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  1. redsoxfan1979

    Mets trade list

    C Ray Fredrick Extremely popular 4 stars gold glove catcher 4, 5, 6, mill next 3 seasons SS Jim Lilly 4 stars averaging 20 homeruns a year Looking for a SP
  2. redsoxfan1979

    Tanaka refractor #/500 chrome rookie ft

    Looking for something out of this years Bowman or another good prospect.
  3. redsoxfan1979

    Bonzo come in. Just picked up a Met for you

    Was at a show today and grabbed this let me know if your interested.
  4. redsoxfan1979

    Twins fans Sano 2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto #/500 FT

    Pretty hard to find card. Will grade pretty good I was considering sending it in. Looking for prospect in return. Springer, Correa, Trey Ball ect...
  5. redsoxfan1979


    Looking for Brentz, Ball, Xander or something that catches my eye. Will also sell for 55 delivered.
  6. redsoxfan1979

    Help on 2 cards please.

    My online Beckett price guide is having signing in problems. Can anyone let me know the BV on the following 2 cards. 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Bryce Brentz gold auto #/50 2010 Bowman Chrome Redemption auto #/100 Thanks for any help.
  7. redsoxfan1979

    Last of 2014 Topps S1 Golds and Upper class FT looking for the red hot inserts

    Let me know what you have for red foils I decided to make a set of them. Upper Class UC-1 Bryce Harper UC-2 Mike Trout UC-35 Ken Griffey JR Golds #/2014 #107 Zimmerman #148 Sale #210 Altuve #204 Adrian Gonzalez #201 Rios #299 AL Wins Leaders
  8. redsoxfan1979

    Will give you Paypal for Bryce Brentz auto

    Looking to add a few to my collection. Please let me know what you own and asking price.
  9. redsoxfan1979

    Trey Ball Aaron Judge dual auto Bowman Sterling #/15

    Looking to trade anything that catches my eye. If I look at buckets please let me know what is gone.
  10. redsoxfan1979

    Griffey Jr on card auto 2013 Tribute #/24

    Looking for 200 SV in trade for this. Only 1-2 cards only please. Not checking buckets at this time. Just let me know what you have. Ebay have sold in 220-250 range.
  11. redsoxfan1979

    Check out my 1/1 Machado Book

    Going to EBay it in hopes of buying a Williams auto. Pretty cool card though.
  12. redsoxfan1979

    2012 Bowman Sterling Dylan Bundy Gold Refractor Auto #/50 FT

    Let trade, I originally picked this up for someone on another site but they have " gotten lost" let me know what you have available.
  13. redsoxfan1979

    Looking for the Jim Abbott stuff you dont need or want. Check my site out.

    Looking to make a push in next couple months to be in the 500 different card range of Abbott. A nice person on this site made me a page. We are working on adding my photos and more. Let me know if you have anything I don't have on my want list. I'm sure I can find almost anything your looking...
  14. redsoxfan1979

    Yasiel Puig arrested

    Yikes not a good start to his career if this is true. 110 in a 70 mph zone. his is the second time since April of 2013.
  15. redsoxfan1979

    2011 Allen Ginter Jason Heyward Mini Framed Silk #/10

    Looking for something different. Xander Bryce Brentz Mike Trout Oswaldo Arcia Paul Goldschmidt ect....
  16. redsoxfan1979

    WOW Christmas Hockey Huge Hit

    Got a few packs of hockey on Christmas eve. Never would I think I would open this beauty. Love on card autos I like how Orr's auto goes onto Gretzkys side.
  17. redsoxfan1979

    Paul Goldschmidt Auto Game Used #/75 Jayson Heyward Silk #/10

    Looking for anything that catches my eye. Let me know what's available.
  18. redsoxfan1979

    Need these Oswlado Arcia cards will buy or trade for

    I need the following Arcia cards. Let me know what your looking for. 2013 Bowman Prospects Refractor, Blue, Gold 2013 Topps UpdateChrome Update Gold Refractors #MB40 BV 10 2013 Topps Update Black #US317 BV 20 2013 Topps Update Gold #US317 BV 2.50 2013 Topps Update Sapphire #US317 NO...
  19. redsoxfan1979

    2011 Topps Allen Ginter Box Break Results and for trade Why is there a angry face!.

    So I broke down and purchased a box of this. I never put this set together so looks like I may give it a try. N43 Pack Carlos Gonzalez Pack #1 188 Daniel Descalso 280 Adam Wainwright 117 Jonathan Sanchez 233 Ben Zorbrist 325 Mike Stanton Portraits of Penultimacy PP1 Antonio Meucci mini Minds...
  20. redsoxfan1979

    Yasiel Puig for trade

    Im looking for Oswaldo Arcia I don't have. 2011 Allen Ginter & Gypsy Queen Base Or Anything else that catches my eye 4 - 2013 Bowman Chrome #1 2 - 2013 Bowman Future of the Franchise # FF-YP 1 - 2013 Bowman Breakouts #BSB-YP 1- 2013 Panini National Convention Rookie Card #/499 #42...