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  1. mikecancelliere

    Cheap FS thread HOF GU Sick Patches Ect

    under $25 add $2.50 for shipping RED = SOLD All prices obo but please do not low ball as these are cheap enough I have a thread like this in football and basketball. Here are some cheap chrome and prospect autos...
  2. mikecancelliere

    Selling my Bryce Harper collection. Pre ebay sale

    Looking to sell off most of it and move in to other investments. Will trade these for junk autos and GU all sports If trading for junk autos and gu, I DO NOT need a list. As long as they follow these guidelines Certified game worn Certified auto MLB/NFL/NBA logos only NO USA, press pass , sage...
  3. mikecancelliere

    Huge chrome and bow,an prospect auto sell off

    Willing to give better deals for large lots FIRST COME FIRST SERVED... Will only hold card(s) for someone for 20 mins RED = SOLD Shipping 1-2 Cards pwe $.75 (your risk) 1-10 cards bubble mailer $1.85 11-25 cards bubble mailer $2.75 26+ cards free shipping 2002 Bowman Chrome Auto $2 ea Jake...
  4. mikecancelliere

    70 Star/HOF/Semi Star GU/Auto lot FS

    All gu jersey unless otherwise stated Looking for $140 obo im willing to work with ya Check out my football and basketball lots Glad Guerrero 2011 Topps Trevor Hoffman 07 artifacts /325 Todd Helton 05 origins Richard hidalgo 03 certified /100 Rafael rural 03 vintage Todd Helton 04 pristine...
  5. mikecancelliere

    Huge chrome prospects lots available for a low price!

    Ill have to charge shipping since these lots weigh so much. Total Amount of cards is 1: $.75 PWE (At Your own risk) Total Amount of cards is 1-10 $2 Total amount of cards is 11-50: $3 Total amount of cards is 51-350: $5 Total amount of cards is 351+ We Will Discuss EVERYTHING OBO BCP2 Chris...
  6. mikecancelliere

    Going for the 2011 BDPP Aflac PSA Set (9 & Better)

    I am going for the 2011 Bowman Draft Aflac Set and need the following. Will give finders fees to people who help find 10s! (not counting eBay) I want to eventually get a whole set of 10s but right now I will accept 9s to use as placeholders :) PSA certified only! I will trade or buy Needs...
  7. mikecancelliere

    Trading Mid-High end for junk autos and GU!!

    Looking for junk autos and GU. BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL ONLY Giving this much credit or PayPal for Baseball $1 Football $.75 Basketball $.50 Let me know what you liked and how many junk GU/Autos you have and well go from there I WILL ALSO BUY...
  8. mikecancelliere

    A Helpful Tool I Came Across

    Hey guys Please check out! It tells you how many people are watching an eBay auction as well as shoes misspelled eBay auctions and auctions ending soon with no bids! Here is then direct search link for most watched baseball auctions...
  9. mikecancelliere

    Check Out This Sick AP Auto!