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  1. travistrue

    FT: 2017 Topps Now Mike Trout Promo Coupon #NNO Mike Trout

    Cleaning up a pile of TTM autos and envelopes and came across a Christmas card from Topps Now from last Christmas. This Mike Trout card was inside the card. Looking for hits from my Royals wants lists.
  2. travistrue

    Buying Hobby Boxes

    Where is the best place to buy boxes online?
  3. travistrue

    WTTF: KC Royals Topps Base, Traded, & Updates

    Looking to complete these Topps Base & Update Royals Team Sets. My trade is can be found here: I need these to complete these team sets: 2018 Topps Base: #86 Eric Hosmer SP, VAR - VAR: Blue Royals T-Shirt, Close-up w/Bat #173 Mike Moustakas SP, VAR - VAR: Blue Royals...
  4. travistrue

    WTTF: Pat Meares

    Looking for Pat Meares. Played for Twins and Pirates in the 90's. List below is what I'm looking for. Here is my trade list: 1989 Wichita State Shockers #NNO Pat Meares 1991 Classic Best Visalia Oaks #17 Pat Meares 1991 ProCards #1749 Pat Meares 1992 SkyBox AA #221 Pat Meares...
  5. travistrue

    Football for Baseball

    Trade list updated 8/13/2019 Here is my Football trade list. Looking for KC Royals:
  6. travistrue

    Basketball for Baseball

    Trade lists updated 8/12/2019! Here is my basketball trade list Looking for KC Royals:
  7. travistrue

    Looking for KC Royals

    I've been away for awhile while we sold our house and moved. I have finally been able to unpack my cards and am ready to get some trades done. Trade lists updated 8/12/19! Here is my cards I have for trade right now: My Royals Wants List:
  8. travistrue

    Baseballs for autographs

    I'm going to Royals FanFest in January and want to get on ball autos this year instead of on card. What kind/brand of baseballs do you guys use for your on ball autos? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. travistrue

    Baseball, Football & Basketball FT

    I updated my trade list. You can filter by Name, Year, Set and Team. Will trade for KC Royals. Espcially 2014-2016 Royals Edit: 11/22/16 - Updated Baseball, Football, and Basketball Trade List
  10. travistrue

    Baseball FT

    I'm updating my site and my FT list. Right now have a lot of 2012 and a handful of 1977 FT. Will trade for 2014-2016 Royals
  11. travistrue

    Football Cards FT

    Slowly getting back into trading. Here are some football cards I have for trade. Will trade them for most KC Chiefs or any KC Royals cards I need. I need most 2015-2016 Royals. Thanks
  12. travistrue

    My New Site (sort of)

    I've been away awhile and am in the process of re-organizing / cleaning up my collection and my cards for trade. With that said, I decided to build a new site. My old site was created in Google Sites. Google hasn't updated Sites for a long time....until now. I work for a school district that got...
  13. travistrue

    IP Royals Alumni

    I went to the Royals vs Astros game on Sunday. My daughter was there with Girl Scouts and I had some time to myself to walk around. I decided to go through the Hall of Fame. I hadn't been in there since last year. When I entered, there was a guy saying "HOF to the right....autographs to the...
  14. travistrue

    Track collection online

    What is a good site to use to track a collection? Would like to be able to download to a csv. What are other options besides Beckett online? Thanks
  15. travistrue

    Going to Phillies Game Questions

    I'll be in Philadelphia at the end of June and they are playing the Nationals that weekend. I want to go to the Saturday afternoon game. I've got a few questions for those of you familiar with the area / stadium: 1. Will I be ok buying tickets the day of the game at the ticket window or should...
  16. travistrue

    Opinion on my site

    I've been away for a while and I'm updating/re-doing my want list site. I use Google sites to list my wants. I'm trying out the Table of Contents tool that creates a link to a specific section on each page. I would like you opinion on this. Do you like the ToC tool? is it to much (especially...
  17. travistrue

    We're Going to the Freaking World Series

    I haven't been on here much because my job and kids are consuming most of my life. But I do appreciate all the help everyone has given me to build my Royals team collection. I must say this has been a wild ride for the last month. I was 8 in 1985 and don't remember a whole lot except what has...
  18. travistrue

    Exciting times in KC

    I have to admit that this is the first time I not as excited about football starting. The Royals have been playing out of their minds. It's getting so crazy that the KC Star is already calculating the Royals Magic Number...
  19. travistrue

    Question about Harvey Keunn 1955 Armour Hot Dog Coin

    My aunt was cleaning out some "junk" and found this. Here is her description and pictures she sent me. "I found this plastic coin going thru some "junk". I can't seem to find out much about this black one. " I found different colored coins like this on Ebay...
  20. travistrue

    Baseball, Football & Basketball FT

    Here are my lists of Baseball, Football & Basketball cards for trade. Would prefer to trade FB & Basketball for Royals, but will also trade for KC Chiefs. Thanks -- Travis. Baseball Cards For Trade Football Cards for Trade Basketball Cards for Trade