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  1. wreckingballsc

    Broken Link?

    How come when I go to my profile and select the find all threads started by me link - it says nothing found? thanks - Ian
  2. wreckingballsc

    Gypsy Queen Checklist?

    Does anyone know where I can find a legit complete checklist for The New Gypsy Queen set?
  3. wreckingballsc

    2011 topps checklist?

    Anyone know where you can find the complete checklist?
  4. wreckingballsc

    Beckett Problems

    Is Anyone Else Having Problems With Beckett Today - None Of My Searches Are Producing Results?
  5. wreckingballsc

    Super Score!!! Gotta See This!

    A friend of mine brought me a present today - the printing plates from the San Jose Mercury news for the Giants victory - Cover page and Cover page for the sports section! - I'm taking them to get framed and mounted, but I thought I would show all you guys!
  6. wreckingballsc

    I'm back......with a bang. (scanned)

    So I was forced to stop trading for a few months, work is slooooooooow - so in that time I finally added all of the SF Giants cards to the database, so I can now resume the chase for every SF Giant card! - I also lost the list of my set needs so now I am trying to get that back up on the website...
  7. wreckingballsc

    Totally Confused? Topps Series 2

    I got a blaster today and pulled a handful of cards that look like normal base cards but the back of the card is unfinished (not glossy) a matte stock that you usually find on products like heritage, goudey, and other similar retro style sets. the stock is thicker than the other base cards and...
  8. wreckingballsc

    FACB Sneek Peek - ST FIELDER

    In the works. hopefully coming soon.
  9. wreckingballsc

    Huge Huge Huge Success

    My 6 yr old son has sharing day in first grade tomorrow - he just asked if he could share his commemorative Tim Lincecum 2 time Cy Young t-shirt - I said what a good american.
  10. wreckingballsc

    huge milestone for me - lincy 500

    Just hit 501 different lincecum cards - finally finished 2008 moments whites!!!! thanks to all - especially opcfan - jim you rule.
  11. wreckingballsc


    Just got from my mom of all people. A mini Bat from 1940 Lefty Odoul Day San Francisco B Ball club in awesome shape. Im told my grandfather got it when he became a member of the kids club. it looks like he never hit rocks with it either. super cool.
  12. wreckingballsc

    any traders on facebook? new page added.

    does anyone use this? Ian updated - added a page for the first american church of baseball
  13. wreckingballsc

    a little bored - time to scan - lincy wanted

    only 147 more to go!!! anyone have any they want to dump?
  14. wreckingballsc

    How Much For This Card???

    I wonder how much this would go for? Actual steroid label card!!!! imagine the set we could run! just a thought after hearing more for the last couple of days.
  15. wreckingballsc

    Thanks For All The Help!!!

    Just Hit 100 Game Used Sf Giants Cards!!! Thanks To Everyone Trading With Me.
  16. wreckingballsc

    Crossing My Fingers!

    A friend of mine just found out that I collect baseball cards and starting pointing and laughing. he said he used to "WHEN HE WAS A KID!" anyway he went on to tell me about this giant stack of boxes of cards, his grandfather gave to his dad, then his dad gave to him, I said oh man that has to...
  17. wreckingballsc

    Photobucket Question?

    I had my bucket so on the left side you could link direct to my cards by team auto numbered game used etc - It did this when I put tags on the images. this is gone now? - and you have to go through every page to find all the cards - anyone know how to fix this? thanks
  18. wreckingballsc

    Just Hit 2000 Sf Giants!!!

    Personal milestone - just hit 2000 different SF Giants cards. - many many thaks to all of the benchies that helped me get here!!!
  19. wreckingballsc

    09 finest redemption question

    does anyone know who is the 09 finest redemption #1? I pulled the card - it is up for trade.