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  1. wreckingballsc

    Anyone good with photoshop/banner making?

    I am - what are the details - I work in Photoshop all day - please pm me. thanks - Ian
  2. wreckingballsc

    Advice on making a good business card?

    Hey bud - this is what I do for a living - take a look at my website I design and sell business cards all day - my phone number is on my website if you want to gimme a call. Ian
  3. wreckingballsc

    Broken Link?

    How come when I go to my profile and select the find all threads started by me link - it says nothing found? thanks - Ian
  4. wreckingballsc

    M&M My Pros and Cons

    i know your pain! finished the tim lincecum white, 1/2 way through the black a handful of the blue, but I have managed to get 13 of the reds!!! I have these sheffields if you need any - please pm. MARLINS GARY SHEFFIELD TOPPS MOMENTS AND MILESTONES BLACK 2008 52-116 07/25 MARLINS GARY SHEFFIELD...
  5. wreckingballsc

    WTTF: 2013 Topps Blacks Serial #d parallels!!!

    I have these 2011 series 2 gold cards for trade gold Cards 352.493.530.565.569.642.657 looking for 2011 sf giants golds in return my needs are linked in sig thanks - Ian - please pm if interested.
  6. wreckingballsc

    Need some help - Topps 2 Diamond Anniversary

    its an error - they forgot to knock out the outline of the player on the foil plate when it went to press. not sure if there are many - but it's a pretty cool error.
  7. wreckingballsc

    Just logged my 2,000th trade!

    congratulations bud - nice trading with you!!!
  8. wreckingballsc

    2011 Gypsy Queen - MLB

    how about - Thank you very much. Ian
  9. wreckingballsc

    2011 Gypsy Queen - MLB

    Duane - what would you want for it? thanks - Ian
  10. wreckingballsc

    2011 Gypsy Queen - MLB

    Duane - I am looking for any and all sf giants - please let me know if you got any of theinserts, y base set is almost done. thanks - Ian
  11. wreckingballsc

    Gypsy Queen Checklist?

  12. wreckingballsc

    Gypsy Queen Checklist?

    Does anyone know where I can find a legit complete checklist for The New Gypsy Queen set?
  13. wreckingballsc

    Why do members act this way? why would someone treat a fellow member like this?

    this is the first place I ever went to for trading - I have never had an issue on the bench - for me - if it ain't broken, don't go to other trading sites.
  14. wreckingballsc

    What else do you collect?

    oh man - I have been collecting for years, there is a new wave of bands doing records again, lots of 7"ers and, its going back to the whole DIY thing - really cool. I also used to have my own record label which I am just now starting to press more records, It is called Chapter Eleven Records we...
  15. wreckingballsc

    What else do you collect?

    punk rock vinyl.
  16. wreckingballsc

    I am going to be leaving this site.....

    worked on me too!
  17. wreckingballsc

    WTTF: 2010-2015 Dodgers

    i need 2011 heritage base: 260.319 I have for you 2011 heritage base: 5.108.174 if that works - please post. thanks - Ian
  18. wreckingballsc

    WTTF: 2013 Topps Blacks Serial #d parallels!!!

    I have gold card #329 looking for 2011 topps SF Giants - here is a link to my needs: please post there or PM if interested.
  19. wreckingballsc

    Baseball songs?

    dropkick murphys - tessie