 bucket lists. One is to attend a baseball game at each of the major league teams. So I plan on attending a game of the Pirates, Blue Jays, Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Phillies, Nationals, and Orioles. Two is I am going to visit 8...
  10. scc76

    Vintage stock, photo variations etc f/t

    287 topps Aaron Judge 17 topps Moncado /99 17 topps Renfro /99 18 topps Maeda /99 18 topps Heredia /99 photo variations/Sp's 392 Stroman 430 Margot 500 Bryant 544 Clemente 550 Robinson 582 Aaron Fathers Day Blue 444 Altherr /50 473 Difo /50 514 Minter /50 Independence Day 471 Harrison /76...
  11. scc76

    Aaron Judge highlight cards u/d 10/10

    Base 3,4,6,10,20,25,26,28 Black 5,6,9,18,23 Blue 1,8,10,11,14,18,20,22,23,26,28,29 I need base 23. I would also like to trade for Tim Hudson I don't have plmn
  12. scc76

    13 heritage sp's ft

    427 Andre Ethier 433 Adam Jones 439 Evan Longoria 454 Gio Gonzalez 455 Chris Sale 458 David Price 462 Roy Halladay 464 R.A. Dickey 466 Mariano Rivera 493 Aroldis Chapman I would like to get Tim Hudson that I don't have but will listen to offers.
  13. scc76

    Aaron Judge highlight cards needed u/d 9/18

    I need these 5,23,29 I have some of these I can trade. plmn
  14. scc76

    Method Man auto

    I have a redemption card for an A & G framed mini auto if anybody would be interested in trading for it. Or make me an offer. I also have Home Run Challenge that have not been used. Bryce Harper Manny Machado Travis Shaw Wilson Contreras I would love to trade for Tim Hudson that I don't have...
  15. scc76

    Method Man

    I received a redemption card for him. Can somebody give me info about this person? Is it worth trying to get this auto? Thanks in advance for any info.
  16. scc76

    18 a & g wttf u/d 9/10

    I need these 72,81,97,98,272,302,340. I have about 200 of these to trade. Also have a bunch of Topps plmn
  17. scc76

    Need these 2018 A & G u/d 8/20

  18. scc76

    18 a & g needed

    I need these last 2 272 and 340 Let me know which ones you have.
  19. scc76

    Wttf 18 A & G//But only have 18 Topps f/t

    I need the complete set of A & G 1-350 So if you are willing to trade what you got for some 18 Topps let me know.
  20. scc76

    Last Aaron Judge needed 8/27

    I need these Aaron Judge from Topps Series 2 13. Let me know what you need in return. Thanks Stanley