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  1. Franklinguy52

    SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - November 2020

    All teams are the same price and the box selection is based on the money taken in. We will be doing multiple years so more teams have a chance at better pulls
  2. Franklinguy52

    2019 Topps Heritage Hobby

  3. Franklinguy52

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!CARDS ADDED OCT 5th....LOT #29 $12.00

    I have updated, sorry just got on this forum and didn’t have everything done yet. Let me know if there is still a problem
  4. Franklinguy52

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!CARDS ADDED OCT 5th....LOT #29 $12.00

    I will take this lot, I will use PayPal
  5. Franklinguy52

    How did you find THE BENCH???

    I have been on SCC for years. I have been collecting for 40 years, although I lost my collection at one time and had to start over. I am a huge Reds fan (even if they can not score 1 run in the playoffs!). I am always looking to trade and will post some trade bait soon