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  1. alan1000


    So Im not brand new to this site, but I thought a reintroduction was in order. With college and then working two jobs after college I havent had any time for sports cards. So I havent been on here since 2012! Well Im now trying to get back into collecting and hopefully trading. I can see this...
  2. alan1000

    Triple Completed! 8/20

    Today I received my Whitecaps Program back from a consignment in Seattle where the Rays were playing. A member of SCN was able to get Matt Joyce for me so now my program is complete! Jair Jurrjens, Matt Joyce, and Alex Avila:
  3. alan1000

    Tigers and Yankees IP 8/6-8/9

    The other thread I posted got deleted, but I wanted to add pictures so Im posting again. Im not going to type out all the stories and stuff again so I will just get right too it. Day 1: Pregame: None Postgame: Phil Coke For my cousin: Prince Fielder: OMLB: Photo Coming Card NFT: Card FT...
  4. alan1000

    Whitecaps 6/22 and Mud Hens 6/24. Warning: Lots of pics!

    This past Friday I went to the Whitecaps game for their second Whitecaps Tiger Friday event. The special guest was Bill Madlock. Since I was helping a fellow grapher with Toledo Players he hooked me up with a ticket to "Bullpen Sessions" which is a season ticket holder event before the game. You...
  5. alan1000

    Whitecaps IP 6/8

    Went to the Whitecaps game last Friday night for the first Tiger Friday and got Lance Parrish. Despite having to work at 4am Saturday me and my brother stayed after to try to finish the team set. We missed one person and got sick of waiting for the two coaches Johnson and Dwyer. My only...
  6. alan1000

    Tigers Series June 1st-3rd

    I stayed in Detroit for the Tigers and Yankees Series Friday-Sunday. I tried to get Granderson to sign by the dugout before every game but he wouldnt. He was the reason I went to the Yankees series instead of a different team. Anyway heres how the rest of the time played out: Friday 6/1...
  7. alan1000

    Whitecaps IP 5/25

    I went to the Whitecaps game last night since I had free tickets and they were giving away Alex Avila Bobbleheads. I bought a team set and had some programs to work on, but I only graphed by the dugout pregame. I was going to stay after but my dad was with me so I decided against it. I plan to...
  8. alan1000

    Got some catching up to do. Pics!

    I havent been able to get on an post anything due to work and school, but without school I have time to just focus on work and fun stuff! So I wanted to post here and get caught up with things Ive gotten. Its not too much but enjoy the pictures! Starting with the oldest first: If you remember I...
  9. alan1000

    Been awhile since I sent a TTM

    Got Rocky Bridges today after just 8 days. Great signer.
  10. alan1000

    First auto of the year

    Purchase from SCN. $3 not bad for someone who doesnt sign TTM.
  11. alan1000

    One in 10/1

    Todays mail brought Bruce Fields to add another Tigers card to my collection. Bruce Fields C/O Cleveland Indians Sent 6/21
  12. alan1000

    Thanks to family 2 IP

    I had to work, but my dad and brother made the two hour trip to Novi for me. I put up the cash, but I like the outcomes. Austin Jackson ROMLB: Alex Avila ROMLB: Alex Avila Program: Alex Avila Program (Hope to add Jurrjens and Joyce someday):
  13. alan1000

    1 TTM 9/19 and Concert IP 9/20

    A few days ago on 9/19 I got David Espinosa TTM. Yesterday 9/20 I went to the Rockstar Uproar Festival. There was 5 bands and I found out that Best Buy was doing a thing where you could buy the cd and meet the band. Being that my favorite band of all time was playing I had to spend the $12 to...
  14. alan1000

    3 in from a trade

    Today brought me 3 new autos from a fellow tigers collector on a different site. The only one I really dont like much is the Robertson but still I didnt have him so its better then nothing. Franklin German Nate Robertson Fernando Rodney
  15. alan1000

    45 WS Champ and 68 WS Champ

    Today brought two World Series winners. One from the 1945 Tigers and one from the 1968 Tigers. Virgil Trucks Sent 9/2 Outstanding gentleman as always. He signed my ball and added a card plus a nice note wishing me and my family the best. ROMLB Card (Available if anyones interested) Daryl...
  16. alan1000

    One in 9/10

    In yesterdays mail I got a TTM. He signed one and kept one. I usually only send one but I asked for the second one to be signed for my cousin, but no big deal. Luis Gonzalez Sent 8/29:
  17. alan1000

    One TTM 8/29

    After seeing a success from Mike Rivera on August 22nd posted by dp33 I had hope that he was catching up on his mail. Well I guess I was right: Mike Rivera Sent 4/27 124 Days:
  18. alan1000

    Toledo Mud Hens IP *Lots of Scans*

    Yesterday was Team Autograph Day for the Toledo Mud Hens. Unfortunately I ended up having to work and couldnt make the trip. Thanks to my family and a friend taking my place I still got lots of cards, and 5 outta 6 balls. The only people that they missed that I needed/wanted were Andrew Oliver...
  19. alan1000

    Ahh Another Ebay question!

    I really need to quit running into problems for you benchies to help me solve. Here is my newest Ebay problem. I mailed out an item on August 13th. On Saturday I received it back with a yellow sticker reading "Not deliverable as addressed unable to forward". I contacted the buyer about it and...
  20. alan1000

    Question for eBay Sellers

    I have a question for fellow eBay sellers. I recently sold a bobblehead and I have two shipping options $8 priority mail or Free local pickup. The person who won paid with paypal and selected Free local pickup. However I looked at the details and there address is in California. I contacted the...