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  1. soxfan445

    1 TTM in 12/15

    Al MacInnis c/o St. Louis Blues 10 days 1/2 (did not sign CIC) Regards, Mike
  2. soxfan445

    Whatever happened to...........

    Man, this thread took me back in time! Anyone remember the Bench chatroom, back when it was popular? I remember spending hours at a time talking to Z, Zac, Brett, Bob, Iain, the many Steves, Butch, Scott, Steven, and many others. Amazing to think that was only ~5 years ago... Regards, Mike
  3. soxfan445

    Good quality bubble mailers?

    Has anyone else had trouble finding a good supplier of bubble mailers? I used to have some good sources, but they've since gone out of business. I've bought several small lots of #000 mailers recently only to receive really poor quality, flimsy mailers that I'm not sure if I trust enough to send...
  4. soxfan445

    SWEET Pirates Auto for my PC! (Pic Included)

    That's an awesome card! I've become a big fan of Nyjer since he came down here to Washington. He's one of those players that plays the game the right way. Also, according to Wikipedia: "Morgan occasionally refers to himself as "Tony Plush", which he says is his 'gentleman's name'" Regards, Mike
  5. soxfan445

    More SNOW in Delaware

    I'm not sure about anyone else, but we're in whiteout conditions here. I can usually see the radio tower about 1/4 mile from my building with its flashing red beacons, and now I've totally lost sight of it. The trees are really shaking in the wind, too. Good luck everyone! Regards, Mike
  6. soxfan445

    More SNOW in Delaware

    The storm just broke an hour ago, and now there's several miles of visibility here in Northwest DC. Here's what it looks like outside of my window right now: All told, we probably didn't get over two feet. Regards, Mike
  7. soxfan445

    More SNOW in Delaware

    It's been coming down for a few hours here in Northwest DC, but very little sticking accumulation yet. I guess it's going to pick up in the overnight hours...hope we can keep power and utilities! I thought I was going to be able to avoid the snow by going to school down south...I guess not. Good...
  8. soxfan445

    What do you all do for a living?

    I'm a college student at American University, going for my B.S. in Economics with a Math minor. During the summer I work for a small company in New Hampshire as an audiovisual engineer, recording online conference calls for a major computer manufacturer and producing videos that can be used for...
  9. soxfan445

    Need advice on TTM's

    Dennis, You'll find that everyone has their own habits and rituals that they fall into. 1. I usually send no more than two items- usually a card and a CIC, or just two cards. 2. I have a fairly lengthy letter that I type (I used to handwrite, after switching to typing I've found no...
  10. soxfan445

    Comment that got me thinking (Discussion)

    Threads like these remind me why I love The Bench. I almost wonder if you have to be a TTMer to fully appreciate what every success means to a collector. TTMing is a labor of love. For each request, you have to select the player, dig through commons boxes to find a nice card or two, perhaps...
  11. soxfan445


    My question is why Natalie got seven votes and Mick got zero. They played the game essentially in the same way. If the jury had entered the final tribal council wanting to vote for anyone besides Russell, why Natalie and not Mick? It's not like Natalie had a great performance in the Q&A...
  12. soxfan445

    One nice one in recently

    Kind of surprised that I actually got him: Andruw Jones c/o Texas Rangers ~65 days 2/2 Regards, Mike
  13. soxfan445

    Topps has MLB Exclusive for 2010?

    I remember people complaining back in 2005 that there was too much variety. Since then, we've seen a melange of poorly constructed, poorly designed products, along with a few real winners. I appreciate variety when I get to choose between really well designed, value-packed products. When the...
  14. soxfan445

    Explain Your User Name To Us (Just For Fun!)

    soxfan: I was more of a White Sox fan when I chose my username, but it could apply to both Red and White. It's hard not to be a Red Sox fan when you live close to Boston. 445: Combination between the numbers of two of my favorite players at the time: Billy Koch (44) and Pedro Martinez (45)...